Burger Kingcurrency exchange

A Nov 24, 2017

Hello, I do not know if you have control over Burger Kings in Cambodia but here is my complaint. The known standard for USD to Khmer Riel is 4000 KHR to 1 USD so a 1000 KHR note is like a quarter to us in the USA. Most business, if something is .50, because USD is widely accepted here, will only take 2000 KHR and forget the proper exchange. Now I do see where some could take advantage of this but my complaint is that Burger King doesn't give the exchange for change back. So basically they use the exchange only for money in not money out. Yesterday I went and bought a soft serve ice cream cone for .50 I gave 2000 KHR and they asked for 100 KHR more basically a penny, and I know pennies add up but, come on.
Today I order a Double Cheeseburger meal and large size it was 5.30 I gave 6.00 USD so change should be .70, they handed me 2, 700 KHR which in real currency exchange is .66485 usd. When they should have given me more like 3000 khr. Burger King in Cambodia is basically, knowingly stealing from people everyday. This should be stopped.

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