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Canadian Tire / return

1 93 Taylor AveChatham, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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Phone: 519-380-9088

I have a complaint about the Canadian Tire Store in Chatham Ont, I purchased a Noma Thermostat on 10/25/08. Returned the thermostate the same day for a different one. There was no one in the store to help me choose the right one. So once again I purchased the wrong one. I went to return it on 11/01/08 and was givin the most humiliating time. First she said the receipt was wrong. Which it wasnt because that is what I was givin. Then she called the manager and some one in a suit who stared us down for 15 min. Then she appolized that she had read the wrong code. She continued to tell us we would receive a gift card for the return which was fine. The thermostate cost us 44.04 with tax. She was only able to give us the amount for 14.00 as that was a sale price. We were so frusterated that we took the thermosate back and vowed never to return to this store. What a scam they run. We will be shopping at Home depot or Walmart from now on as they have no problems with return items. How can such a great store be run like this? unbeleiveable.
Sincerly Mark

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  • Wh
      20th of Dec, 2009
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    Once again Canadian Tire has ripped me off. I don't think it unfair to say that it is an embarassment to have the word Canadian in the name of a store which treats its customers so poorly. This time it's a snow blower, I have used it 5 times and it has broke 3 times.Last March the handle that controls the throwing mechanism as well as the plastic guide for the cable broke.I brought it back and they told me there was no exchange or money back on this product, something they failed to tell me when I purchased it.They said it would have to be sent out for repair.I sarcasticly said 'I guess I won't see it again until June.' I was assured by the manager that it wouldn't be that long.Well she was right I got it back in July.Now it is December guess what? That's right it broke again.This time the rip cord came off in my hand, so I dragged across my yard and plugged it in to use the electric start.It started right up then I pulled the handle in to start the snow throwing process and the machine started smoking and an awful smell of burning rubber filled the air, oh and it didn't throw any snow.Once again I contacted Canadian Tire.I was told to bring it to a repitable repair place and if my complaints were lagitament they would see what they could do. I am sure that no one is going to look at this machine for free so I assume they expect me to flip the bill for that too.I'm still trying to figure out why it's my responsibility to get the machine looked at when it is supposed to be there product. I'm sure they must have another answer for that too.I recomend everyone who doesn't like to get ripped off to boycot this poor excuse for a store.This branch is in Vegreville AB. P.S.these comments WERE sugar coated.

  • Mu
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    I wonder if you bothered to read your information and warranty booklet that came along with snow blower? If you had, you would clearly see what the warranty was. Do you buy a car without asking what the warranty is? No, you ask. If you wanted to know a specific warranty, you should have taken the initiative and asked. It is not up to each cashier to tell every customer what the warranty is on every single product. Could you imagine standing in that line up?
    Next time I recommend that you read the information that is provided to you, ask about the warranty information, and stop attacking a store because of what probably was your own fault. And I'm sure that you were "sugar coated" while dealing with the representatives trying to help you. The ruder you act to a customer service rep, the less they are going to bother helping you.

  • Jo
      26th of Apr, 2013
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    I got the same problem with this Store in Chatham kent, they treat customer really bad every time we return something, like criminal, the worst lady her name is Pathy, she never let you return if you already open it event never used, most the time if I want to return I have to go to some where else, not Chatham store, not only me got the problem, most my friends said so, so we never return to this store, only when we could not find anywhere else, Canadian Tire store in Chatham Kent never in my favour list, I would rather shopping some where like Target or Walmart, with no problem return. If every time you want to return something, then you see Mrs Pathy, she will treat you like ###, and you have no chance to grey your money back. stay away from them.

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