Cablevision / Optimumharassing phone calls

As a long standing Optimum On-Line customer, (20 years) I am very disappointed in your handling of my account.

I moved to a different location, you came out and installed my Optimum router for voice, TV and internet.

As a result, of my move, I evidently owed you from my previous location $44. On 4/31 I paid the full amount owed to you of $221. However, I have been receiving harassing phone calls from you that I will be disconnected. I advised you that I had paid my account and to note it on my account.

Today, I contacted Bank of America and they advised that IT WAS A PAPER CHECK DELIVERED TO OPTIMUM ON LINE since I had a new account (I moved, which you knew about).See Top 10 Worst Companies in Randolph, NJFurther, I had Bank of America contact Optimum on Line and was told that I would continue to get the phone calls, and that I could check back again to verify you had received payment. I was very annoyed to hear that response.
I was told that I could pay again to avoid disconnection with a credit card. Or as previously stated could get the harassing calls and wait until May 8 to see what happens. I chose to pay with my credit card again to avoid being shut off. I will still get your calls, to my dismay.
You should treat customers who move differently than others and once the bank verifies with your representative that payment has been sent, you should remove them from the call/pay harassing calls.
If any of the above is not clear, please let me know.
Thank you.
Deborah McConnell

May 05, 2017

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