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I just had the worse customer experience of my life. It happen in the Burger King located at the 455 Grayson Hwy Lawrenceville, Ga 30045 which has bee my children favorite fast food restaurant for many years. Today, November 22 at 12:15 I was abuse by the shift manager, who misunderstood my order refuse to give me my ticket and scream at me. I did ask for a customer complain form and she refuse to give me the form. At this point I am trying to get in touch with the company customer support service.


I received a promotional receipt to call in for a survey where upon I would receive a promotional code to enter on the back of receipt. I followed all instructions and when I returned to order a frie and drink to receive a free sandwich the manager informed me that she had to be able to read what I had originally ordered, but the register ink had faded and was not legible. The code and print on back side was fine!! Everyone could see what I qualified for after taking my precious time to call and comply. They need not think I will ever enter their contest again. Also after watching the manager walk away shaking her head because I was dismayed I promise to eat elsewhere as well!!! Guess they don't need my business anymore.

burger and service

The Whooper Jr.'s my husband and I had were terrible. They were cold and the lettuce was brown and bitter. That was the first time we had had a bad meal there. And the next time I went there, I was asked to pull ahead after I had paid for my meal because they had to wait on the cars behind me, and they would bring my order out to me. Well, I waited for ten minutes and they never brought it to me. I went in and asked for the meal that I had just paid for at the window. The girl that had waited on me didn't remember that she had asked me to pull around. I don't think I should have had to pay for the meal when they didn't remember that I had ordered it and they didn't bring it out to me.

employee personal hygiene

I stopped in yesterday at the rest are on my way to work at 8:00am Thursday 6 November 2008. As I approached...

very rude employees

On 11-02-2008, @ 2am I went to burger king to get something to eat. I ordered a double with cheese, frie...

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overall bad service

I've eaten at alot of fast food resturants & I must say this burger king is the wrost. The parking lot was a...

extremely inadequate service

After a long night of being the designated driver out with friends, we decided to visit a Burger King with a...

stealing my money

I bought two meal from burger king in Sulibikhat city in kuwait one of them large size and the other in normal size and one onion rings so the cashier ask me for amount 4.3 KD and gave me an un details receipt when i check the price i told her you charged me alot so she told me i`m going to check and come to your table so she came and gave me 0.3 KD and said yes you are right i`m mistaken ... i asked her to call her boss for me when he came i asked him for a details receipt when he brought the receipt i found disaster she sharged me to large meal and light berry muffins ... the boss said it happened she charged you the muffin by mistake so i told him what about the the other mistakes and why she didn`t give me details receipt from the beginning, , , , , , , , , , , , i ask him for a paper to write my complain he refuse to give i call the customer services they don`t answer
Anyway the receipt details
10|24|2008 8:52:42
Ord No : 246 Type " Dine In
Store : B047 employee : Renee Amb
As Mia

her boss name victor

  • Sa
    samk43 Oct 05, 2011

    only intrested in KD dont think how they make it

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  • Jo
    Joieskywalker Jun 01, 2016

    I ordered big king meal medium size and chicken fries for take away in salmiya near salmiya coop branch, time ordered around 11:30 pm -11:45 pm june 1, 2016. When i reached home i found out that THERE WAS NO POTATO FRIES INCLUDED which its my favorite. I was so disappointed, I hope it will not happen again.

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missing items

I know, yeah, I know, check the bag before pulling out. But how many times am I in a hurry and forget to or have a long line behind me or just trust in Burger King to do the right thing. Very small problems in a world full of things preoccupying my thoughts. but is it too much to pay for and recieve a whopper of fish that I or my family was hungry for and waiting at home to bite into that delicious handful of a whopper, only to get home and find it not in the bag? Or the missing onion rings or fries or sauces? Please burger king I get really hungry for that fish sandwich so, give it to me, please don't make me drive 10 miles back to the only BK in my area. so, while I know check the bag, I am too often in a hurry. and after all, is that what a fast food place is for, fast food?

rude/extremely bad attitude

My fiancee and I went through the drive through of Burger King #5458 in Plainwell, MI on Oct.24th, 2008 at about 10:30 pm. I told the man working I needed a minute to decided, and then announced I was ready. I waited for 2 minutes, trying the whole time to get his attention. Finally he came back on the speaker and said, "Yeah, I [censored]ING heard you, I've been waiting this whole time." So I asked to see his manager, and he refused. I will never go here again and will tell everyone I know that people here are rude and have nasty attitudes.

  • Lu
    luisiscool Dec 06, 2011

    I'm so sorry to hear your bad experience for the company that I work for. I'm a cashier and burger king and I would also be mad if they would give me a bad attitude while placing an order and the refussal of talking to the manager. The customer should ALWAYS have attention. You should file a complaint with burger kings coorporation office.

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  • Wh
    Why so seriouse Jan 02, 2012

    Burger kings have two menu boards but people like you refuse to look at the first one but drive all fast to the speaker only to realize you people dont know what you want

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I go to burger king two or three times a week. Evertime I go something is wrong
With my food. I have never put a complaint in before. Today I was really upset. I usually get the original chick en sandwich combo.
Like always, the lettuce was not fresh, it was wilted, brown, hard white part of the lettuce. It ruined my appitite, again.
The fries were cold, and I had to ask for ketchup.
Whether I am spending a dollar or ten, I expect to receive my moneys worth.
If this happened once in awhile I wouldn't care, but ever time I go...
The restaurant # is14349
I would like to be compensated for my disatisfaction... My address is 1244 niagara falls blvd. Tonawanda, ny 14150
My name is charlotte sardina
Thank you for time.

  • Ze
    ZerokiWolf Oct 29, 2008

    If you go there 2-3 times a week and something is wrong everytime, WHY THE ### ARE YOU STILL GOING THERE!?!

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  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Oct 31, 2008

    Sounds like you eat way too much fast food. What size stretch pants do you wear?

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refused to serve breakfast

This morning, Saturday, October 25, 2008, I pulled into the drive-thru prior to 10:30AM and attempted to...

political views @ bk? we've gone too far

I just wanted to let someone know how disappointed I am to see political campaigning has taken to the signs of my local Burger King in Sioux City on 18th and Hamilton Blvd. I was to driving to work this morning, when I was suprised to see "Vote for McCain and Palin". I understand and except that most branches are locally owned and operated but this is too far. Occasionally this particular branch will have "Happy Birthday...so and so" on their signs to local people the store knows. On the usual drive to work when a "Happy Birthday" sign is on display I always smile @ the thought of some 4 yr old's day being made b/c of his/her name on display for their special day. I just wanted to let you know about this as co-workers of mine had also mentioned this and agreed that this public display of political sponsorship was un-needed, and we're a mixture of both political parties. I personally take my voting rights and responsibility serious and plan to make an informed decision on Nov. 4th. Thank you for your time...all I want is for you to pass this on as a reminder that consumers don't want to know or need to know personal views, we're just looking for great service and good food! Tomorrow I'm thinking of taking a different route to work.

terrible food

I was in Savannah Georgia in the Airport last Friday night and I had the absolute worst Whopper Junior I have ever had in my 56 years... The bun was cold the burger was luke warm and the french frieswere totally disgustin...hollow in the middle and lukewarm.

I don't ever think I have ever been so disappointed in a meal.

Bonnie Lantz

  • Valerie Aug 18, 2008

    I have had a very bad experience at your restaurant at 19800 Beach Blvd. Huntington Beach CA 92648. I have had this experience at least three times in the past at this restaurant. The restaurant number is 4257. I have never complained to any company before like this, but I feel so offended at this point.

    What happened is that I have to ALWAYS ASK for my change back. Sometimes I forget and have to walk back up to the counter and ask for it. I have gone through the drive thru and had to park in the front and go back in and convince them that they didn't give the change back. What happens is that they give back the coins and not the paper money. Unless you ask for it.I have actually noticed that it happens all the time.

    Let me give you a scenario.I order 2 items on the value menu. I give them a $5 or $10.When I see the receipt it does not show how much money I gave them.It shows that I gave them only the amount of the order and then got 0.00 change. (see enclosure).

    But that is not what happened at the register.Why don't the register tapes show how much I give the order taker? It does not reflect what happened. It does have a place for the amount that we pay and then the amount of the charges for the food and then the amount of change. So why don't they show the amount tendered correctly. If I give the guy a $10 dollar bill, and he does not give me the change, I have no way to show how much I paid in once he takes my money.

    Now it does not take a MBA in business to figure out what is going on here.The dishonest Burger King employee knows that if they don't enter the amount tendered as the right amount, but only the exact amount required to give 0.00 change, that the register tape does not show the extra change. So if the person asks for the change, they then go ahead and give it back and the register tape still will balance.

    But if the person does not remember to ask for their change back, and walks away with out it, then the register tapes will not show an overage. This means that they can take the extra money out of the till, and the register tapes will still balance at the end of the day. Unless someone is reviewing the security video of the cash register, they would never know that the extra change was there.

    Since the register is not out of balance at the end of the day, No One would be reviewing the security video of the cash register.The reason I really know they are doing it intentionally and not accidentally is that they will give the money back to me every time right away. They don't argue because they know they did it, and got called out on it. So to avoid any trouble, they give the money back after you confront them. Each time the person just acted like it was something they forgot, or it was a mistake. Come on, don't standard accounting procedures require that they give correct change every time. If they are having trouble remembering to give change back to customers, they need to be replaced.

    I have had this happen at least three times at this restaurant. I finally decided to complain. I will be going to Carl's JR from now on because I don't want to keep getting robbed at the Burger King.

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  • Br
    brok Apr 26, 2010

    "I was in Savannah Georgia in the Airport last Friday night and I had the absolute worst Whopper Junior I have ever had..."

    Are there no restaurants or cafe in the whole of Georgia where you could, for a little more than the cost of a bread-borne heart attack you could eat a decent meal while sitting at a table? Instead of balancing a slowly collapsing soggy mess in a draughty airport lounge while trying to hold on to the other killer, choke a cola and where everyone can see you stoking up the pounds and sliding their eyes to your expanding hips.

    America is in the grip of the tyranny of the fast food chain, and so, by the evils of globalisation, is the rest of the world.

    "Flabbination" is the term I use for this malady, perhaps whenever you feel the temptation to buy from these organisations, you will remember that word and turn your steps to a more healthy alternative.

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very rude manager

10/10/08 we faxed the burger king on linden street in bethlehem, pa to order several meals for our employees. we tried calling their number several times to confirm the fax, no one ever answered. the employees took the fax sheet with them to burger king and the manager RICHARD gave them a very hard time that the employees called here & i spoke to RICHARD as well. he was extremely rude and said they were busy and that no one has time to check the fax machine. with the treatment we were given you best believe we wont be ordering from burger king ANYMORE. if RICHARD treats us in this manner whats he doing to others??? in these bad economic times i would think RICHARD would want to keep his job. BURGER KING has lost a lot of businees through this. i want a response to this email and what course of action you will take in this matter.

  • Ba
    BadSvcTday Feb 05, 2009

    Just received the worst service ever at a retailer/restaurant. Went through BK to pick up my son some lunch and after inspecting the hamburger, realized there was no cheese. I very nicely asked if they could put cheese on it. This girl was noticeably disgusted at my request and grabbed the bag from my hand, slammed the window. I could see her throw the hamburger back there. Then she literally dumped it in the bag!! It looked like a tossed salad with all of the ingedients spread throughout the bag. It was clear that I could not ask her to remake it so I asked for my money back. She slammed the window again, was jamming the register and then threw the money at me dropping half of it on the floor behind the register!! Then she ignored me and the money on the floor. Asked for the manager and it turns out that she IS the manager. How horrible. Her name was Stephanie.

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  • Mk
    mkoktail Feb 05, 2009

    Most of the Lower end fast food joints have customer service like this ... Noticed this the last few times I've been unfortunate to have to eat at places like McDonald's and BurgerKing, Wendy's ... the food is crap ... and you know that going in because why its so cheap ... so at least they could make the order of the cheap crap right ... right?

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  • Ca
    caulodren Jul 05, 2010

    Just to lett you know, burgerking don't take orders over phone or fax you have to go into the store and order directly. Its company policy. However RICHARD could have explained this to you politely and took your order.

    Dale Stevenson

    Crew Member

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  • St
    Steenetrick Feb 10, 2011

    What Dale said is absolutely true. However, where I work, it's very much appreciated when a customer/organization with a very large order notifies us on the phone well in advance, rather than just rocking up at the store and dropping the huge order on us during a rush. The manager sounds like a bellend.

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terrible experience

I recently did pavement work for 14 burger king locations owned and managed by Spence Group Services a...

fraud and cheating

I agree with the gentleman who also wrote on here about the Burger King on Grant and Alvernon. That is a...


I brought a Burger King coupon into the store for aBYGO free Chicken Whopper and the manager said they...

burger / hygiene

i oredered 4 whopper meals for my family and me, and ordered 1 kids meal for my daughter, i asked for 1 burger without mayonnaise and gerkins, once i took the meals home i realised that all of the burgers had mayo and gerkins on, everything else seemed to be ok until, my mum took a bite out of her burger only to find a long hair in it, this made her vomit, she threw her burger in the bin, and i went back to burger king to tell them about this only to find that when i got there most of the staff (including the supervisor) did not have any hairnets on and there hair was not tied back properly, i recieved my money back for the burger with the mayo and gerkins, but the supervisor said she could not do anything about the burger with the hair in it because it was in the bin, i'm very disapointed with the service as my family have been customers for many years, we would like the matter to be resolved as soon as possible please.
if you need any further information do not hesitate to contact me. i would also be grateful if you can inform me of the action taken. thank you. mrs. brooks

  • Jo
    joe Sep 26, 2008

    Petty simple. Stop eating there, get a real job, and treat your family better.

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  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Sep 29, 2008

    No action will be taken at this time. Please feel free to spend your money here again.

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  • Em
    Emmabe Jun 18, 2014

    As a regular customer, I was extremely angry to find that bugler king at bury, M66 has stopped serving my favourite strawberry cheesecake ice cream! The cornetto replacement was vile ! The strawberry ice cream was a major attraction for my custom and I will now try out your competitors unless it is re introduced. I am disgusted.

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gm - staff

I was in burger king, staff was yelling, and fighting about staff members spitting in food. Don't eat here! Heard gm cuzzing and yelling @ staff. One staff member was saying employee was spitting in food, gm cuzzed staff member. No one was fired. I found out today the staff member who stated the complaint to gm was gfired not spitters. Don't eat here.