Burger King / slow service, order was wrong & short changed when asked for refund

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We visited your restaurant in Cameron MO this afternoon. After waiting for about 25 minutes we were not served. Others that came after us were served & gone. When asked what the problem was they had not even started to prepare our food. When we finally did get our order it was not even close to being right. My son ordered an original chicken s/w with cheese. This sandwich had no cheese, no condiments, no tomato except for lettuce & onions. My crispy chicken sandwich had no condiments at all. Rather that wait longer I requested my money be returned so we could go somewhere else. I did not realize that the person that refunded my money short changed me by $4.74. I gave the person that waited on us at the register a $20 bill & received $7.63 in change. When the person refunded my money they gave me $7.63 which was the change amount--not the amount of my order which was $13.37. I do not anticipate going to any of your restaurants anytime soon--if ever.

Nov 26, 2017

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