Canada Post located in City Square Vancouver BCcanada post customer service

This happened on May 12th, 2017 at around 6:45 pm. Basically I said that I purchased 1 stamp to the US for around $1.08 not including taxes. Mind you, I was off by a little bit. According to the Canada Post website rates for single stamps, up to 30 g $1.00 and over 30 g - 50 g is $1.20. He boastfully and cockily insisted that the rates haven't changed for 5 years it's $1.20 without specifying the exact weight. In addition to this rude and disrespectful behavior, he said that there was something wrong with me while making the lunatic hand gesture in my face. Even if I'm wrong, I do not deserve to be treated this way. I would suggest the manager in charge immediately reprimand the employee. If he's the owner of that particular location, I feel sorry for his customers. Overall, the worst customer service I've ever received from Canada Post. Disgusting.

May 12, 2017

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