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Canada Safeway / misrepresentation

Ardrie, Canada Review updated:
I started to take more notice of info given on the breads that Safeway sells. They have a "baked on" date and a "best before" date. Here's my problem. When a customer goes to buy a loaf of bread and sees that there is a bakery in the store, they assume that the bread is fresh, baked that day. Especially if the price for the bread is the same. However unless you actually check the dates, you won't know how fresh the bread is. Right?. So, how can Safeway sell bread that could be three or four days old at the same price that the fresh bread is being sold at?. They should have a sign saying "day old bread " posted, and sold cheaper.


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  3rd of Apr, 2009
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  6th of Feb, 2013
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They sell bread that is pre-purchased from other bread makers ie: bread basket, macgavins, wonderbread, etc. these breads have usually a long expiry date (4 days). They are usually in a separate section, and admitedly have more additives than your regular in-store baked bread. The safeway in-store baked bread, however is usually baked on a replenish basis for the day. and it is usually cheaper. I have seen that bread beeing sold a day after but the expiry date on these breads is usually so short (2 days) that they throw it out regularly if not sold. It is possible that employees miss a few or are just negligent but this bread is baked every morning.

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