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BC, CA Review updated:

Are there ways to stop Canada Post from charging ridiculous postal rates? For a parcel less than 5g, I need to use the parcel weight cost, instead of the letter rates, just because the height is more than 2cm.

In addition, the rates are ridiculously high. Are there no ways to stop them from this? It is killing small businesses, espesically online business.

Which authority is best to approach for to highlight what Canada Post is doing to them?

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  • Di
      Apr 08, 2010

    be thankful you are not getting things shipped from the US there rates are worse, for a parcel not any bigger than a shoebox cost 42 US to mail me

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  • Ji
      Apr 08, 2010

    Due to the highest postal rates, I was forced to abandon my on line book selling business. The rates changes to higher levels so frequently, it is impossible to keep up with the postage costs with other international sellers. Years ago, they had a book rate which was abolished in favor of better revenue for the post office. Now, when you take a package to the post office, in addition to weighing it they have to measure its length, width and thickness. Consumers lost millions of extra dollars for this way determining the cost, and the case is now in court. Another thing they do to beef up the profit is to added a fuel surcharge to the already high rate. You do all these, but there is no guarantee that the package is delivered (within Canada that is) within a reasonable time. Perhaps it is wise to abandon the Canada Post and look for alternative methods in shipping.

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