Buffalo Wild Wingswings and customer service

Today I ordered from Buffalo Wild Wings in South Elgin Illinois. I walked in to grab my order and they showed it to me but I was a little confused about it, I went out to my car because they were really busy and decided to check my order. When I started looking through my ordered I realize that I was missing about half of my things and the other half were not the way I wanted them to be. I called and specified how I wanted my order, there was just one group of wings that I wanted sauce on the side, they ended up giving me no sauce at all on any of my wings. And they just gave me side of sauces for every single one. I don't understand what kind of customer service you run, but the way they reacted to my complaint was pretty mean.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Elgin, IL And then to make matters worse, the manager came out and she was kind of mean to me too. She ended up fixing my order or so she said, I came back outside and once again there was a couple things that were wrong. I was tired of complaining so I just left. They didn't even have any Forks or spoons or knives, or napkins to provide for me either. This is the second time this happens in this store where they don't have any utensils. I love Buffalo Wild Wings, it is my favorite place to buy Wings. I always refer my friends to Buffalo Wild Wings. But this is one of the one times that I've been very disappointed over their customer service. I will not refer anyone to the South Elgin store to buy wings. And me, myself will not go there anymore. Super disappointed, this is the third time they get my order wrong. Disappointed at your customer service.

Jan 29, 2017

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