Burger King / service workers and employees

Mesquite Tx, US

Tue Nov 21 2017 10:52 pm
Order 2
1933 Town East Blvd. Mesquite Tx 75150

My girlfriend and I decided to get a burger at BK last night because it sounded good and noticed hardly no one was there. We pulled up to the drive through and noticed that the speaker and order screen were not in proper working order. After a few moments of explaining on what we were ordering the gentleman worker asked us to pull forward to the window because he himself knew that the order speaker was not in the best condition. He apologized and we confirmed our order again, we paid and waited patiently as we noticed that there were two female workers in there with him that completely ignored us and their jobs causing the male worker that we were speaking to do all the work. One female worker was not dressed properly as if she just came in to the job from home and still in her pajamas, she rolled her eyes at him as he asked her for help completing our order and she said that she was getting no where near the widow complaining that it was 30 degrees outside when it was only 65. she then refused to help him as she poured herself a drink from the soda machine and walked away giving us a dirty glare and with a very bad attitude, she also asked another female worker to go with her and leave it all to the male worker as he kept asking for help. He had to do everything working the window, the cash register, serving the drinks, the cooking and working the order speaker, he apologized multiple times as he told us he had to make everything on our order. We told him it's okay to take his time as he looked and sounded very nervous and embarrassed. My girlfriend and I could not believe our eyes as we watched this poor guy do all the work that a team should do, he came back and apologized once more as he said he just got the fries ready. All the while the other two ladies did nothing but sit in the dining area talking to one another. As he was getting ready to hand us our order we heard him shout out to the two female workers that "Hey I need help there are two more vehicles parking in the drive through" yet we noticed that they never cared to help nor even reply to him as if he was talking to himself. It was sad to watch as he did his job like he was supposed to do and also do their job, as we were driving away we could still see the other two female workers sitting in the dining area trying to hide from him and their work and one looked like she was sleeping at a table with her grey hoodie up hiding her face while the other one was on her phone with her feet up on a table not caring about the poor guy asking for help or the job. It was the first time at this location that we had ever seen such horrible service and employees ever. The reason I am writing this is not because of the Male worker he did nothing wrong it is because of those two lazy, careless, sloppy, unprofessional and irresponsible female workers just getting money while not doing a thing making the burger king company look bad. Please contact the store manager at the location and have them view the camera footage to see the proof of this, this is not right to have one person do all the work while the other employees do nothing and get paid for freely for it! makes The Burger King look bad and the area near a very popular environment!
IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP along with their speaker order box.
Thank you.

Nov 22, 2017

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