Burger King / customer service

I pulled up to the intercom to place my order for 3 sausage, egg and cheese crossiants. The lady initially stated she was unable to provide me with my total and I had to drive to the window before knowing my total. I walked inside and the first person I see is the manager (an african American female) on her phone. I asked her my total and she still was on her phone which is highly disrespectful as a manager to a customer. She gave me attitude and continued to be on her phone and gave me back talk when I stated that it's rude to be on your phone coming from a workplace of customer service myself. I will never return to this store and I hope there's a new manager who is willing to work and not be on their phone. Lastly, the receipt was cut off in half to the point where I couldn't get the store info, just the store number which is 15488

Burger King

Nov 18, 2017

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