Canada Postfake attempted delivery, fake tracking number

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This is the second time canada post drivers fake an attempted delivery at my place.

I have a tracking number from the website I ordered from. The tracking number works perfectly on canadapost. Ca in tracking my parcel.
However, when the website states that my package had unsuccessful attempted delivery, and was later delivered to a postal office nearby. It did not happen at all. I was at home during the 'unsuccessful' attempt. I never got a notice card and the door bell never rang.

I went the the postal office at a shoppers drugs mart at hwy7 and galsworthy (As stated on canadapost. Ca tracking)
I did not see any notice card at my door, so I took my tracking number and my address and gave it to the lady working there.
All she told me was the tracking number doesnt work and that I have no package delivered under my address.

I explained to her how canadapost. Ca tracking gave me all the information. Without checking inside the package delivery room, she just said it's not her fault. I never asked whose fault is it, I just asked her then where can I find my package? The only thing I have is the tracking number which states on your website that it's delivered to here. She told me I have to have the notice card - which I never got.
Another guy lining up after me had the exact same issue, his package never arrived and he never got the notice card either.
The post office lady ended up telling us that postal drivers always lie with their scanners and that "maybe" our packages would still be in his car.
And all we can do is just go back another time and "hopefully" the package will arrive there.

Such great service canada post. Such great tracking system too.


  • Va
    Vavavroom Jan 24, 2012

    I am so pissed with Canada Post for three reasons : 1) lazy postman delivers pick-up notices directly to my mailbox (many metres away from my house), while I wait whole day at home for my letters to arrive (I work from home). These notices have a hole in them for the door knob. But the postman does not even try to come to my house to get my signature. 2) no tracking available even with tracking numbers. I have paid for tracking on many different items back in November 2011. Called the 1800 number several times. They keep telling me to check the website for updates. Today is January 24, 2012 and the tracking numbers lead to absolutely no information (info cannot be found). Canada Post charges an additional $8.10 per tracking number+HST. 3) One of the women working at the post office at the Shoppers' drug mart (Erin Mills Town Centre, Mississauga, Ontario) is really inefficient and tries all sorts of things to do the least she can. She's super slow, very confused and in need of time off. Bring your pick-up notice to her and she'll fake going through a pack of letters and tell you to come back another time. Thank god I could see from far and read my own name and address on one of the envelopes in the pack on her table. Canada Post just does not deliver.

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  • He
    Heintzman Apr 21, 2012

    Same thing here. Since I have moved to this new address about 8 months ago Canada Post has been messing up my deliveries more than 80% of the time. The most common thing is for them to not even attempt to deliver and just leave a card for me to go pick it up at the post office. I know they don't attempt to deliver because I track the package and when it says "Item out for delivery" I stay home and wait for it. Then last thing I know is that the status of the package changes for "Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up". The thing is that I live in a building and they need to use the intercom in the lobby to be let in and since this intercom call my cellphone even if I was not at home I would know that they came. Let say somebody did let them in building and they come to my door and knock, my apartment is big like my hand so it's not like I won't hear them. But that is when they actually leave a card because half the time the status change and when I go check they didn't even leave a card.
    The thing with this that annoys me is that I pay for this delivery service to my home and I'm not getting it.
    The latest instance of this is that this time they didn't attempt delivering and I was at home at usual waiting for this package but the status has changed for "Item successfully delivered". Now the real fun begin because they didn't deliver, they didn't attempt, no card to pick it up, no empty promises of a card, nothing. From Canada Post point of view they have completed the transaction. So when I called they told me that "I" have to contact the sender and have them initiate the trace back and they told them it would take two weeks!!!
    Seriously what will they do during those two weeks? This package was tracked until it was given to one of Canada Post employee one morning for delivery and that employee didn't feel like delivering it I suppose and tossed it somewhere, kept it, gave it to whom ever on the way and simply changed the status to "Item successfully delivered" and that's it. So what will they do for the next two weeks? Interrogate that employee to have him admit to the crappy job he has been doing with pretty much all my deliveries? I would love to be the one doing the interrogation but he probably won't even be asked a question about this and even if he was... then what? Those guys are in Unions and pretty much untouchable so I'm pretty sure nothing will come out of this other than the fact that the item is now missing.
    What's left for me? Collect the silly $100 insurance that doesn't cover for the value of the package? Yes you might say I should have taken the full value in insurance alright I'll take that but before I moved here Canada Post never messed up any of my delivery. So is this the new racket for Canada Post? To have employee mess up enough deliveries so that people start buying those insurance and this way Canada Post has a new steady stream of revenue for basically doing what I already paid to have them do?
    The only learning for me is that any vendors that offer other options than Canada Post for delivery I will select the other option even if it cost a little more, at least I'll get my package.

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  • Ni
    Nine Tailed Fox Nov 23, 2017

    Canada Post Sucks! How come Canada post scare to put their email address in public? Cos they're always stealing parcels.

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  • Zh
    zhannett Nov 28, 2017

    The same situation with me, downtown Toronto. Once I met a driver at the day when I was waiting for a parcel. My parcel was in his car but I got it only because I told him to double-check. I asked this guy why he didn't even call me, and his answer was "Because you are never at home". It is lie. I filed complaint today to Canada Post Customer Service. Not sure if it helps.

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  • Dr
    DR2 Nov 30, 2017

    This INFURIATES me also!
    Not only does CDA Post NOT deliver the parcel to the address on it, to LEAVE AT DOOR as indicated, and often a notice is NOT even left in the mailbox (superbox) to indicate that it has been "delivered" to the post office.

    For a current parcel, both CDA Post and the vendor have "confirmed" that this package has been delivered. It was not delivered to the street address, it was not delivered to the mail box, and NOR was any notice left at either location that a delivery had been sent to the post office for pickup.
    NOTE that on the tracking window for this item under "Delivery details, Features and options" it states LEAVE AT DOOR.

    Years ago, CDA post's delivery of parcels was consistently good - parcels actually were DELIVERED to the Street address as per the parcel. For the past 2 - 3 years parcels are RARELY delivered to the house, and often the first notice received is in the mailbox 5 or more days after parcel was left at the post office for pickup.

    Canada Post parcel delivery has been terrible for the past several years. Why does the Parcel Delivery service NOT do what it says it will do?
    Come on Canada Post - DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO. And, only say what you HAVE done - ie - don't indicate there was no answer at the delivery address location when delivery was NOT EVEN attempted!!

    Canada Post - are you in the delivery business?? Or in the "drop off at the community depot- and leave you a notice a week later” business??

    @zhannewtt - I couldn't even find an email address or contact info on who to provide my "feedback comments" to. How did you file a complaint with Canada Post Customer Service ? (I would like to do the same, and do it again every time this situation occurs). Thanks.


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  • Ad
    Adamjones Nov 15, 2018

    I am glad that you posted, I know I'm not the only one now.
    My tracked parcel was supposed to arrive before the strike even happened. It said it was delivered to my local post office and re-routed back to the same post office, but it wasn't. The time it said delivered was before the post office was even open. They said that was impossible, and that the it was never there. I still don't have my wheelset, it was never delivered to me or my post office. Now when I call Canada post they just tell me it was already delivered and I can do nothing because I am not the sender. The sender has does not reply. Canada post said they were going to call me and tell me if the package was even real but they even failed to call me back. Now when I call they just keep telling me that my package was delivered and that only the sender can do anything.
    Canada post has to be the worst company with the worst services, that I have ever dealt with.

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  • Mv
    MVR Aug 09, 2019

    Lies and more lies. They fake a delivery of my package with no attempt of doing so as a matter of course it seems. Now if this was a one time occurrence, but No, this has happened repeatedly in the past.
    No notice card and yet they expect you to pick it up. I even requested a notification email to anticipate the package arrival only some hours before, so I could be available to receive same. I only found out about the fake delivery attempt by a tracking check almost at the time it was supposed to have been attempted to have been delivered.

    I was assured that I would be informed of its arrival at the end of the week, by a direct inquiry to a postal agent the night before. I had to find out what was going on when my tracking check showed the package was stalled in Richmond for days upon days.

    A further direct inquiry as to where the package was, due to the fake delivery tracking scan, I was informed that I would have to pick it up from a postal outlet. I did not have a notice to take to pick it up so I requested it be actually delivered this time. I was then informed that they cannot guaranty that I would receive the package because this is a redelivery which is a lie. I was astounded and asked for this in writing but was declined. I am still trying to get some straight answers!

    One job to do and Canada Post is TO BIG to care to deliver, as is their primary function!

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  • Mi
    Michael Winters Dec 14, 2019

    3 alleged attempted deliveries and 2 missing delivery cards. I might add I find it astounding and lazy that it takes an extra day for a card to be left, clearly there have been some hidden cuts to services since I can recall.. What a joke

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