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Edmonton, AB, Canada

On April 29 2017, in Southcommon, Edmonton, Alberta, I had a problem with my car. I have a Honda CRV 2007. The key of my car was not working . I called a guy to look at the problem. After trying, he finds out the problem is with the ignition and suggested me that i might have to change the ignition. He couldnt help me as he doesn't have the tools to fix it.

Canadian tire was near me so i took my car to Canadian Tire and gave them the car to fix. I had a very bad experience. On saturday they said they had to take a look to find out the problem. I told them the problem and said i might have to change the ignition. The took the whole saturday and on Sunday afternoon they told me that they need more time to find the problem. So they charged me CAD 135 per hour and took two hours to find it. I called them to get an answer about the findings but they said still not done. At around 6pm they said they have to change the ignition. Which will cost me cad 1000 . I had no other option as i wanted to get my car back. On monday evening i called them as i didnt received any update from them. They said it will be done at around 6pm. So i went at 6pm to get my car. They gave me a bill of cad 1399 dollers. They just ripped me off .

I cant believe a company like Canadian Tire can do that. To find out a problem of my car they took so long just to charge me extra and compared to the market they charge me twice more than the market.

I expect 50% of my money back . We need stop them from making other people suffer. It was the worst customer service i got in my entire life.

Canadian Tire

May 3, 2017

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