Burger King/Heath, Ohio / poor service/ foul manager

My wife and I have been to the Heath, Ohio Burger King there were multiple times and I have found that there is always something going on there like...It seems like they have had multiple times that they had the broiler that they cook the Hamberger on seems to be down a lot.

We have went there and have found a note on the front door that there were (out of Hamberger) now how being a Hamberger business could the manager there let them run out of Hamberger regularly (on multiple occasions. We have been there on multiplale occasions and have found that there were no napkins or silverware in the place to be found and when I asked the help I was told that they didn't have any napkins or silverware and that they ordered the napkins but they didn't come in. Really! Isn't that a important thing in a restaurant business the same as running out of Hamberger?

Most reciently we witnessed a female manager being really foul and cussing a lady out because her and her kids were taking to long to order. The lady customer made a video with her phone and sent it to you and it has been in the local paper and viewed on the evening news. I hope that you take action with the Heath, Ohio store and I hope that you will not allow this kind of abuse of the public by the manager in the video. I like your product BUT I really think that you need to gain control over your FOUL talking manager and poor service.
Respectfully a customer
Mike Anderson

Nov 29, 2017

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