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I was recently went to a BK in Louisville, Ky. the Dixie Highway Location... when I placed my order like I...

disrespecting rude employee and management!

I tried placing 2 orders at drive thru, Employee adv 1 order per car. Got very rude advs her i was coming in to place the orders, complained to management on her customer service and she wanted to ger into a physical using profanity customer seeing the behavior left store, and also she made threats to me in person.

  • Ms
    Ms. Cordon Oct 14, 2007

    I went to Burger King late last night to grab some food with some friends for their kids and because of a rude comment that was said to an employee after poor customer service, we threw the meals that we brought away soon after we paid. Im not too sure what this employees title was but she brought a bad name to Burger King that night. This employee felt disrespected but instead of handling the situation in a well-mannered way, she said " Y'all might wanna watch what y'all call people when they are the ones making y'all food." Now , there was no need for that comment!!!!! Yes we thought it and told our friend to watch what she say and sure enough we were proved right. It was really upsetting to see how low a "professional" employee would scoop and degrade a company they work for. As a former employee of a fast-food restaurant and a well-educated psych. major I do understand the pain that is felt at times when dealing with all types of individuals and I do feel that we are well prepared for those encounters through the trainings.

    a concerned customer.

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  • Ta
    Tammy Majewski Sep 04, 2011

    My sons girlfriend went to the Burger King in Villa Ridge, Mo to apply for a job, she told the counter person she had a 2 month old little girl and needed to get a job. The counter person proceeded to tell my sons girlfriend that she would be wasting her time because they would not hire her because she might steal from the company to feed her kid. That was rude, unacceptable, unprofessional and completely un-called for. This is a form of discrimination against teenage mothers and serious stereotyping. My sons girlfriend began to fill out the application then decided to forget it and walked out, and decided to never eat at that facility again.

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never have icee's

Every time I go into our Burger King here in Sedro Woolley, WA they never have Icee's I think it's time for corporate to buy them a new machine because it's getting irritating to go there and not get what I want. Have it your way my foot. I can't seem to get it anyway.

unfair charging

Recently we ordered breakfast at Burger King at 7133 Dempster in Niles, Illinois or the corner of Harlem and Dempster. To our surpris, the mexican-woman there charged us $1.19 plus tax on an orange juice that's part of the dollar-breakfast-menus. When we complained and asked for the manager, the manager told us it only says on the advertised-menu that those breakfast items "starts at one dollar" but they're not actually the dollar items! But it clearly states there that 10 items start at a dollar each and that includes the orange juice that we ordered and they're showing clearly on the picture they advertised.

Also of all the burger king stores we have visited, this one is specially hostile to the minorities that come there which is ironic since they themselves belong to the minorities being of mexican decent.

It's unfair for them charging us $1.19 when it shows that this item only cost $1.00.

Thank you so much for your time,
Benny Martin
Country Club Hills, Illinois.

  • He
    Heidi Cobarrubias Aug 28, 2007

    You're mad cause of a few cents? Poor people around the world make those few cents for a whole day. Poor your own orange juice.

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  • Th
    Thari Gand Sep 19, 2007

    next time in piss in ur juice..

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worst service I ever dealt with!

Service at this burger King near my house is the worst I've ever dealt with. They always have a ton of...

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poor costumer service

We own a locally owned business in Hamlet, NC and eat from the local Burger King on a regular basis. I am not sure if the management has recently changed but all of a sudden I must sit and wait on my order (placed at drive thru; this is why we stopped attending the local Hardee's) Today my order was 3-8 pc. chicken nuggets and 2 salads, 2 frozen drinks. I was waited on promptly at the drive thru, I paid, received my frozen drinks, and was ask to drive up and wait... 15 min. later, the drinks are melting... anyway I finally received my order but no receipt was ever given to me (makes me think it may have been on purpose so not to know who was on at this time? Today is Monday, May 14, 2007 time was approx. 1:30 PM) I do hope the next visit is a better experience, as this is the 3rd wait this month. I do hate to stop going to Burger King as we like the food, but we are a small company and time is important to us. Thank you, C. Parnell

victims of false advertisement!

On April 22,2007 my girlfriend and I went through a drive- through at a Burger King located in...

for breakfast they never have biscuits!

I frequent this Burger King location on Union Ave in Haskell, NJ very often. Unfortunately, the food is mediocre at best, but its convenient so I reluctantly continue to go there. My complaint is that 7 out of 10 times I visit this location for breakfast they NEVER have biscuits. This has been an ongoing problem for months that no seems to be addressing. The manager simply offers a substitution and the excuse is always that they are in the process of cooking. If they can't supply the items on the menu, then maybe Burger King should take them off instead of baiting and switching.

Burger King Union Ave, Haskell, NJ

rude service and horrible food

I usually don't write these letters cause nothing ever gets done about it..but today this really pissed me off...

I was at Buger King Drive thru
Castor and Aramingo
WEd March 28th at 13:45:29 2007
#16 - Server # 5

Not only did I wait in the drive thru line for 10 minutes for a salad , but when I got to the window, the Lady was soooo freaking rude, No Hi, No Thank you, No nothing!!! Nothing like getting your food though at you from a drive thru window... Not only was she rude, but she was also dirty... Does no-one see this. A manager? No One? How could you let someone soooo rude and dirty work there and treat customers like crap? If they don't want to work in fast food, then they should not be hired... So I get back to the office and open up the bag with my salad in... and guess what... the lettuce was slimy and turning brown. Got a bag with the grilled chicken... no lie... 3 freaking pcs... and they charge 5.45 for this... I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE GO TO ANY BURGER KING AS LONG AS I LIVE AND WILL SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE CASTOR AND ARAMINGO BRANCH... Your managers should see this and correct the problem, or maybe the managers are the ones you should take a second look at...

Very pissed ex-customer!!!

lewd commercial

The Burger King Ballet was a fantastic idea until they came to the end, when a ballerina reaches into a man...

no one knew how to do a gift card!

Today, February 6, 2007, I went to Burger King located in Greenfield, MA 01301, I wanted to purchase a gift card for a friends birthday. I went inside the restaurant and asked for a gift card. The cashier did not know how to do a gift card, she proceeded to ask another employee and they too did not know how to do a gift card. She then asked the manager for help and to my shock the Manager DID NOT know how to do a gift card either! Not a single person in the restaurant knew how to sell a gift card. I feeling that this is pretty shocking I can understand an employee not knowing how to do it but for a manager not know how to do it is ridiculous!

very offensive commercial against women!

The commercial for this item on the menu is very offensive to women. As a female i feel as though it is not fair to say that by eating this burger it will make you more of a man. I get the impression that it is saying that only a man could possibly eat this burger.Well I can challenge that theory, I can eat the whole burger plus a medium drink and fries. Also this commercial makes the assumption that all women eat small servings of basically nothing, which is not true. Women can do just about everything men can do.

  • Wb
    W. Bailey Feb 01, 2007

    Get real! That commercial is not at all offensive to women! It is simply stating that in usual statistics, men do tend to eat more than women! That's a proven fact. If you can down the burger, the fries and the drink, more power to you, but you really shouldn't be reading that much into a BK Commercial!

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  • Good for you, its good you are expressing how you feel. Good for you.

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  • Ki
    Kim Noirot Jun 04, 2007

    Remember the goal of advertisements is to reach a certain market. Think of all the salad ads or ads promoting healthier food choices. Those ads usually feature women and children because that is who the target market is. But put out a wimpy salad ad for guys and it is like ho hum... where's the remote? So to get the attention of those macho guys who think they are are more carnivorous than a pride of lions... they put out a big juicy burger ad.

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  • Jo
    John topio Jul 09, 2007

    Too much made about an uninteresting commercial.

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  • Ad
    Adrienne PAndy is RETARDED Jul 20, 2007

    Adrienne Pandy omg! It is a commercial!


    What about commercials for TAMPONS! Am I supposed to feel offended as a man because this ad is trying to sell me a product for a p***y I don't have?!?!

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  • Ke
    Kerri Simson Jul 20, 2007

    Some people have too much time on their hands, and not anything worth living for. Why not get involved in something like volunteering in a school, helping deliver meals to elderly, etc. If you are this obsessed with an ad, there is something missing in you. I opened the site, because I was intrigued. I am trying to help scanned senior citizens recoup money they were conned out of by Royal Holiday Club.

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the way customer service should not be handled

To Whom it may concern,

After four visits to the drive through at the Burger King in Colorado Springs on Powers, I had enough of my order missing things or not receiving everything I had ordered and payed for. I contacted the manger on duty when I arrived home on Dec. 31,2006. His name was Dan. I explained what had happened with my orders that week and how upset I was that yet again I arrived home to find another drive through order missing items that I had payed for. Dan's response was to compensate may next entire order at the Powers Burger King. This afternoon I returned to the Powers Burger King to receive my compensated meal. When I went into the store I was greated by an older tall black manger named Smoky, I told him the situation that had occurred and ordered . Smoky was displeased about the compensation and replied by quoting a Mel Gibson movie with Joe Pesci were Joe Pesci had commented that ,"They screw you in the drive through!" Smoky said,"We'll you know what Joe Pesci said about the drive through and that when I return to this particular Burger King drive through I should check my order before leaving." Smoky also made comments to the other employees about people being on his list and they should remind him to talk to Dan about compensating the entire order,which Smoky was not happy about doing. This was not only embarrassing but degrading as well. This is not the way customer service should be handled. I will not be returning to this Burger King and am very very upset over the horrible way I was treated! I've been in the restaurant business for 14 years and would have been terminated if I spoke to a customer this way. I did not take his references in a joking manner, nor were they given in a joking manner.

Sincerely a loyal Burger King Customer
Nicole M. Smith

20 minutes to get a to go order prepared correctly!

I went to the BK on Grindstone in Columbia Missouri at 1230 December 13th. I clearly stated I wanted the Triple Whopper Sandwich only, side salad with ranch, Whopper with cheese meal large sized, and a BK big fish sandwich. I clearly stated I wanted it to go. I also clearly stated I wanted the fish in its own bag. When my order came, it was presented to me on a dine in tray. I stated I had ordered it to go. It was then presented to me with two bags. In one bag was the salad alone, in the other bag was my fries, triple whopper and single whopper with a mystery sandwich that was not fish, which was supposed to be in it's own bag. I was told I hadn't ordered fish, so I paid some more money, and waited for my fish, which was then presented to me, then wait while they removed the mystery sandwich and had to get help to open the cash register to give me my money back for the mystery sandwich which I had apparently been charged for. All in all, it took over 20 minutes to get a to go order prepared correctly, and by then the fries and sandwiches were cold.

  • Lo
    lovedit! Aug 12, 2009

    I ordered a Whopper with no onion or tomato, a medium Coke, and a BK Garden salad with grilled chicken, no tomatoes and with Ranch dressing. The girl taking the order was perfectly sweet and competent, and the order was exactly the way I wanted it. The Coke was perfect, the sandwich was piping HOT and Delicious! The salad was amazing! I thought it compared to many sit-down restaurants. The service was extremely fast. It was a PERFECT visit. I had been having "one of those days" and it amazed me how much something so simple as an easy and pleasant fast food venture could pick up my day.

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  • Sa
    Sabster1011 Jul 24, 2011

    You probably confused them with your large order! It happens you know.. :/

    -1 Votes

nasty food and service!

My pregnant daughter and three grandchildren went to store #13761 (Chrystal City, MO) today. She was treated...

even manager thinks it sucks!

My husband and I went to Burger King drive thru and placed an order. The order was a Double Whopper with...

treated unfairly and kicked out!

My girlfriend and I, entered the Burger King in Bath NY on Dec. 1st 2006. We walked in and approached the counter to place our order. After paying for the food, we were walking down to the end of the counter where you wait for your food. When out on nowhere, my ex-fiance's cousin (who works at this burger king) comes right at me screaming. She was Saying..."Do you know what its like to hear my niece crying all the time saying that she wants daddy to come home!!!!" I said i didnt care, and if your cousin wasn't such a whore, we would have never split up. You see My ex-fiance cheated on me with 7 different people. 2 of which were supposedly "friends" of mine. The one man she cheated on me with, was and still is a Bath NY police officer, and he was on duty. I caught them red handed. Now my ex's daughter is not my child. I raised that little girl for almost 4 years when her father didn't want anything to do with her...So she calls me Daddy. So i stated to get upset because this employee also said she wanted to punch me in my face. Meanwhile the manager is tellin me i have to leave and i cant come back. He was sticking up for her. He told me not to use profanity, and i had to leave. But it must be ok for Burger King employees to yell at customers, and threaten bodily injury to a customer. I've had it with the whole town of Bath. Everyone sticks up for the wrong people. I spent almost 5 years taking care of my ex and her daughter, just to get cheated on and beat, and misused for some strange....I want these peoples jobs and want to know how i can do it....I lost my business because of her affair with the cop, but the cop kept his job...is this fair? I don't think so....Now everywhere i go, I get this kind of treatment and I've had enough....I want everyone to pay..I lost everything and everyone else goes on with their lives.......please let me know who i can contact about this unfortunate incident...thank you

  • Jo
    John Turner Nov 19, 2008

    Sorry to hear about your problem with the cop. Who was he anyway? There's a few in this town who have affairs that are married. Question? One day I ordered a burger, and the employee was chewing tobacoo, spitting in the garbage can. How discuting!!! I mentioned it to her, always know her, and her response was, well they won't let me smoke, so I chew. How do they get away with this crap?? I hope you found a new better good woman. I just feel sorry for the little girl who called you daddy. That will probably screw her head up a bit. Good luck, John

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  • Ca
    campbell3170 Mar 31, 2009

    This town sucks! It was probably Officer Hawkins. He has been known to receive sexual favors from girls, if he lets them go. I know at least 2 of these girls. I wonder if his wife knows.LOL. I'm not mentioning any names. I agree, I think people in this town DO stick up for the wrong people. I've lived here since '92, so I know all too well; how the cops around here work and how people the people are hypocrites.

    2 Votes
  • Ca
    campbell3170 Mar 31, 2009

    As for how file a complaint, check online for Burger King's headquarters. Then I think that you should be able to file your complaint there. As for this police officer, I'd call The Police Complaint Center 1 850 894 6819, but that's only if you can prove that he was doing this. I doubt that the girls that I know would want to press charges or anything, cause they are kinda sluts anyway. Good Luck!

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  • Ca
    campbell3170 Mar 31, 2009

    Sorry, but one more thing. If you really want to file a complaint on this officer, don't do it through the BPD. They will not scrutinize they're own. Use the above number to make the complaint.

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  • Po
    pokerguy Oct 13, 2009

    It was officer Hawkins. I caught my ex and him having sex in a hair salon that hawkins wifes friend owns. I contacted his wife, she didnt care..She is as dumb as he is. I found numerous recording on my ex's phone about them getting together. I went to the police chief and they got mad at me..Prolly cuz I did 10 more police work to catch them screwing then they all do in a year. Bottom line, I ran Jokers wild in Bath, for 7 months before the incident. 5 days after the incident, they shut me down. After I donated over $4000, 600 can goods, and over 100 toys to the local toys for tots. I lost everything, and Hawkins gets to go on his marry way without even being written up. Its ridiculous. I do still have the recording from one of the messages...He was on duty when I caught them..I sent it to his wife and she didnt even care..oh well I'm far from that shithole now, but I still cant wait to run into that cop again...I WILL

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  • An
    anominous Jun 07, 2010

    was josh the manager when you went there??? i work there and they are rude and brutal to me. josh the manager always yells in my face then turns around being all gental and nice to other employees. he always says i suck at what i do and it makes me feel emotionaly drained and abused. the company we need to start complaining to is kessler group inc. thanks

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  • Jo
    Johnny A Jul 26, 2010

    I will never go back to this burger king. A lot of the cashiers are rude.

    2 Votes
  • My
    MyOwnMan Jul 27, 2010

    What would you expect from a town like Bath??? It goes without saying a lot of people are doing each other in these types of towns. These places are a Jerry Springer goldmine. Anyway, there are numerous things one could do in this situation depending one what kind of balls you have. Pretty much you just make noise and lots of it. Start with the owner of that particular Burger King franchise. Next go to corporate. Get a lawyer and launch a civil suit. Advertise and see if anyone would be interested in a class action against the PD and the town. If so, find a lawyer that likes taking on these asshats and go for it. Spread your story far and wide and make sure all involved know about it. Call the health department about the tobacco chewing. Send someone in 'undercover' to get video. Contact the local media. If they aren't interested go regional. If that doesn't get you anyplace go bigger.

    I find it interesting that if you owned a business you didn't mention the local chamber. Were you a member? If so, is the Burger King franchise owner a member? If so, did you pursue this with them? Noise, Noise, Noise!!! You can't imagine how often that gets results. Can take a little while, but once the wallet starts hurting people start taking notice. None of this is that hard to do.

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the food was awful!

On Oct. 13, 2006 I stopped in your store #07370 in Decatur, Illinois. Was very unhappy with my visit. Started with the employee having trouble with taking order and register. With this being at 11:34 you would think you would have an experience employee taking orders. While standing waiting for my order to go, I observed employee in back preparing orders using his had with out any gloves on. He was placing hamburger patties and cheese on bun with his hands. I could not believe this. I was in a hurry so when I had time called back and spoke to manager. She was as uncerned as anyone could be. Not be happy I called and talked to district manager. He advised me that they are to use thongs. I know what I seen no thongs being used. Bare Hands. I food which was the original chicken was unpleasant also. Could hardly eat. See bare hands use to prepare food. Bun was so tough could hardly chew. It was as if it had been over mircowaved. I will never eat at a Burger King again. I will be contacting health Dept. today so see what regulation are in effect.


  • Je
    Jeff Dec 04, 2007

    I Agree, everyone should use gloves while preparing foods!!!

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Aug 15, 2009

    I hope to God you messed up and you means TONGS. Thongs would be pretty damn nasty to be using to prepare food.

    0 Votes

making food without wearing gloves

My friend took a trip to shreveport and went to a burger king (on mansfield). As she was placing her order and noticed that the dude on the assembly line didn't have on any gloves. She asked the cashier to tell him to put some gloves on while he made her sandwich, he came around the counter and asked (in an unfriendly manner) who wanted him to put the gloves on. My friend told him that it was her and he straight up told her that he was skippin her and proceeded to take her boyfriend's order. When they said that they were together, he said oh, okay so what ya'll want on the burger? After they told him he told them no he wasn't making em' and if they wanted the burgers, to come back there and make it themselves and that he didn't have to wear any damn gloves if he didn't want to because he washes his hands 3 times a day. Then my friend asked for the manager.she basically said the same thing. That the policy said that the employees didn't have to wear gloves (while fixing food) if they didn't want toas long as they washed their hands 3 a day and that her employee was doing his job correctly and didn't have to wear gloves if he didn't want to.

Now, i've worked in food service and i know that that was a crock of bull. How the hell u gonna make somebody food without wearing gloves? To make it worse, she called headquarters and they told her the same damn thing.


I want to file a complaint. I was charged $4.08 at a Burger King on Matlock Road in Arlington, TX, for a sausage biscuit and a medium diet coke. I tried correcting the cashier by reminding him that I had not ordered a full meal combo, but he said he had NOT charged for me for a meal. There is no way that just a sausage biscuit and a medium diet coke should cost that much. The prices on the menu indicate that it should cost much less. I was overcharged, the cashier insisted he was correct, and I will not go back to that Burger King--or any that is connected with those who own it--EVER AGAIN. And I am making a point of telling EVERYONE I know what happened--'cause it wasn't just being overcharged that bothered me. It was that the cashier, who should know the prices of the menu items VERY WELL, argued the point with me. That's what REALLY got me.
Arlington, TX

  • Ka
    Katie Dec 06, 2007

    My daughter went to Burger King today and asked for a Chicken Sandwich. When she went to eat it. She opened up the Sandwich to make sure it had no lettuce in it and she found it had no lettuce in it alright, but it had also had been partially eaten and you can see the teeth marks where someone had take a bite out of the chicken. That is absolutely disgusting and totally unheatlthy. She called the store and the Manager had the nerve to argue with her and hang up. Samantha explained that she had taken a picture of it. What kind of Manager acts like that. Everyone at the company where she works knows what has happened and I am making sure that I tell everyone I know about this. We have the sandwich with the teeth marks in it.

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  • Br
    Brian Mezzanares Feb 16, 2008

    I went to Burger King on the corner of Division Street and Airline Hwy in Metairie a few months ago. I was in the line in front of the first customer. After I ordered my meal for my mother and I. I saw a man come in to sell some bottles of VODKA to the employees at Burger King. They bought the bottle of VODKA and put it on the coutertop in the back. The manager knew about it and she bought a bottle for herself too. I hope that they caught it on camera so the owner can see for themselves. I was shocked and surprised that these ladies at burger king would buy alcohol from a customer.

    A few weeks later there was a child who was running around behind the counter while their mother was working. It is very dangerous to have a child run around behind the counter where the employees are cooking off of the hot stoves. I was worried about that child because she could get hurt behind the counter around the hot cooking areas. The manager didnt seem mind! A few days later we went to eat again and we had ordered meals for five people. We waited 15 minutes for our order to come they had us pull around in front of the fast food restraunt and finally they brought our food out, about 30 seconds after we left we found something wrong with our order so we went back to get it fixed they had gave us 7 chicken fingers on a 9 piece chicken meal 2 of them were half way gone already like someone had eaten them but there were no teeth marks! so they gave us another meal of chicken fingers! ok we had left for the second time and about 2 minutes after that there was another problem with my childs meal. we ordered a jr cheese whopper with everything on it except for mayonaisse, onions, and tomato and they gave us a burger with nothing on it except for meat and ketchup so we went back to get it fixed and they fixed it and we left for the third time. There was still something wrong with it after we had repeated the order several times. so we went back for the fourth time and we had to go in and watch them for the fourth time to make sure that they got it right.

    Again, we went to burger king and we ordered a kids meal, chicken burger, whopper , and chicken fries with two coke iceys and a root beer. The put the what was supposed to be large coke iceys in a small cup with little lid. and did not put our order of chicken fries in the bag we found out when we got home and looked and then had to go all the way back to get our order straight. This has happen NUMEROUS times we have complained every time and still there has been NO change at ALL!!!!!!!!!!! I EXPECT FOR THIS TO CHANGE, VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am very tired of these people, they are not very well organize, smart, and are not the right people to work there. The manager needs to be replace by a professional manager. I recommend to have a camera installed so it can record what goes on everyday to know what employees doing everyday in front of the customer.

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  • Jo
    JOSH KRATZER Feb 19, 2008

    There is a real simple solution-don't eat at that burger king anymore!!! in fact, you should'nt be eating that crap in the first place!!! it's all processed junk food

    0 Votes

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