Burlington Coat Factorynever again!


I went into Burlington Coat Factory to put some toys for my son on layaway for Christmas. I gave a CASH down payment to the clerk at the time of my purchase. I came back a week later to pick up the items but the store employees were having difficulty finding my items. I stood at the customer service station for over an hour waiting for them to locate the luck. The store employees were not sympathetic at all...only occasionally acknowledging my presence and saying"they're still looking".

I got tired of waiting for my order so I asked for my money back. The clerk told me that I would have to wait to receive my money back in the form of a check in the mail since they would have to deem it a "Lost Layaway". She said that it should arrive in 7-10 business days.

After about 3 weeks of waiting I called the corporate office to check on the status but the woman said that I would have to wait until the check had been out for 30 days and if I still hadn't received it then I should call back and she would put a stop-payment on the check and issue another one.

It has now been a month since my layaway was lost and I have still not gotten my money back. I called the woman back today and she said that she would do the stop-payment and that my check should go out tomorrow. I asked her if I could have the check sent overnight or Certified Mail so that it would require a signature for delivery, but she simply said "NO". So, basically I have been waiting a month to get a refund on a transaction that was cancelled because thy were unable to locate my layaway and I could potentially wait another month if the check does not come this time.


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