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Burger King
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I'm over here at burger king in san clemente... Um no not san clemente, i'm sorry, I live in san clemente, I am in laguna niguel that's where i'm at. I am at a drive thru right now. I ordered my food 3 times. They are mopping the floor inside and I understand they are busy... They are not even busy, i've been the only car here. I asked them 4 different times to make me a western barbecue burger. She keeps giving me a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, cheese and onion. I said I am not leaving, I want a western burger. Because I just picked my kids up from taekwondo, they are hungry, i'm on my way home and I live in san clemente. She gave me another hamburger, it's wrong. I said 4 times... She said can you go out and park in front and I said no, I want my hamburger done right. So the lady went up to the manager, she came up and said do you want your money back? I saiud no, I want my hamburger, my kids are hungry and I have to jump on that 12 freeway. I said I am not leaving this spot and I will call the police because I want my burger done righ. Now is that so hard? She did come up and I said, can I please have my western burger. She said i'm not dealing with you and she walked away. Because they are mopping the floor and it's all full of suds and they just don't want to through there.
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N  13th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
I was at the Mt Hermon rd Burger king. I asked three times for my order to be king sized and must have repeated my order 5 times. When I got to the window they asked what my order was I told them. Number 1 they didnot have it king sized and wanted me to pay the difference when I told them I had asked a few times for it to be king sized. I asked for no iced in my coke. They repeated that but still had ice in my coke. They need people that can get orders right at the window. I also was waiting for about 10 minutes for all of this to transpire. I should have still recieved my order king size. It was not my fault that they get things screwed up. I will not be going back any time soon that is for sure. My friends will be made aware of this episode.
N  18th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
The employee at Buger King at 6190 Michigan Ave. Ypsilanti, MI. 78197/ Female, caucasian, black hair, 5.5 tall in her 20's. This employee refused to accept a coupon that the company is offering. But, the problem was the way that she talked to me. She raised her voice. She talked in a rude way. I was never been treated this way. Also, she was whispeering with another employee afroamerican male. she kept saying laughing, "Have a good day", several time after I told her that I will send a report to the company. For sure I will go not be back this restaurant. I will talk to my friends and relatives this ugly experience that I had there. No longer a Customer.
Sunday, January 17, 11:45 AM
A  25th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
I went to Burger king resteurante at Richmond Texas 1750 Crab River road TX.77469 Ph. (281) 343-5200 at 8:30P.M. for an evening meal with my family; however we decide to order the meal to go after walking into the resteurante on seeing people whom seems to look like the family members of the employees standing around distracting and engadging them in little conversations making it difficult for them to concentrate on their jobs. My daughter ordered cheese burger happy meal and my son ordered a fish burger meal, barely getting our orders through the cashier and manager whom seems determined not to loose the young girls the were flirting with. I was not offended because of the food the were freely giving to their friends but it was rediculous to notice that when my family and I got home to eat we were missing couple of Fries. When I called back to the restuerant to complain to the manager he subjected me to barrage of questions; for instance inquire if I still have my reciept and what time of the day was my purchase? I informed him that we had just left the resteurante less than 10 minutes ago and surely the were not busy enough for him not remenber the transactions that took place couple of minutes ago. I advice him treat the place like a resteurant rather than a loittering place. He muttered some abusive jibbrish and hung the up the phone. I called back, this time around they(the Manager) just picked up the phone knowing apparently that it was I calling back without saying a word they hung the phone up again.

I would like to emphasize that their are lots of people out there looking for w0rk, and I mean any kind of job to serve meals on their family tables and these are people like myself and other decent citizens. Moreover, with the recent economy, we learn everyday about businesses shutting down due to shortage of petronizing customers. I will not hesitate to add that Burger King is contributing by hiring Hoodloms and Twarts while living them unsupervised in dealing with the public in food service business affairs, and if Burger King is not ready to make changes they should gracefully get out fast food business rather than making a mockery of themslves. I for one knows that I will never eat at another Burger king even if it is the only eating place on the surface of the earth and those food items that I paid for and never recieved is my last contribution to their welfair or Downfall!
N  31st of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
I was rudely treated by the staff or what I guess they call staff at the Burger King on Grant and Craycroft in Tucson AZ. I was yelled at through the drive thru window to "PULL AWAY ALREADY" and "WHAT ARE YOU WAITTING FOR"!!! I called to let the manager know and when she finished laughing she told me that she thought I was over reacting and I could call corporate but it meant nothing.
I will not return and either will family or friends. I plan on posting something in our local news paper. Treating paying customers like this is unacceptable.
N  10th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
I bought lunch at the Burger King In Willcox Ariz. exit 340 I have eaten there in the past as well and I have found the service dismal at best and ###ed at its worst they make you repeat your order 4 to 5 time they screw it up anyway then ask you to drive around back to get your food brought out the back door cause they take to long to get it to you they need you off the drive thru timer yesterday I ordered a whopper with cheese mustard and onions only they asked me to repeat this 3 times to be sure they got it right
Then when I got my meal and went back to work with it only to find they had given me a regular whopper with everything on it most of the time I just take off all the crap I didn't want on my burger and eat it anyway but today I was tired of people who can't get simple things right so I went back to Burger King with my receipt and my burger and told them to make it again they again asked me how I wanted it and I told them again 3 times and they remade my burger and when I got it out to the car I opened it up to find it had mustard and onions but no cheese for the love of Pete how hard is that ??
Whatever happened to customer service or people who actually listen to you when your give them a order they had it right on the receipt so I know they understood what I wanted they just didn't give a damn if they got it right or not so now I don't give a damn if I buy from you again or not Mc Donalds is just down the street and they know how to make it the way I ask so I can live without the grilled burger taste.
N  28th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I lost the bet for dinner and off to Burger King I went. After ordering $27.44 in food in the drive thru, I get home to see that they forgot MY sandwich. My husband took the receipt and went to retrieve my sandwich after I called them and let them know we were coming to get it. When my husband returned home they were kind of enough to throw in a large fry for our inconvenience. That was nice. I opened my sandwich and it was wrong! I took it all the way back down to the store and they refunded my money for my SANDWICH. Now, I don't expect much nor did I get ignorant with anyone, I do however feel that after 2 trips down there that I should have gotten more than $3.xx for my time and inconvenience, as the manager told me that was all she could do for me. I never asked for any more than that. There are always going to be mistakes, but for those that keep going there should be a little more thrown in!
N  11th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
Why, why, WHY don't people check the bag before they leave? Why??? It doesn't take long and it would have saved you your 2 trips back and forth.
D  21st of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
what did you expect a new car?
you got a free fry right?????
move on
D  21st of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
i really think this is a sign of excellent costumer service by trying to fix a mistake
N  29th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I went to your store located on Goldenrod and curry ford road in orlando florida, 32822. I went to the drive through, I did not recieve my bacon double cheese burger that came with my meal. My husband went inside with the bag and reciept to show them that they did not give it to us. the manager did not believe him and gave him a hard time. well, they gave him the burger but when I checked, it was a whopper Jr. so I went back inside again and showed it to them. the man had told me that is how it came, which was not! I went to walk out with the hamburger because he wanted to argue with me about it. as I walk away it fell out of my hand and all the workers, including the manager at the time started to laugh. They did not even fix my order or replaice it when they were wrong in the first place. I have been there before with the same manager and have had similar problems with my order. They are very un-professional and act like they are under the influence of drugs. I have worked in the food service field and know that what they did was absolutely un-called for! I will never eat at another burger King for these peoples actions and expect someone to take care of there lack of customer service. my email adress is richie_kristi@yahoo.com and my phone # is 407-541-7987. I would like to speak to a corporate manager for this location. thankyou.
N  29th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I forgot, this happene on 1/28/2010. at around 6:30 p.m.
N  30th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes

N  22nd of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Saturday February 20th I took my son on our first father-son outing to the Motorama event in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. It was a fairly long trip for a 4 year old but he wasn’t totally melted down by the time we arrived at the Agricultural Center on North Cameron Street just off of US 81.

We parked in the Go-Kart parking lot just across the street and headed inside for a full day of looking at cars, watching bicycle demonstrations, as well as plenty of head to head racing in all sorts of different motorsport events. It was a long day for both of us and we wrapped it up around 7:15pm. After a little coaxing on my part we made it out of the building without too much complaining on his part. The moment we pulled out of the parking lot I heard what every parent of a toddler has heard moments after leaving anywhere. “I have to use the potty!” was the grumble in the back seat, and it couldn’t wait. Luckily for me as soon as I turned out onto North Cameron Street there was a Burger King just past the next stop light. Thank goodness.

I pulled in to the lot, unstrapped his car seat and we made it in before his bladder erupted. Our short pit stop seemed like the perfect time to sit down and have a bite to eat. I had hoped for something a bit better than fast food since we had already had “event” food for lunch but convenience won and we stayed.

The lobby was fairly crowded with other people filing out of the Arena across the street as well as some chatter from a boisterous man talking about his run in with a state trooper that day. After the man in front of me ordered four or five separate meals for his friends still stuck wherever he worked I made my order. The cashier was just about off of her shift and she made it clear that her ride would be rather upset if she couldn’t leave in “a few seconds.” She took my order, forgot to give me my cups, and before my son could decide which toy he wanted we had our order. We would have been in our seats from the counter but had to wait for the manager to get some large lids as there were none next to the soda machine.

My son’s new trick to eating is to have a race so he proceeded to scarf down his food all while telling me to slow down. He was done his fries and half way through his nuggets before I could even have a chance to catch up. It was almost a tie but I had a couple of fries left so he was the clear winner. After a few tries of the newest wind up toy I decided to head off to our hotel for the night. Wesley was tired, I was tired and it had been a long day.

I cleared our table, tossed our bags into the trash and headed out to the parking lot. It was nearly empty. The only cars there were a cab and a minivan with people sitting in it listening to music. My car was gone! Confused, I walked around the front of the restaurant just to be sure I wasn’t losing my mind. Wes was just as confused and was asking where our car was. I didn’t know. I looked on the light post and there was a sign that said all unauthorized cars would be towed to Hutch’s Towing at the owners expense. I was in the restaurant for less than a half an hour. At 8:17pm I called Hutch’s towing on a whim. We were standing outside next to the sign so I could get the phone number off of it. Sure enough they had my car.
Wes was standing next to me in tears. His stuffed dog ‘Bolt’ and both of our overnight bags were in a towing lot somewhere in Harrisburg. I went back inside to confront the manager about why my car had been towed. Steve, the on duty manager, informed me that they had a full lot with no customers earlier in the day and the General Manager had a contract with Hutch’s towing to remove the cars on the lot throughout the day. He told me that they normally announce to the lobby that they are towing out and if anyone is parked out there they should speak up. I had heard no announcement, no one asked me if I was parked on the lot, and yet my car was gone. The voice on the other end of the phone at Hutch’s said they towed out around 8:00pm. I told him I was in the store at that time. He then informed me that his drivers follow strict rules to announce in the lobbies, check the bathrooms and to see if anyone has a car parked before he tows out. If no one speaks up all the cars go. The time on my receipt showed 7:51pm. I was there. The manager said I should show the towing company the receipt and plead that it was towed in error. He, however, would not call and admit the mistake to the towing company. I asked him who could rectify the situation and he said to try back the following day and that he would leave a report for the next manager. Supposedly the General Manager wasn’t even there at the time of my incident, yet he was the one that placed the call to have cars towed and was the only one who could fix it when he was next at the location. He then gave me directions on where me and my 4 year old son could walk to get to the towing lot because it was “only” two blocks up the street.

According to Weather.com it was a balmy 30 degrees farenheit that night. Not exactly ideal conditions to send a man and his four year old son out in due to a mistake neither were responsible for. Steve told me that I would have to straighten it out with the towing company and if I didn’t like their answer that I should call the police. He maintained a compassionate tone but was less than helpful. All the while my son was next to me sobbing and the lobby was no doubt focused on our exchange. Before I left it was clear to me that I was not going to be reimbursed for their mistake.

On the walk to the towing company I tried to move as fast as I could to keep warm. If you’ve ever been on North Cameron Street you’ll know that it is a business section and not very well lit but it is a main route. Plenty of traffic, plenty of puddles from a recent snow, and plenty of patches of ice along the way. I spent the entire walk there on the phone pleading with the guy, who still remains nameless, at Hutch’s towing that it was towed in error and I had a receipt to prove I was in the lobby when his driver supposedly announced he was towing cars out. He adamantly stated over and over that his drivers follow strict rules and there is no way I was there. I entered the small office where he and his team of drivers stood and offered no option but for me to pay for my car to be released. My receipt meant nothing to them and he said I would have to take it up with Burger King as they called him to remove the cars. I gave him Steve’s name and asked that they called but he only said that I needed $135 and a valid drivers license. That was his only reply from then on out.

What is a father to do? Walk back to the store in 30 degree weather with a still sobbing toddler and try again to deal with a manager that has no power to do anything but refer me to a nameless General Manager or pay the fee, get my car and my possessions and try to regroup at the hotel. It was after 9pm at this point and my nerves were shot, my son was in no shape to even be in a towing office and we were too far from home to put up any kind of a fight. I paid the fee, hopped in my car, which still had my parking tab from the Go-Kart lot and drove off to the hotel.

My wife had heard of the situation and had called Steve to try and get more information while I retrieved the car and she was confident she would hear from him later in the night as he was on duty until 2am. We agreed that Wes and I should get some sleep and see what happens when Steve calls back with whatever information he could offer. He contacted my wife at 11:00pm with the customer satisfaction phone number and I decided I would try it out the following day.

My son and I attended the second day of the Motorama event and again parked in the Go-Kart lot. Oddly enough I drove past the same Burger King on the way in and there was a tow truck already there from Hutch’s towing. I wouldn’t be the last car towed out that’s for sure. Wesley and I had another fantastic day of watching racing, playing games, and making memories. He asked me several time through out the day why the man took my car and I could see that it was still on his mind and I answered him as best I could and tried to change the subject. I didn’t want him worried that we wouldn’t have a car when we left the show. After 6 hours of cars and racing we left to head home around 3:00pm. I decided to wait until I was home to call the store again as Wesley was asleep in the car before I could get out of the Go-Kart lot. Besides, I had the customer service line and it was Sunday. I doubted they would be open.

We were home around 5:00pm and I immediately pulled out my receipt, tow bill, and the phone number of customer satisfaction. Turns out Steve gave me the phone number off of the back of the receipt that directed me to a phone survey about my visit. Needless to say I was less than pleased but took the entire 11 minute survey and answered it honestly. I hope they get the score!

I then contacted the store again to express my dissatisfaction with the way I was treated and to talk to the general manager. Harvey was too busy to talk to me. I couldn’t get his direct attention as I restated my case. He told me that they do lot surveillance using camera’s and if my car was towed it was due to having been there for too long and that they had it on film I walked away from the car and not into their lobby. That was not the case and I asked that he look for himself. He was clearly operating the drive through window and not taking me seriously. His resolution was that Burger King doesn’t reimburse for parking illegally and that I should call back Tuesday February 23rd after 3:00pm and to “try” to talk to Bill. I had had enough.

I searched the internet for the corporate phone number and found that they were not open. I took Steve’s advice and contacted the Harrisburg police department and spoke with an officer there about my incident and was informed that it was a civil matter and that Burger King was liable since they initiated the tow. She assured me that I was not wrong and that if the store kept video surveillance that it would show I was in fact there. I took down her badge number and hope that I don’t need to contact them again. The moment the corporate office opened today, Monday February 22nd, I called and spoke with Wilmaria and opened a case with her. She listened to my plea and gave me a reference number only to inform me that I would have to wait three to five business days for the district manager to be contacted and for him to get back to me. I was sure to leave all of my contact information in hopes that John would call me back by Friday.

So here I sit, having spoken with 5 different people about Burger Kings mistake, and have no resolution after two days. My phone survey has netted me a free Whopper or Chicken Sandwich if I go back and purchase fries and a drink but even free food isn’t going to have me back in a Burger King any time soon. I’ve learned that even when the manager on duty admits fault there is nothing he can do to help a patron out. I’ve learned that anyone can call and set up towing even if they aren’t there to oversee the operation personally. I’ve learned that my son will follow me down a dark street in the cold and cry for several minutes even if I console him when a situation genuinely stresses him out. I’ve also learned that no matter how many people I call that a hopeless feeling won’t go away. I honestly don’t think this will be resolved. I am meeting resistance with everyone at the Burger King store and no real sense of accomplishment from the corporate office. I know I should be patient but my patients wore thin on Saturday night.

I only seek to have my money reimbursed to me for the cost of the towing and perhaps to have the cost of my meal refunded. I don’t think that a mere $144.94 is too much to ask of a franchise, a corporation, or anyone responsible for such a gross oversight as having a patrons car towed while they are inside paying for your products. The way that this has been handled to this point is beyond frustrating and speaks to the disregard the management staff has toward its guests when they are truly in need. This wasn’t a matter of cold fries or not enough pickles, a family trip was disrupted because of a managers decision to hire a company to blindly keep his lot clear. Me and my son were literally shown out the door into the cold with no recourse but to call back and hope to talk to the manager responsible in several day. Unacceptable.
D  2nd of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
THis morning my dad walked to the burger king at 2411 e 8 mile he got there approx at 945am well they were out of egges and gave my dad a croisant with only chhes come on out of eggs i was in there last summer and got the same excuse what kind of business it this please send my dad some coupond it was a 3mile walk for we live at 23372 audrey warren mi 48091 what happened to making the customer happy they charged him the sane monye for a cheese croisant hea 80 give him a break 586-625-7622b (daughter)
A  10th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
after you dropped the burger, you should have thrown it at the manager's face. Then the crew members would be laughing at him.
N  6th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have gone to the Burger King at 35th & Grant in Gary Indiana several times. Every time I pull up at the drive thru, they make me pull forward to wait on my order no matter how small it is. They have also commented on my race several times. I am a Caucasian and most of their employees are African American. I have asked for a breakfast sandwich to be made a special way because I have servious ulcers. They always say they can't do that; however, I have seen them give others a special made sandwich. I thought Burger King advertisements say "Have it your Way." When I go to another Burger King that is further away from where I live, they make my order any way I want it, as long as it is within reason and serve to me with a smile. The lady at the drive thru on the early morning shift is very rude and I have complained about her service before; however, nothing is ever done about it because nothing has changed with her customer service. I used to go there every day, now I go to McDonalds accross the street because their customer service is much better. If you can solve this problem for me, I will be happy to return to this Burger King in the future. The employees there definately have a problem with my race and I don't appreciate that.
N  6th of May, 2011 by    +3 Votes
I think the "have it your way" pretty much means pickles or no pickles type of thing, not making you a 'special' sandwhich because of your ulcer.
N  6th of May, 2011 by    -4 Votes
Excuse me, I try to avoid any sauces and I have a right to eat anywhere I choose. The sandwich was the same as on menu only without sauce. As far as the race thing goes, if I made these comments against an African Amerian, they would definately take some kind of action against me. Everyone should be treated equal not matter who they are or what race they are. I would never make these kind of comments to anybody!
N  6th of May, 2011 by    +3 Votes
What an asinine complaint. Nothing but a whiner. How about not eating ### food? There's a start. It's a fast food joint, probably one of the worst places to eat with stomach issues. To pull the race card is almost as weak as your initial complaint.
N  6th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
TLF, don't think that was what HWGA was saying at all. I think she's saying it has long been far more acceptable for blacks to make comments about whites without facing the same repercussions whites would get for making them about blacks...thus the reverse racism. And it has, always been that way.

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