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overcharged and treated rudely

I was charged $4.08 for a sausage biscuit and a medium soft drink at Burger King on Matlock Road in Arlington, TX. I indicated to the cashier that this was incorrect--and I pointed out that the prices on the menu validated my point, and that I had NOT ordered the full meal. He simply said he hadn't charged me for the full meal and that the price was correct. There are PLENTY of places in Arlington, TX, I can grab a quick breakfast and not be ripped off. I WON'T BE BACK. It was not a huge overcharge...but I felt that the cashier should know the prices of the products, should have known the charge was incorrect, and should not have treated me rudely. Like I said: I WON'T BE BACK, and I'm telling everyone I know that I was treated rudely and ripped off. I guess they must think that if they rip enough people off for a dollar or two, by the end of the day they'll pretty well for themselves.

  • Dr
    Drue Martineau Jun 28, 2009

    You are absolutely right about the overcharging. I wanted a croissant with egg, but was charged for a croissant with egg and cheese. When I bought this to her attention that I was charged too much I was told, that this was the way they did it. I said it was cheaper to charge me for a croissant and add egg which it was. She told me that they were not suppose to charge me for the croissant and egg, but for the croissant with egg and cheese which is more.

    I stay in line and got the item for the cheaper price. when I told my husband about it, he wanted to talk to the manager of Burger King at Moog and US 19 in Holiday, Fl. to find why the difference in prices. She did not want to come out and discuss this with him, she sent someone else out. It was the manager that had tried to overcharge my wife and she did not want to be confronted. At the time of the economic crisis you would think that you would try to hold on to your customers. It's not the difference in price that bothers me, it's just the fact of being overcharged. This is one person who will not be going back to Burger King.

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  • Jo
    Joshua Dexter Aug 20, 2009

    I just stick to the value menu.
    Im going to BK right now to pick up some cheesy hash browns and some of there new double crispy things...
    god im hungry.
    Ill be headed to the same BK on Moog and 19 since its the closest.
    I hope there still open (its 12:20am)

    Ill let yall know how it goes!

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  • Jo
    Joshua Dexter Aug 20, 2009

    2 double crispys - $2.00
    2 six piece Cheesy tots - $2.98 ($1.49 ea.)

    total - $4.68??? (as lady said) should be about $5.32 plus tax.
    cash -$5
    change - $0.40...(handed back 1 quarter, 1 dime, 1 nickel)

    ok...so I got undercharged...with no reciepe either...

    I WILL be going back!!!

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  • Ch
    chay75 Oct 28, 2010

    It does cost more to order separately especially with a lg drink. Combo meals are always cheaper. That is why they are called value meals. It is the same practice at every restaurant. And it is the same price for an egg sausage croissant as an sec croissant. The cashier was right.

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  • Ja
    jaygo1975 May 08, 2011

    Just got overcharged big time at the burgerking store in Wheaton 2191 w Roosevelt rd in illinois. I ordered 2 single bacon cheese (single stacker) 1 med fry and lg Dr.pepper...$8.21!!! This should have been 5.88!! I was on my way home from a funeral and didn't question it at the window, thought about it after I got home and looked at the receipt and said wtf? I spend 45-50 week at burgerking cause I don't grocery shop and I don't much like the other fast food burger joints here. I'm taking my $2600 year business else where, I simply wont put up with being ripped off in an economic time such as this. The gov is stealing from us, the banks are stealing from us, now the food joints are gonna steal from us, after they've already over charged us for the slop to begin with. I mean this same meal was 3.37 just 2 years ago people!! Remember 2 burgers 2 fries 2 bucks? These deals aren't deals at all, they're jacked up big time before the fact then steal on top of it too. Piss on you BurgerKing, Ronald, Wendy or Jack will take my hard earned cash just as easily as you will, I'll not be going back unless there are some form of reparations.

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waitress yelled 3 times

My husband stop for breakfast and went up to the counter and was looking over the menu. The waitress actually yelled at him can i help you, my husband didn't answer right away because he was looking over the menu and she yelled it for the 3 rd time. He ask her if she could not yell and just wait until he could decided what to order. She coment back that i have asked you 3 times what you wanted. My husband said fine i don't want anything. She told him he didn't have to act that way. He called up to the manager so she or he would talk to this person about the way she treated the people. The manager remark was what do you want me to do about it. My husband said at least talk to this person and they told him there was no need to talk to them, they weren't going to fire them either. All he wanted was some time and some better service. I feel you need to be aware of this because this is not the first time the service here has been bad. I have worked in retail and you never treat your customers like that.

  • Pa
    Pam Stull May 01, 2007

    All the husband needed to do was respond to the question "can I help you?" with "I'll need a couple of minutes to decide what I would like". There is no good excuse for him not answering her question unless perhaps he didn't hear her. (hence her raising her voice each time she made the inquiry) Common courtesy works both ways.

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  • Ad
    Adela Herris May 01, 2007

    I completely agree with the first comment! I don't understand people who are rude to others and then expect courtesy back. Yeah, it's her job to be nice, but she may not have realized that your husband had heard her, and (your husband) was just being rude by ignoring her. It's common courtesy to respond to someone who asks you a question, not to act like you're better than them because they work in fast food.

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Ray Aug 02, 2009

    who cares quit being a baby

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I get breakfast biscuits 3-5 days a week at our local 24 hour BK. This morning the manager on duty wasn't the regular one (may have been the store manager). I ordered my usual, and when she gave me my total it was double what I usually pay. I told her this and she responded that the ones I usually get are just sausage biscuits (not the egg & cheese ones I usually get). I told her how often I ordered and that 75 cents was what I was always charged. She walked off, not even saying anything. After a few minutes, she comes back and charges me $3 and change (the correct price). She tells me again about the price and the eggs, but gave them to me anyway.

So, I am traveling down the road to work, and decide to eat one. I open it up, and bite into it, and it is so stale that it is hard as a rock. The vindictive woman must have looked around for stale ones or even worse dug them out of the trash. There is no way that anyone could possibly call this a mistake. Clearly it was done because I challenged her. I don't know if it was psychosomatic, but I had a bit of a stomachache all morning.

Incidentally, my wife has had problems with his same woman before and prices. There was a special in the drive through. The woman over-charged and when my wife called her on it, she argued with her after my wife pointed out sign in the dining room area advertising the same price. The woman gave her the correct price, but screwed up the order, on purpose I imagine. My wife called into the BK main hotline and registered a complaint, but it didn't make any difference since this woman is still working there.

  • Na
    Natalie Gaupp Oct 17, 2006

    I was grossly overcharged at a Burger King on Matlock Road in Arlington, TX. And then treated rudely just like you were. Is this the new Burger King policy for loyal customers who patronize frequently? I know one thing's for sure: I WILL NOT BE BACK, AND I AM TELLING FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO AVOID THEM. There are PLENTY of other fine places to go. I was treated like royalty at a local competitor recently. I don't have to go to BK, AND I WON'T.

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  • Ce
    cecil redmon Jul 19, 2007

    I was recently went to a BK in Louisville, Ky. the Dixie Highway Location... when I placed my order like I had done in the past several times before. I get the same thing almost everytime. This time the total was different. I ask why my total amount was so much, the manager said they were charging for small waters now. In the past I usually get my meal and 2 small waters at no charge to go. This time she wanted to charge. 41 cents each. I ask why so much... I would have given a dime or maybe even a quarter... I know they have to pay for the cups sometimes. But I thought this was a little excessive, so I ask why. The manager said it was a new store policy.So I have a question... is this a scam or what... is this store manager trying to make up some loss's? I sure don't think it's fair to charge such an excessive fee. If there trying to loose my business... they've succeeded at this store anyway. I planned on reporting them to the management of BK, but guess what... they have no complaints dept. that I can find on their website and no email address that I can send them a complaint to either.. Is this deliberate on there part. I don't think they give a damn anyway but they should know whats going on at this store anyway. So if anyone has the address for the complaints dept or wants to forward this to them... I'd appreciate it.

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  • An
    andy giacobbi Oct 21, 2008

    I am going in circles and no one gives a crap because the king is too powerful. I don't know if I am commenting on myself or someone or someting else. I can't find the right site to complain.
    The blacks that run store #0654 are overcharging costomers for there meals. Don't know if it is just white people they are overcharging or if they are just that stupid or have a beef with white people but I ordered a double chees burger meal medium at $5.59 and was charged $6.37 plus tax for a total of 6.75.
    oct.20.2008 at 17:18. Ticket # 78.
    I will never go back to that rip off store.

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how disgusting!

I am not a complainer, but this year I have gotten nothing but saturated sandwiches with mayo or catsup. I...

orderered vegetrarina burger at manchester airport, but served with chicker burger

I was waiting at the Manchester Airport on 13th June 2006 around 18:40 hours for my return flight to Bangkok...

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