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I am so sick and tired of Canada Post's "no answer" scam.

Six times I have personally watched my letter carrier put a slip in the mailbox that states "no answer" . Not only is the slip already made up before he puts it in the box he makes absolutely no attempt to knock or ring the doorbell. I work at home and my office overlooks the mailbox and of course when I am expecting a package I keep an eye out for the delivery person.

After receiving a slip (seconds after it is dropped) I have often raced out after the letter carrier only to be told flat out that they don't have the item and that I'm confused about how the system works.

This means that I have to go to the post office to collect the items. I would not mind if I was getting a reduced rate to do this but I am paying a premium for door to door delivery.

I have complained to Canada Post and the response that I have receive is alarming. It ranges from indifference to intimidating. One supervisor was furious that I was "trying to get someone in trouble. " He was literally shouting at me. I felt very threatened and quite vulnerable.


  • Ev
    evelyn27 Apr 22, 2010

    Happened here in St. Albert, Alberta too. More than once. Second time there were 3 people in the house. I was driving up the street as I watched the Canada Post driver drop the slip into my mailbox. I stopped him as I drove away. My friend watched as the driver came up the walk. HE DID NOT RING THE BELL.
    I tried to phone to complain. Now that is another BIG problem. No one wants to accept responsibility for the driver!
    I think that they are paid by the parcel, and the quicker they get back to get more parcels the more money they make. Why bother waiting for someone to answer the door!

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  • El
    Ella55 Dec 09, 2010

    I have been trying to track a parcel I purchased from ebay for 1 month now...left Stoney Creek Ont.On Nov16...Have the tracking number but Canada Post can't seem to find it...What to do??? They have been very nice to me when I call...but still have not recieved my parcel... Called the local post office and they said the label may have come off and if so it would have gone into a dead letter drop...GREAT!!!

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  • Ca
    catspjs Dec 10, 2010

    I have the same thing happen here all the time. They do not deliver and use the excuse that they put the slip in the PO box so where is the proof that they actually came...there is none! You don't even know that the parcel has arrived if you do that. It's such a bs excuse and totally obvious that it's a scam to get out of working. They are so lazy and are encouraged to do this because when people phone in to complain they ignore it. Shame on Canada Post!

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  • Vy
    vytas Feb 18, 2011

    I live in Etobicoke and the _registered_ parcel from EU reached Mississauga Postal Facility in September, but never reached me. Customer service would not talk to me as I am not the sender. I also didn't get another registered mail with documents as well as TTC Metropass.

    There is a Facebook page for CPC failures . If we join forces we may be able to press on them eventually. Meanwhile it's easy for them to brush off the individual complaints.

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  • Ms
    Ms Cook Apr 11, 2011

    I am thoroughly disgusted with the Post Office delivery. My story is the same as the person from Etobicoke(Feb.26/2010). I was left a delivery notice to
    pickup the package at a local postal station. I was home all day when this notice was left so no excuse not to be able to deliver it. I am a senior with no
    means of transportation so I phoned the P.O. customer service dept and they tel lme they can't find the tracking number. THis is our pathetic government
    and it's employees trying to scam the public once again.

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  • Ar
    Arichlife Aug 31, 2011

    Same thing in Port Coquitlam, BC.
    Many times I have been left a delivery notice to pickup the package at a local postal station. I was home all day when this notice was left so no excuse not to be able to deliver it.
    One time I caught him before he could drive away and his answer was that he didn't even have the Parcel with him!!!

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  • Mu
    Murdo C. Dec 08, 2015

    We have had a number of similar experiences, including a package with a tracking number which says it was delivered last week, but it wasn't. In addition, we've had a number of "delivery attempt" notices put in the mail box when several family members were home awaiting the delivery of an expected parcel and the door bell was absolutely not used. Apparently, Canada Post condones this practice.

    After complaining to Canada Post, I was called last night by a supervisor in Calgary by the name of Lana Mark, to discuss my concerns. She defended this practice and told me that all postal employees are trained to write up the Delivery Attempt notices before they start their shift to save time writing it up at the door. According to Lana, this is standard Canada Post practice for all postal employees. Can you believe it? Postal employees have no intention to delivery your package to the door because that means they must carry extra weight, ring the door bell and wait a minute for someone to answer. Apparently waiting ONE MINUTE is too long. They are counting on the fact that most people work and won't know that the "delivery attempt" was a farce. For those of us who are retired or work from home, we know with certainty that the door bell did not ring and that no attempt was made. We complained to Canada Post and were told bluntly by Lana that she did not believe us and she chose to believe the mail carrier's version of events. I asked her what the purpose of her call was? Was it an attempt to find out what happened and sort out the problem so improvements can be made? was an antagonistic and confrontational phone call where we were called liars. Lana would be better suited working as a Union Rep at Canada Post as she is a poor fit for a position in Customer Service. We do our best not to use Canada Post, but some online shopping sites say that they don't have a choice, so the customer (that's us) is stuck with this crappy delivery service.

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  • Sa
    Salem 1975 Sep 27, 2017

    @Murdo C. wow i was already frustrated and then i read what Lana told you. Unbelievable!

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  • Me
    Messor Animae Dec 28, 2016

    The same happened to me today, December 28, 2016, with a delivery from Best Buy. This morning, I checked the tracking number and the Canada Post website stated that the item had been picked up but that it was not yet out for delivery, that delivery was expected tomorrow, December 29, 2016. Although the delivery is supposed to be tomorrow, it was out for delivery today. There were 3 people on the first floor of my house and none of us heard the postal worker knock on the door (there's a big brass knocker which can be knocked very loudly) at the time noted on the failed delivery notice. The failed delivery did not indicate whether the item is a letter or parcel and didn't state when it could be picked up at the Canada Post franchise location which is not as close to my home as another one. I went to that Canada Post franchise location and was told the item wasn't available yet, probably tomorrow/next day after 1:30PM. I complained about the postal delivery worker not even knocking at my door and was told that is usual practise when they are very busy such as at this time of year and there's nothing that can be done about it. Another customer standing behind me who uses Canada Post for parcel deliveries for his business told me he get lots of complaints from his customers about the same thing and he hasn't been able to get anything done about it. This evening, at just past 9PM, I checked the tracking number and Canada Post's system stated that a delivery had been attempted and the item was available for pickup today after 6:30PM which means I have to go back tomorrow, again, wasting my time and gas and wear and tear on my vehicle and adding more carbon emissions to the air which, as of January 1st in Ontario, I will have to pay more for gas because of Ontario implementing Carbon Emission Cap and Trade. When that happens, Canada Post will be costing us even more wasted money. Canada Post is a fraud.

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  • Pe
    peet123 Jan 03, 2017

    Disabled guy here and gave specific instructions that they need to call up when they arrive to give me time to go downstairs to pickup my parcel. They rang up then put a notice on my mailbox before I even got downstairs. Why would they not wait one minute for me? Now I have to find someone to go pick it up for me. Think I'm going to let this slide well guess again. Blatant laziness geared to provide a problem for disabled folk waiting for a delivery. Karma CPC Karma!

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  • Sa
    Salem 1975 Sep 27, 2017

    I am frustrated with Canada post. In the past month i have received 2 notices of registered mail claiming no answer. i am hearing impaired and on leave of absence from work. i am home all the time. in fact, my kitchen window faces the mailbox at my front door. Now before you claim that i may not have heard the door bell, let me tell you that the government has provided me with devices that when my doorbell rings, they light up! these devices are all over my home. moreover, I have also been provided with a device to be placed under my bed so that when the doorbell rings, my bed vibrates. this has not happened. the first time was a letter. a simple letter from my bar association. the next notice was also that it was a letter. in fact it was a parcel. this has never happened before. i have always ordered online. I have always had someone ring my doorbell for the package. This month however, these mail carriers prefer to leave a notice and then lean on recycling bins to eat their yogurt... Listen your job is to deliver mail not perform brain surgery. Too much for you, ask for a transfer indoors to a facility. it is ridiculous. Had I been disabled and not mobile, how exactly would i get to the post office to retrieve my mail? you have one job do it. not hard. I also find it frustrating that you cannot really leave a complaint on their website. they dont mind you blasting them all over social media. Thing is i do not want everyone knowing my business on social media,

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  • Dr
    DR2 Nov 30, 2017

    This INFURIATES me also!

    Not only does CDA Post NOT deliver the parcel to the address on it, to LEAVE AT DOOR as indicated, and often a notice is NOT even left in the mailbox (superbox) to indicate that it has been "delivered" to the post office.

    For a current parcel, both CDA Post and the vendor have "confirmed" that this package has been delivered. It was not delivered to the street address, it was not delivered to the mail box, and NOR was any notice left at either location that a delivery had been sent to the post office for pickup.

    NOTE that on the tracking window for this item under "Delivery details, Features and options" it states LEAVE AT DOOR.

    Years ago, CDA post's delivery of parcels was consistently good - parcels actually were DELIVERED to the Street address as per the parcel. For the past 2 - 3 years parcels are RARELY delivered to the house, and often the first notice received is in the mailbox 5 or more days after parcel was left at the post office for pickup.

    Canada Post parcel delivery has been terrible for the past several years. Why does the Parcel Delivery service NOT do what it says it will do?
    Come on Canada Post - DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO. And, only say what you HAVE done - ie - don't indicate there was no answer at the delivery address location when delivery was NOT EVEN attempted!!

    Canada Post - are you in the delivery business?? Or in the "drop off at the community depot- and leave you a notice a week later” business??


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  • Go
    gogetthem1957 Sep 21, 2018

    Does anyone see that the latest pickup notice form doesn't even have REASON FOR NON-DELIVERY box anymore?!

    Frigging coward, self-serving, irresponsible, no-job-ethics Canada Post doesn't even bother to MAKE UP EXCUSES anymore!

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  • Wa
    Walter-Kemble Kemble Dec 24, 2018

    Second time in a week with packages coming via Canada Post. This is a new experience for me. Is this some sort of work to rule tactic because of the the strike still on?? To Whose attention am I to bring this.
    Tracking shows there were two attempts to deliver my package. In the photos I provided my buzzer code is very clear and as of today is working fine. It rings to my cellphone. If I miss the call it will show in my call log. If it went to voicemail I would get a notification. There is NEITHER.
    DOES "ATTEMPTED DELIVERY" mean they slowed down in front of apartment building door?

    I expect a package of this size to be held at the local post office. Ours has a temporary location. Last week was the exact same scenario. No card left so couldn't even find the address to pick it up. I tried phoning the number for Canada Post listed with Google. Got recording there is a new number ...dial *2030# for new number. "Did that and got message all calls blocked to this number." Finally called the number for our old post office pick up spot (private card shop -very small) and got CANADA POST and an agent -who was very good ...asked me for the number on the card that was left. (If I had a card I wouldn't be calling CP I would pick up my package). Got all the info ., my package ...card arrived a day later.
    •NOTE - this has never happened when packages are delivered by UPS, DHL or Fedex -do they pay significantly more to their drivers? Not a good time for poor service when CP employees are asking for more money!! xoxo

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  • Go
    GordieM Feb 20, 2019

    After reading through these posts I see I am not alone. I work from home so I am always here when parcels "arrive" but they somehow never make it to my door. Just a delivery notice in my mailbox. I live in a small condo building in Thunder Bay. UPS, FedEx, etc. have no trouble buzzing me and then coming to my 2nd floor door. There is an elevator. I have had Canada Post buzz once and ask me to come down which I gladly did. Must have been a temp worker. Last 2 packages I just got the notice to show up at the post office tomorrow. Impossible to complain to Canada Post. I had someone on online chat say that if my apartment buzzer is not attached to my mailbox, the carrier is not required to buzz. The carrier has to walk by the buzzer to get to the mail box. Canada Post is a scam and deserves to be put out of business

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  • No
    NotImpressed2019 Mar 06, 2019

    This was very helpful! This just happened to me! They didn't even have the courtesy of leaving me a Notice Card! I'm waiting for the Escalation Team to call me back. I definitely will be filing a complaint against the driver. I'm guessing that it will fall on deaf ears though. One thing is for sure, I'll never use Canada [doesn't]Post again.

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  • Mv
    MVR Aug 09, 2019

    Lies and more lies. After reading the issue others have had and I add my multiple experiences of the same situation with a direct inquiry I conclude that Canada Post is to big to care about performing their primary function of delivering the mail.
    A postal employee informed me that they cannot guarantee my package to be delivered as a redelivery, after a fake delivery, without a notice left, with pre delivery notice request, while I have been tracking it progress, to anticipate its arrival.

    It was not possible for the delivery to have been attempted, because I was as in previous occasions such as this, at an open window by the door, mail box, on line at the time of the supposed delivery. I even did a tracking check at that time to find that the delivery driver had scanned a delivery attempt. Checked for a notice card. No Card!

    This complaint will make no difference now, as it has done in the past. Try to imagine how little CANADA POST cares.

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