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Reviews and Complaints

charged wrong price

I stopped at Burger King this morning, 6/26/2012 and ordered a sausage, egg and cheese muffin (sign stated $1.79 sanwich only) and an order of hash browns ($1.00 off of the dollar menu). I was told my order would be $4.16. When I made it to the window I told the girl that I had been overcharged. She stated that the sandwich was $2.89. I said the sign said $1.79. She said, well the sign was wrong, guess they had not changed it yet. I stated that I wanted to pay the amount on the menu board and she said she would tell the manager. (only after she got an attitude and rolling her eyes, I don't understand why she was mad with me for wanting what price was on the menu). She came back about 10 minutes later, after going outside tosee what the menu said and told me the manager said ok. Then she told me my total would be $3.76. Still not right, but I paid so I could get away from there. According to my calculations, $1.79 plus $1.00 = $2.79, x .07% (which is what the tax is here) my total should have been $2.99 and I paid $3.76. I am very dissapointed. I have never understood why these companies hire such rude and unfriendly people to take care of customers. This can ruin a business. All companies should have their employees go through a training class on how to treat customers. They are what makes your business.