Burger King / quality of food

My name is Reneta Elder and I visited the Burger King located on Gaines School Road, Athens, Georgia this morning between 7:05 and 7:10 this morning. I ordered the #1 meal with a coffee and three French toast sticks for my daughter. I asked for six sugars, grape jelly, two creams, ketchup, and syrup. I received 2 creams, no sugar, no jelly, no syrup, and no ketchup. In addition, I work as teacher, one mile from the Burger King. When I arrived to work, the hash browns were cold and extremely hard and the sandwich was cold. I attempted to call them, but they did not answer the phone~actually the phone did not ring, but would hang up after a few seconds. I am very disappointed in the quality of food. I was the only person waiting on food; therefore, everything should have been fresh. I want my money back today.

Someone may call me at [protected].
Email: [protected]

Best regards,

Reneta Elder

PS They have a rating of an 82. Maybe someone needs to visit this location to determine why their score is so low.

Nov 15, 2017

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