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Canada Post / missing delivery

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I bought a HTC mobile online and it was paid using Paypal. The item was shipped via Canada Post Xpresspost with a tracking number with a signature option. I regularly checked the tracking number provided and on one fine day it was updated that the item was delivered to me at 10.30 AM. I was in my work place and did not take it that seriously thinking that it should have been given to the nearby post office or to my neighbor who is also a friend of mine. But it turned out that there were no packages delivered that day. I checked with the delivery man the next day and he denied of bringing any parcels. I called up Canada Post customer care and they mentioned that only the sender can open a case. The sender was kind enough to open a request and its been 2-3 weeks but there is no positive sign from them.
It is disturbing that someone from Canada post has done such a thing. The signature option was not used at all. I wonder how they would have delivered to someone who was not even present in the delivery place.
I would strongly recommend to be extra careful in sending valuables using Canada Post. There is no guarantee that the items would be delivered even if a signature and tracking option is chosen. I hope I get the item which was stolenmisplaced soon. Any pointers to escalate this issue would be much appreciated.

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  • Ji
      8th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Canada Post has a long history of screw ups like this. They are eager to raise the rates to a ridiculously high point, and at the same time their service portion goes to the bottom. All they care is money and profit, and zero improvements towards service. Xpresspost automatically carry a $100 insurance. Ask your friend to claim it. When a large number of claims are made, perhaps Canada post will open its eyes and may think about the Service part.

  • Ra
      18th of Apr, 2010
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    Credit cards carry insurance for lost or damaged goods --- check yours.

  • Bi
      12th of Jun, 2010
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    Canada Post is totally failed to deliver all my parcels, especially in Scarborough area. Some of my friends and family members sent me parcels never deliver to my parents in law in Scarborough area. I made a lot of complain to Canada Post and their response is not really helpful. Right now I don't use the postal services in Scarborough area. I am using Thornhill area which another of my relative living there. Now it seems okay so far. However, the police should investigate the reason why the parcels always fail to deliver in Scarborough area.

  • Hu
      27th of Aug, 2010
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    To May Who concerned
    My name is HungPhi H who lived at Windsor Postal Code N9A 3C4 . I did not speak well English but i have concerned When 2 my parcels thet were sent from Vietnam with special registered and signature required were failed to deliver to my home. All my parcels and by tracking number # method on internet I found out some English name signed and picked up the parcels in Windsior Assumption area..This stolen acts i thought it only happen in many poor countries but not in Canada. and i think it is illegal and criminal...I have complained but there is no place to help this issue..Hopping some manager or authorized from Postoffice in windsor area will answer for me ? My refer # 8992010. If you can not help Please contact us.

  • Ra
      15th of Jul, 2015
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    I am going to send this message until someone at Canada Post helps me.

    This was my original message from July 10th: “Hello Canada Post, I have an issue. I have been following the tracking of a package, and yesterday it told me that the package was delivered to my residence at around 12:00pm. I went to check my mail around 5:00pm that same day, to find nothing. Nothing in the mail box (a locked box, so no theft), nothing was delivered to the door, and there was no delivery slip left. I called my local post office to see if it was there and it was not. I called Canada Post that night, and they said to leave it for the night and check tomorrow. I did that, and it is the next day and still nothing. The man on the phone also said that the driver may have marked it as delivered when he put it on the truck, before it was ever delivered. How is it that your delivery drivers can mark something as delivered before actual delivery, but yet neglect to actually give me what I ordered? Some of what I ordered is discontinued, the last ones, so cannot be replaced. Tracking number is LN299744603US Please advise.”
    I asked very nicely, and was only given the shortest response: To go online and open up a service ticket with a link. I responded that I had already tried that, with no luck as the item was from the USA. And no further response or assistance was given. It has been SIX DAYS now that my item has been missing. The item was marked “out for delivery” on the 9th, and shortly after was marked as successfully delivered, which means that it was (a) stolen by the driver, (b) lost on the truck, or (c) was delivered to the incorrect house and was accepted. I was home ALL DAY that day and there was no knock on the door. Come to think of it, every single delivery which could have been attempted at my home has never been to my door, only “attempted delivery” slips. I work nights so I am home all day every day, and there is never a knock on my door. It seems to me that you have a faulty delivery person that you NEED to follow up on. I am generally not a complainer, but when I pay for something I expect it to be delivered, ESPECIALLY when there is tracking that claims it was. Since then I have checked back with my local post office several times, but as it was “delivered” they never received it. I also have contacted the US seller, and have been told to wait several weeks. This is UNACCEPTABLE. These items are NOT replaceable. Please Canada Post, inbox me and follow up! This is ridiculous. Is there no accountability?
    So, again, the tracking number is LN299744603US, postal code T5A0X8.

  • Pr
      24th of Dec, 2016
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    nothing new. canada post delivers pkgs to my door and never knocks, unless a signature is required. Many times I've been expecting parcels, waiting for the door bell or a knock only to check and find the pkg on the front steps leaning against my screen door. One pkg my wife ordered (Xmas presents for the grandchildren) was left at the door. wife was home all day, going as far as not taking a shower for fear of missing the canada post delivery (it showed on tracking it was to be delivered that day) only to discover it had been left and sat there who knows how long, for anyone walking by, till it was stolen. Canada Post should make it a point to fire any delivery person who doesnt at least ring the door bell before driving off. Claim is in to walmart for a refund which they said they will provide once they get the police report. I have never ever had a Canada Post delivery person knock or use the door bell wen they drop off pkgs. When i called about the walmart pkg the said the instructions were "leave at door"'nowhere on the walmart order receipt does it say that. Canada Post just trying to deflect the blame instead of owning it. useless.

  • Ma
      14th of May, 2018
    0 Votes

    I have had this issue multiple times as well, and Canada Post dosnt seem to want to take the blame nor the responsibility of fighting out where my mail is, or has ended up. It's ridiculous

  • Ph
      4th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    My postal code is T3K5P9 and my address is 194 Covewood Circle Calgary NE, Alberta . There may be a problem with your mail delivery contractor since it appears that many notifications and other matters have not been delivered and I have been told the problem must be with the postal service since the credit card bills, legal notices, etc. have definitely been sent by mail. Please look into this concern and get back to me.

    Phil Raitz
    (403) 354-7751

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