Canada Postsmall business solutions

When will Canada Post finally offer affordable, trackable shipping options for small businesses with low volumes? Canada Post kills jobs, Canada Post kills businesses, Canada Post kills the Canadian economy by not providing competitive shipping options! This is not my personal thing, this is a political disaster. The government should open their eyes and force Canada Post to provide the missing service. Online business in Canada is almost impossible, because every Canadian customer can have everything available in the US and the rest in the world for a fraction of the shipping costs Canada Post charges us. Canada Post causes the Canadian market lacking on online businesses dealing with low value products. Almost everything with a value of less than 5-10 Dollar comes from China, or even USA, because Canadian businesses don't have the opportunity to get their products shipped for just about 5 Dollar or even less. And on this point, Canada Post with their high-price product strategy and their outdated 20mm limit for letter mail products is responsible for some hundred million revenue per year going to foreign countries. This is where the politics needs to kick in, and to force Canada Post to update their products to today's market requirements.

May 07, 2017

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