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I am writing to file a complaint against a Customer Service Supervisor by the name of Tricia Shelley.

Date of Incident: February 2, 2017

Last week I phoned into Canada Post to track down packages that I had not received, but the Sender said they delivered. I started the service ticket process. I waited the 5 days as noted and on February 2, 2017 phoned Canada Post to get an update.

I called the 1-800 number and spoke with Customer Service where she informed me that one of the tickets was closed because the packaged did not get delivered due to a wrong address. The packages are to be delivered to the right address but it is missing a unit number. For the last 2.5 years I have been receiving mail at this address without a unit number, its a townhouse and the other "unit" is a vacant store that is connected to the house. I have gotten packages before in our community mailbox and even received large packages by using the key that was left in our mail to retrieve from another compartment as well a notice that our package was waiting at the nearby Postal Office. So why now?

She didnt have an answer for me other than that the "scenario" that the mailman knows to deliver to that address regardless of package/envelope missing a unit number (being familiar) and there may be a new person now on that route. I understood that but my argument was why am I recieving past tenants' mail from years past. This was no consilation for me nor she could provide any other resolution then for me to contact the Sender, in China, to resend. Delivery has been close to 2 months now and they will for sure charge me shipping again. This was not helpful.

I asked to speak with a supervisor in order to find assistance, since 2 of my packages were not delivered and sent back, but also have another 5 shipments to come. I was hoping that somewhere in the system, a note can be placed, a hold at the depot can be made and/or an instruction at the distribution centre can be done.

I spoke with Tricia Shelly/Shelley and she reiterate what the previous Customer Service Rep said, that Canada Post can not reroute or place any instructions at depot or with the post personnel. I was willing to accept, but was also looking for some kind of resolution. Maybe a schedule of when the mailman comes so I can intercept a package delivery? or I would come to the depot? Something, since I have been waiting for these xmas presents for months. At the end, she debunked all my ideas.

My issue with her is not that she is following the Canada Post procedure but after all the above, she threatened me with holding of my mail. What I mean by that is that she said what she CAN do is send a message to the depot to STOP sending any mail with my address that has no unit number "Which is a lengthy process, do you really want that?" Now that to me is a threat of accept that Canada Post can not do anything or she will put a hold on my mail which will take a long time to figure things out, according to her. I asked her that if she can send a message to STOP my mail from coming, then why couldn't she send a message for my mail to be delivered to the unit number? That seemed logic. She said she couldnt do that and I am not understanding her. I understood her correctly. What I understood that she can decide to either not help and stick to her script or make it a problem for me to get mail.

I did not appreciated being threatened to have our mail stopped. It is inappropriate and unappreciated. Of course I did not want that. So I asked for her name and ended the call.

is this Canada Post Customer service? I would listen to the audio tape as asked if the conversation was being recorded.

Please look into this personnel.


Feb 02, 2017

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