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In 393 portage avenue Winnipeg Manitoba I had a shoppers drug mart manager harass me and make false accusations of assault to my place of employment at Canada post as letter carrier on May 15th 2017. There were 3 altercations at 10am, 2pm, and 3pm where I was attempting to deliver and pick up mail.

The manager first confronted me when I delivered 1 missorted package to the postal outlet in the store demanding I take the box back and deliver it to the back of the building. I said it is already delivered I am new and will now know next time. He followed me out of the store demanding I take the box and my name.

I returned at 2pm to do a pick up and he continued to harass me asking me if I liked my job I said yes and laughed and he said its not funny and he was going to complain. I said I couldn't wait any longer and would be back at 3pm for the pick up as I had other items to deliver . He said no you have to wait. And I said I could not. When I came back at 3pm he answered the door again and said I would never enter the store and followed me out with my parcels so I forgot to scan the door and had to buzz again he answers the door and I say I forgot to scan my barcode and did. He calls my place of work and said I tried to hit him.

Absolutely unethical behaviour slandering fellow employees I'm ashamed to be involved in this incident and will be taking legal action against him immediately.

My contact number for more information is [protected]

Thank you,

Amber Muir

May 15, 2017

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