Burger Kingslow service and argumentative employee

T Nov 28, 2017

On November 22 around the mid afternoon I pulled into the Cortez CO Burger King. I pulled up to the order location and then waited for approximately five minutes before a female employee final acknowledged we were there. She told to wait a minute and she would get to us. I told her we had already been waiting over five minutes and we were ready to order. She just kept arguing with me that I was incorrect that we had not been waiting. She just kept arguing the point. I finally gave and pulled up to the window and asked for a manager. After about a minute a woman came to the window. I started explaining my frustration with the employee only to have the employee jump back into the conversation again telling how I was wrong. With the manager just standing there and not even trying to speak I finally just gave up on the place and went to another competing chain. If this is what I can expect from the Cortez CO Burger King I will never stop there again. The manager was worthless I could not even speak to her without having the other female employee jumping in and start arguing again with me. Terrible experience. If you want to review the security video it will confirm my extended wait time. I know wish I had recorded the employee arguing with me. Not that it really matters I will NEVER stop at that location again.

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