Canada Post / postal delivery from china to canada (and lack thereof)

Canada Review updated:

As of today december 15, I have five packages out of ten exceeding 30 days delivery from china.

1: shipped sept 25, 2016. Still waiting after 82 days.
2: shipped oct 18, 2016. Still waiting after 58 days.
3: shipped oct 24, 2016. Still waiting after 52 days.
4: shipped nov 5, 2016. Still waiting after 40 days.
5: shipped nov 11, 2016. Still waiting after 34 days.

4 items arrived in less than 30 days as usual and one arrived in 74 days (Shipped sept 16, arrived nov 29).

I have tracking numbers for half these items. Tracking stops once they are outbound to canada (Canada post decided it was too much trouble to honor tracking in its own system). Invariably, the items are out of china within one week!

What's going on, canada post?

Dec 15, 2016
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  •   Dec 15, 2016

    You missed the part where it is the month of December and the week before Christmas?

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      Jan 10, 2017

    Same here leaves China within 1-2 weeks and gone. I have packages I ordered Oct first week and still not arrived over 90 days now. Out of 20 packages I received 4. Are they totally jammed? What is going on? They act as if there is no problem.

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  •   Jan 10, 2017

    I am still waiting on about 20 packages ordered from end of November to mid December. It takes a while those months. Think about it. International orders have to go through customs. And add to that when you order from China, you always pay the cheap or free shipping. That means your item goes on the truck, plane, or boat LAST, after all the larger fee mail. Chinese shipping is slow boat lol.

    Don't worry. It will get there. I have had a package from Australia take 4 months. I had forgotten about it by the time it arrived. Thanksgiving and Christmas slows it all down, especially if you are waiting on an international order. And trust me, customs is in no hurry.

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  •   Feb 06, 2017

    Try your tracking numbers on This is the best site I have found for tracking international packages. I just got a package Saturday for something I bought December 9th. It's post mark showed it being mailed on December 12. So eventually it will get there.

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