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Thursday, october 13, 2016 - memphis, tn
Sycamore view and macon road
My friend and i went to burger king #9992. My friend ordered the 2 for $10 combo meal, dine-in order. The meal was fine. That is not the complaint.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Memphis, TN
When i got home i was going to complete the survey for being able to get a free whopper and i couldn't complete the survey because there was no code on the bottom of the receipt.
We had two other receipts, one for a hershey pie and the other one for two chocolate cookies. Neither of these receipts had a code on the bottom of them.
I love doing your surveys but it is kind of hard to do when you don't have all the information to complete them.
Thank you.

Oct 13, 2016
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  • Ki
      Jan 07, 2017
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    I have went to Burger king her in Rockford, IL 3 times in the last 2 weeks and i keep getting receipts with no survey number on the bottom. How to i get the free whopper or chicken sandwich without the survey number to enter.

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  • St
      Mar 02, 2017

    I have been to some Burger Kings and have not been able to respond to the sloppy and poor service because Burger King has no place on the Internet to SURVEY with NO CODE..

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  • St
      Mar 02, 2017

    I Visited the Burger King in Merrillville Indiana located inside the Walmart store 1618

    This store is HORRIFIC--! This Burger King needs to increase the restaurant size ! There is always more than 8 people waiting in line. The Manager there DOES NOT know what she is doing. The Black lady there with No name tag(Manager tho), got very stupid and aggravated not only me but the rest of the people waiting in line when she made rude and offensive comments to us--Telling us to Go somewhere else but it wasn't to another Burger place--somewhere Hot, even hotter !
    She lacks the skills to run this place efficiently-She should work at the Post Office instead(that would be more her speed)
    Every time someone requested fries she would barely put anything in the basket in the fryer. I told her as a suggestion to double up on the volume but came back to me with obscene profanity instead.
    I told her to hire me! I could show her how it's done!----also there is NO place to sit in this tiny location. People have to go outdoors..Is the District Manager on Crack?--Where is this person? Why aren't they seeing this problem?
    The rude language and disrespect for the employees working at Walmart is so out of control there too. Many of the employees cannot get something to eat as they are on 15 min breaks and 30 minute lunches. ALL OF THEIR TIME IS EATEN UP WAITING--! I speak for them..but me as a customer--I avoid this place and Many people know no to go..
    Instead---I get in my car drive to MCDONALDS 2 blocks away go thru the drive thru and return back to work next door at Sams Club all with in my very little alloted time for lunch (30 min). I have to eat in my car as I drive back risking a car accident.

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  • Ro
      Jul 15, 2017

    I have a receipt it does not have the survey code number. how do I do the survey with out it. why is this happing

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  • Ro
      Jul 15, 2017

    I love burger king. but how can I do the survey without the code number on the receipt .and why is there no code numbers

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  • So
      Jul 21, 2017

    Well I tried to submit my survey as well and noticed there wasn't a code at the bottom of my receipt either I'm going to tell you about my visit to the Burger King in Havana Florida first of all the air conditioner was either broken or not working the employees didn't apologize because it was extremely hot inside second thing is that sitting at the table in the back there was a spider coming out of the window seal we did move to another table where is my niece noticed a spider crawling up the side of her leg I did look up in the corner in the back part of the Burger King up in the right-hand corner of the store and there was spider webs up in the ceiling and a big spider hole up in the top corner of that Burger King this needs to be addressed because that's unsanitary plus you know with spiders crawling on your legs that is also dangerous..this needs to be looked into as soon as possible...

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  • Ar
      Sep 01, 2017

    I also have no code on 6 different receipts. Perhaps the employees are stealing them, giving themselves good reviews and using the free whopper.

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  • How do you *contact* someone that's capable of *answering the questions, respectively* to alllllll these people wuestions including my very own?...
    * (it almost seems *purposely done)*, like purposely the *reciepts are* ripped of of the cash registers, *intentionally *without the codes in them*, other wise,...
    * (why - do burger king have soooooooooooooo many complaints about not having the
    * (codes)* that're *needed* to *complete* the freaking survey?!!?!??
    * (dear *burger king* pleaseeeeeee stop lieing to your cu stomers, stop taking advantage of *your* g aithful customers that allllll have the same stories and *worse*!
    * (we trusted * (you-burger-king)* & you will lose a lot of customers *if - you* don.'t - stop - lieing about something as simple as * (being given a *code # to do a *survey for you* to let you know how well your stores are doing and nowwwwww we will petition burger king for not suppling * (code #'s that burger king should)*, what are *you* gonna do burger king,..keep lieing about having acsess of the *code numbers being on the bottom of our reciepts to do the survey for a free sandwich,.or, are you going to *man-up* and put the damn code numbers on the bottom of the freaking reciepts * (for reallllll this time)* and stop tricking your customers so you can * (earn - a - bad - name - for - *burger king)*
    Simply because *your new way to get customers is to lie and provide false information about free sandwiches that does not exist because you give nooooooo code numbers in the first place!!!???!?!??
    * (man - up - burger king or start a stupid protest because you won't stop lieing)*!

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  • Br
      Mar 18, 2018

    @DontlikeBURGERKINGForALLYourLies I have done several surveys using the store number thats right after the BURGER KING words right above the stores address. Is this the part thats missing on all of your receipts? Its the store number thats the code. Ask the store for their store number next time. They ask for the time and date and state you purchase your food. Thats the info you need and then it will give you a code number. Heres a code number i just got. I wont be using it if you want to use this Its ( JH23196)

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  • Mr
      Aug 08, 2018

    No, it appears the employees are instructed to rip the receipt right where it says "a whopper for your thoughts" My receipt is ripped right on that statement. the last legible thing on these receipts is the order #...

    I have filled them out in the past like 90% positive, do the stores not get reimbursed for the free whopper?
    Or is the management and staff keeping the codes for themselves and pocketing the money at the end of their shift?

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  • Bc
      Aug 14, 2018

    Same problem here. Receipt has store number, but no survey code. Very frustrating!

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  • Do
      Sep 12, 2018

    Received poor service because the Manager was messing up the orders. He was arguing with an employee who had everything correct. Store # 1957

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  • Ch
      Nov 01, 2018

    Didn't get a receipt. Only got the "expeditor ticket" that was taped to the bag, and of course it has no survey code.

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  • Ak
      Aug 08, 2019

    Restaurant #10620 (Oak Hill, VA). Drive thru order. After I paid, the associate asked me to drive around front and wait for my food there. They often ask customers to do this and honestly it's quite irritating, especially when there's no clear reason for it happening.

    Instead of doing so as usual, I told the associate I would rather stay put as there was no one behind me. He claimed they are timed and this is why they ask customers to drive around front. Why should I care about their numbers or statistics? It hurts the customer experience and it tells me you don't care about the most important part of your operation--the people keeping you in business.

    It's understandable to require something like this if there is a long line, or, I don't know, you're *actually* making something from scratch and it's going to take a while, but I was literally the only customer in or outside the building (10:45 PM) and my food arrived 30 seconds later. It turns out it takes them less time to serve me at the main window than it does for me to drive around to the front, park, and wait for them to walk all the way out to give me my food. No other fast food places in the area do this without very good reason.

    I then had to ask for a receipt, as this location never hands out receipts normally (Why? Can't you even ask?). Naturally, when I went to complete the BK Experience Survey to complain, there was no survey code listed on the receipt.

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  • Tr
      Aug 13, 2019

    Same here; expeditor ticket. No code, Christ, I couldn't even make out the survey's web address. I have never done any receipt survey from any store, but wanted to do this one since I ordered the Impossible Whopper, and while I enjoyed it, I found that they are cooked on the same grill as the beef and chicken, and that if you want vegetarian, you need to ask to have it grilled separately. This shouldn't even be an option, it should be STANDARD. I really wanted to state that in the survey. I have already stated it on BKs Twitter.
    And no survey code, smdh.

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