Burger Kingservice located on north street in hyannis, ma

B Nov 14, 2017

First of all we love Burger King. I realize every store can have the occasional problem but this is my story. After waiting literally 35 minutes for my order the chicken parm sandwich (my favorite) it had no sauce but I didn't dare complain for fear I would never see it again. As we were waiting we noticed there was only one person on the grill and he was cooking ONE, yes ONE order at a time. The young lady taking orders did not speak nor did she seem to understand English, she just kept smiling which was really starting to tick people off. I felt bad for these kids - the customers waiting were getting hostile. This is by far the worst service of any fast food restaurant we have every been to. It looked like bad training - I am sure these young people were having a really bad day too. Just thought you should know.
Barbara Burke (ps I still love burger king)

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