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Complaints & Reviews

broken tooth!

I stopped at the Burger King on Veterans Parkway on my way home from Bloomington. I live in Lincoln 30 mile...

french toast sticks

On April 4, 2008 @ 0854 hrs I went to the Burger King on James and Hollywood in Memphis, Tennesee. I went through the drivethru window and purchased an order of french toast sticks. Well, they were hard as through they were forgotten about in the microwave, but get this, the Manager gave them to me. It is totally unacceptable I realize sometimes in our rush to serve the service will go lacking. I did not return the food because I was in a hurry for work. Please let them know that people work hard for their money and want the best for it. Thank You

poor service, mistakes, wrong order, burnt food

I Have been to the restaurant 2 days in a row. Both times the employees were rude and would rather play with each other than take care of their customers. Today I went through the drive-thru and they forgot to give me my drinks. I went back and they treated me like I was bothering them. when I got home I found my food order was screwed up as well. I ordered king size fries and recieved 2 small orders. They burnt the sandwiches and made them wrong. These people need to get their acts together, and realize they are at work and not the playground. I have had it!!! I will never give business to Burger CRAP again!!!

  • Ma
    Malgrave May 27, 2008

    those ###s did the same thing and stole 12.50 from me plus charged my debit card. when i went to confront them, they denied any part in it. what's worse the authorities won't even help...i hate bk..

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terrible food!

My name is Chandra, and my boyfriend Tony, myself and our friend Brandon came two days ago for a free hot meal at St. Andrews Church, as none of us had what to eat at all that day, and due to Lent it was canceled, so being that we had to eat, we went to this place... lucky us. I am ashamed to admit it, but we got our order to go and ate it in the restaurant, as we were low on money. Our order consisted of four Whopper Jr sandwiches, two ice waters (my boyfriend and I do not drink soda) and an order of Mozzarella Sticks, and our friend got a Chicken Fries value meal. Not only did the cashier (Patricia) make us feel like compleat slime by telling another counterperson 'Make sure they get the clear cups', they also served us cold food with rotten-tasting mayonnaise, the mozzarella sticks tasted like breaded pencil erasers and they didn't even get my sauce right, Brandon's fries looked like dead worms that had been rolled in dirt, I tasted one of Brandon's Chicken Fries... blargggh.

Why, Father Thor, why?? And the service was the worst I've ever seen, the crew stared at us like we were aliens and one terribly rude African-American cashier came up to Brandon (who is supersized and has schizophrenia and is a regular customer.) and informed him very rudely that he had not paid tax on his soda, and almost had him in tears. So we opened our food, and tasted it. What kind of ###s make this slop!?!? It was the worst thing I have ever eaten, and that is saying a lot if you've ever eaten my mother's cooking... I also believe that our poor treatment had to do with racism (the whole crew but Patricia were black) and stereotyping of my heavy metal lifestyle (I was wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt and I have two pierced eyebrows) and my preference for slightly chubby guys with facial hair and my friend's weight (He is 6 foot tall and 330 lbs).

The long and short of it that this place is to be avoided at all costs, it's a ghetto dump and you're better off at the McDonalds down the road. Not worth the money. This place needs to shape up or ship out. Pure rubbish!!!

  • Do
    don bailey Apr 06, 2008

    I just purchased a texas burger from your restaurant in moab utah it probably would have been ok but all i could taste was mustard i was really disappointed i will not buy another one. I am usually happy with most every thing i get there besides the employees which i understand being in the restaurant business my self in moab you don't have a lot of people to choose from. I just had to say something this time.

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  • Cr
    craiger Aug 07, 2009

    Many times I have eaten at Burger King in many different states.
    I was recently at the one in Casper WY. Located at 81 SE. Wyoming blvd. The service was fair in the beginning. After waiting 20 min.
    for the food, which was a sandwich only. There were less the two cars
    in drive through and three other people in the store, all eating by now.
    When I got my order it was body tempiture warm. I had to deal with the shift mgr. because the GM was not in. I asked if they cook te bergers there or are they cooked in advanced then frozen and shipped.
    You know McDonolds dose this. She said NO they are cooked fresh.
    Really I said. So if it is so fresh wy is mine cold? Are you telling me you don't just microweve them long after they are cooked? Yes she said. Then how come I see the guy in the assembly area putting ever sandwich in a microwaive. You just told me a direct lie!

    As a result I will never visit a Buger King in Casper again.
    Quite a shame concidering I live in this city.
    I am boycoting Burger King and I advise ever person I know and will meet not to go there. I cant get a name or phone number for this district manager so this is they way I have to go.

    I encourege everyone who reads theese Blogs to Boycot this company.
    I have been in the food industry a few years on and off again, But at all the places I worked we would offer to refund the money back or offer some other compensation. Burker King on offered a week apology.

    0 Votes

tape in my food!

On my 30 minute lunch break I went to Burger King and ordered whopper w/ cheese, fries and sprite combo meal...

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terrible company!

I took my family of 5 to Burger King and as we walked to the counter we could see that yet again there was a sign up saying that they weren't taking credit cards as payment, this happens quite a lot there! So luckily we had money with us!

I ordered my children and Finances meals then ordered my own which was a veggie burger meal, and the girl took our money. Someone shouted from the back of the shop and the girl went to see what it was, she came back and told me that they had no veggie burgers left. I asked her what else i could get as i was vegetarian, she said i could have a spicy bean burger, which i promptly replied that they were cooked in where the chicken was cooked so i didn't class that as being vegetarian as i haven't eaten chicken in 20 yrs! This might i add came from someone who used to work in there, not that any of the notice boards or the staff would tell you!! So i asked what else i could have and she just stood and shrugged her shoulders! I wasn't happy so i asked for my money back and said i would go to Mcdonalds instead! I asked for a milkshake and as usual they weren't working either!

When we want to sit down the tables were dirty and un washed as the cleaner who works there had finished at 7pm! I just wanted to go home but before i could go i had to sit and wait until my family ate their dinner without me! We go to burger king so the kids could use the softplay, but this is not the first time we've gone and they'd closed the softplay! When i asked the girl if it was going to re open, she said it had closed early and would not be re opening tonight! This was at 8pm on a sat night we were in, and while we were there 4 other family's came in with children and were also left disappointed their kids could not get to play! Even the kiddie ride was unplugged so they couldn't play on that!

I am very disappointed with the service at Queens Drive even if you go to the drive in, you normally have to go back in as 9 times out or 10 they get the order wrong! If they don't start smarting them selfs up then i wont be back and they will loose my customer as i take my family of 5 there nearly every weekend so i spend a lot at this place! I am so not happy!

customer service

On 2-21-08 at 830am, I went to burger king in marshville nc. At first I ordered a number #1 with a cup of grits. The employee yelled through the microphone"we don't have any grits" my wife heard her voice through the cell phone, I was talking to her on. Then she stated pull around nobody was at the first window, so I went to the second window. She wavied me back to the first window. I waited somemore until the same person came to the first window. She told that my total was 3.19 and I gave here a ten dollar bill straight from the teller from my wallett. She gave my 1.81 cents back and I said I gave you a ten dollar bill, she stated that I didn't, I gave her a five dollar bill. She stated that she only have two tens in her draw? I asked for my money back she gave me a wrinkled five dollar bill back. It is impossible for the money to be wrinkled, the money came straight from the teller. I was the only one in line at this time. You tell me? Instead of fussing about five dollars that burger king stole from me by a employee because I am surely blessed. I called back to the burger king to get the 1-800 number to call and camplain about what just happened. I was placed on hold by the same employee for four minutes. She stated that she was the manager on board???

the drive-thru guy stole my change

I visited the store at the drive-thru. I had a balance on my gift card of $2.13. The employee at the window...

improper food procedures!

One shift i remember having was a closing shift. It was after the dinner rush, around 9 pm my crew started...

worst customer service ever from manager

While in the area visiting my father who has cancer, I visited Burger King just below Fort Lee on 1/5/08 ordering a double whopper with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes only. I do not eat mayonaise. When I arrived at my father's house (only having a short time to visit), I began to eat my sandwich that was loaded with mayonaise. As people make mistakes, I was not surprised. I went back to the Burger King and asked for a replacement along with another complimentary sandwich for the inconvenience of my leaving and having to come back. The person working the drive through said she was the manager and proceeded to try and have a conversation with me about the initial order. She said she confirmed the order. I went on to tell her that if she would simply look at the receipt, she would she that it says lettuce and tomatoe only was written on the receipt. She was very rude and very seemed to be showing off for her other employees by shaking her head and body. I told her she could not possibly be the manager on duty with an attitude such as hers and if so it was a sad day for Burger King. She said rudely, 'well I am and I just got here, I transferred from a Richmond store.' This is a good thing for the Richmond customers. I am a manager myself for a company and I feel sad that these untrained, unskilled people are in charge setting a horrible example for kids and making innocent customers feel humiliated. That girl has no business working in any customer service environment in any capacity.

  • St
    Steenetrick Feb 10, 2011

    sometimes its possible for managers to become jaded and apathetic towards legitimate complaints, as people will often try and scam their way into getting free food through fake complaints. Your arrogant demand of a free burger probably set her off.

    But then you had a receipt proving they [censor]ed up, so yeah. Shudda stayed in her drive-thru lane and argued for as long as possible to [censor] up her timers.

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green portion in burger

I purchased a whopper (buy one get one w/coupon) at 15:43 hrs / 3:43 p.m. on January 4, 2008. at the Burger...

in store management

My chief complaint is about the way the employees are treated at this particular store. One of the manager...

hair in fries, unresolved issues

First had sandwhich made incorrectly, mistakes happen, no big deal, took back to counter first manager helpful, "I'm sorry, we will get it right!" Went back too my seat began eating french fries and found a HUGE LONG hair, went bak to counter, manager said something o the back in Spanish. Met owner BRUCE offered NO APOLOGY for mistakes at visit but was able to speak about how great he was as an owner. I dropped the Hardings name as a previous employer (Many years ago I worked at BK)and he spoke of the Hardings as they were ebst friends. It has been my experience that the hardings would have never allowed HAIR in their fries and if it happened they would have apologized and offered to make it "right"---all I wanted was validation! This guy was a jerk and a fool--his ego got in the way of good service! It's too bad!

bad customer service!

Every time we go to this Burger King it never fails, missing items from our order, wrong items. I order a large coffee,and it is only half full. The food is always cool,not even warm, the french toast sticks that should have syrup in the little hole in the box is never placed in the box!!! Living in a small town with only one other place to grab a quick meal it gets very frustrating when you know driving up to the window every part of the simple order is gonna be screwed up!!! I hate that Burger King!!!

  • Na
    Nana61 Dec 08, 2007


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  • Sh
    Shelby Yarina Jan 28, 2008

    I went thru the Burger King drive thru and ordered a sandwich that wasn't on the menu. The guy who was taking my order laughed at me which I thought was very rude. He could of told me there is no such sandwich. I told him he was ignorant and drove off. I called that particular store to complain. I asked for the manager and he got on the phone. I told him what happened and he said that that was him who waited on me. He said he did chuckle and they don't make that kind of sandwich. I just cant believe that a manager would act like that. He should learn more about customer service.

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  • Sh
    Shirley Morrissette Feb 18, 2008

    I am contacting you from Jacksonville, FL. I am a frequent customer of your Burger King restaurant located on Old St. Augustine Road, 32257 zip code. I encountered a situation this morning in my purchase of my almost daily senior citizen coffee. Two days ago when I bought coffee I was informed that there had been a price increase. The total amount I was charged was 59 cents total which was a 5 cent increase from before. This morning I was charged 64 cents total by the same cashier that served me two days ago. I inquired about the additional price difference, but could not get a clear answer. I asked had there been an increased in the last two days, and I was just told that now it is 64 cents. I asked for a manager to clarify what the actual price was and I was ignored. The manager never came out to address me or my issue. This is bad customer service. It is also bad business when a cashier is given the leverage to charge for items on your menu as they please and change the price according to their computing mistakes. I still do not know what the standard price for senior citizen coffee is, and I feel you should be made aware of the lack of customer care shown in this incident.

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  • Ze
    ZerokiWolf Oct 29, 2008

    Both of you go home and cook then, it's not that ###ing difficult.

    0 Votes

commercial content bad for kids

I believe that the new commercials that contain the idea to 'off the king' are awful. They convey...


Aaaargh! just went to the king in milwaukie oregon on McLaughlin Blvd. ordered the loaded steak house burger... its great when you actually get it. For the sixth time in a row, was given the wrong burger. Furthermore, the young woman at the window was using obscenity's to the manager about customers. They then asked me to pull around to the parking lot to wait... i was the only person in the drive thru!!! This is more difficult than it sounds as you exit onto a four lane highway, then have to cross traffic again. When I asked "are you serious?" the young woman rudely replied "YES!" in my defense, i was very nice to the woman and still cant figure out what her problem was! My action is to tell every friend i have to stay away from that location.

  • Sh
    Shintaro Jan 11, 2008

    I'm done with Burger King. As everybody knows, they started doing their 24hr drivethru while back.

    They are not pulling it off.

    When I use their drivethru in the morning, noon, it's great. No matter the location, I receive a great, speedy service.

    Their night shift people(on two different location) are borderline (excuse me)###s, and/or they don't speak english. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of people with limited english who does more than great. It's just that ones I 've seen working in Tigard(schollsferry&99w) at night are dumb as a rock.

    I would call that "1-800" number on the back of the receipt and complain about what happend with my order this time, but the guy didn't give me a receipt either. Smart.

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appalled with the service

Today I went to a Burger King located in Florida, Nobhill Rd and Oakland park blvd. to be exact. I was appalled with the type of service I received. As I passed through the drive thru I noticed I had been charged for a happy meal in which I did not receive. I told the cashier whom promptly alerted her store manager Liu John. The manager told me if I wanted another happy meal I would have to pay for it. I tried to explain to him as quickly as I could that I had not received my happy meal which I already paid for. He rudely asked me to get out of his drive thru and threatened to call the police, he also asked the cashier to write down my license plate number. All of this could have been avoided had he listened to what I was trying to say. I was terribly inconvenienced and so were all of the other customers waiting behind me.

  • Ma
    Margaret Stringfield May 28, 2008

    Yesterday my husband and I visted Burger King #3181 in Aiken, SC at 1:29 PM. I was totally apalled at the service we received. While taking our order the cashier was constantly smacking bubble gum, poping it loudly, and blowing bubbles. This was offensive and unbelievable.

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  • Ho
    Horstman Jul 17, 2009

    I also recently had a bad experience at a Burger King in Hagerstown, MD. The order was taken in a timely manner but I waited 20 minutes for my food. Some in my group of five had to wait even longer The worker and manager spent an inordinate amount of time flirting with each other. We could see our sandwiches sitting there, but no one would fill the orders. There was not a huge line when we went into the restaurant but while we were eating I counted 20 people waiting in line. Unbelievable...and I like Burger king .

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  • Br
    Brenda Joyce Sheehan Apr 18, 2011

    This past saturday I went to the Burger King located in Willamantic Ct. I totally lost my appetite when I saw one of the girls working behind the counter wearing her pants half way down her butt, not only was it offensive but totally disgusting !! I will NOT be eating there or any Burger King if this is an acceptable practice for Burger King

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  • St
    Steenetrick Apr 19, 2011

    Brenda Sheehan - don't be ridiculous, even you know you'll be back within a month, especially with a complaint as ludicrous as that.

    0 Votes
  • zastrow Apr 29, 2011

    Well, of course you did not receive a Happy Meal. You were at a Burger King. Happy Meals are sold at McDonalds. Keep trying. You'll get it right someday.

    0 Votes

food quality, service, workers...

I was in Burger King today Sept. 3 07. I was hungry so I was apparently out of my mind. I ordered two cheap...

burger king employee & screams & at customer!

Burger king: cut off rd, coushatta, la 71019

On [protected]:14pm we stopped at the burger king in coushatta, la at the drive thru to try burger kings new oreo sundae shakes, and as soon as we ordered the 3 sundae shakes the burger king employee yelled at us "we don"t sell sundaes!!"

I then said to her, we would like 3 of the oreo sundae shakes, the one on all the posters hanging in the store and on the windows.

She then"screams"at us,"I just told you""we don't have sundaes!!!"we can also hear someone laughing in the background, she refused to give me her name so I then asked for the managers name, she would not give us the managers name, all she said was how many shakes do"you" want?.

We decided to just drive away because anyone that will treat you like that, will also spit in your food or drinks before they give it to you...

I called burger kings consumer relations number [protected] and told them what happened, they said someone from the burger king in coushatta would be calling me... No call, nothing...

So I called the the burger king in coushatta, la, talked to the manager and they said the night manager would be calling me, that was 5 days ago and still no call, nothing...

  • Jo
    josh5674 Aug 14, 2009

    Freakin' whaaa!!! You probably don't need the Oreo milkshakes in the first place.
    Post you complaints where someone cares.

    0 Votes
  • Pa
    panda baby Sep 11, 2009

    That is ridiculous! No one should yell at a customer, I work at a Wendys and I have always treated guests/customers with respect even if im having a really bad day I try to smile at others, that back cash operartor who you should NOT be with a job like that or be more understanding! If you ever come to FL come to Wendys 306 West Granada Blvd, we will be alot nicer to you :D

    0 Votes
  • Uh
    uhhino Sep 21, 2009

    i usually get annoyed when i read complaints
    but i have noticed this like this too at fast you
    you did not deserve this
    they are getting paid to make you your food
    you're not asking for someithng they don't have


    0 Votes
  • Si
    sintyu Jan 18, 2010

    Well I live in Coushatta amd i'm 15 years of age, and you are probally right, because they do like 2 get attitudes with people, but u jus gotta put them in they place, and I dont 2 much like 2 eat from there because they dont use gloves nor was they hands in then go back to cooking, and ive witnessed that for myself.It has been said before that they spit in people food, who holla at them.SO I WOULD STAY FROM BURGER KING IN COUSHATTA IF I WERE OUT OF TOWN PEOPLE.

    0 Votes

twisted meaning slogan

Burger King Corporation
5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL 33126

Burger King continues to make its own definition of what have it your way means. Yes you read that right. Since the 1970's you could order your whopper with extra mayonnaise cut in half. Due to internal reasons not really know it seems the company changed its policy based on my first inquiry because of an employee injury. Their insurance companies threaten increased insurance cost if the practice of cutting was not stopped. There solution was to offer a knife to customers to cut there own. I suggested they try to find a piece of equipment which could cut it safely. Making it an employee and customer win situation. I guess they forgot who holds them in business. After two years from my direct complaint. They continued the practice and advertising. After my second inquiry thru the Better Business Bureau why they continue to advertise 'Have it your way' and they had made no changes to meet their advertising slogan. Their written response to me was. 'Have it your way' means the addition or deletion of condiments on their products. Of course we knew that is what 'Have it your way' means, Right? To further insult me they included a free Whooper card redeemable at any Burger King with the words on the bottom of the card. 'Have It your Way'. I say to Burger King either give it to us our way as it has been the tradition of Burger King for years or stop using the slogan with a twisted meaning to suite your needs.

  • Ad
    adam Aug 15, 2007

    Is this really all you have to complain about? Get over yourself. There are far better uses of your time.

    0 Votes
  • Fr
    Frieda Naber Jul 11, 2008

    My son is an employee of a BK in Omaha, Ne. He has had his own store for a year and a half. The BK corporation has purchased all BK's in Omaha. They told my son this coming Wed 7-16-08 will be his last day. 8 yrs. ago he had a felony for drug use. He has been a changed man and has done BK good. Hard working, trustworthy but I guess they don't believe in giving him a chance. I hope burger king and their small mind set will see this and think about giving someone a chance on his good work record...

    0 Votes
  • Ro
    Robert Evans Jul 11, 2008

    Bowtie :

    Cut you're sandwich in half? Are you serious? Get a life.

    0 Votes
  • Ro
    Robert Evans Jul 11, 2008


    Are you sure this is why they're letting him go? Check your facts and then if your son can, have him sue for discrimination.

    Not saying your son is a bad guy anymore, but unless you go to work with him and sit there with him, you don't know how good his work really is, other than what he tells you.

    BK has rules and regs. My question is, did he franchise the BK he was working in? He was the owner? How can they let the owner go? They have to buy him out. Your story is a little "fish sandwichy".

    0 Votes
  • Cw
    C. Whitehead Oct 14, 2008

    We live in Port Charlotte FL. There are 2 Burger Kings that are franchise owned by someone named Mohamed, one on Kings Hwy and one in North Port which is the next town over. My kids wanted to change out there UNOPENED toys for a different one that they got from a different Burger King, first we stopped at the one in North Port as we were passing by that one and one of the assistant managers gave us a hard time about changing the toys they said we had to talk to the owner Mohamed because they didn't have that toy at that particular time, well my kids pick to eat Burger King when they see a certain toy advertise that they want and when I take them they don't always have the toy they wanted so they keep them unopened so they can trade them out when we get the opportunity to. McDonalds has never given us a hard time about changing an unopened toy, yet these two Burger Kings have. I went to the one on Kings Hwy today after work to change them out and Mohammed was there himself he would not do it, what happened to pleasing the customer especially the kids. My daughter left from the one in North Port upset. It's only toys how can you upset kids like that, they are the reason we go there to begin with. In the future I WILL NOT VISIT THESE BURGER KINGS AND WILL TELL AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN NOT TO VISIT THESE BURGER KINGS. In a time like this when the economy isn't so good its clear to see that McDonalds and Wendys will be the better choice.

    0 Votes

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