Buffalo Wild Wingsunfair treatment against customers and violates the tabc laws of texas.

T Nov 22, 2017

I want to submit a formal complaint towards your management and bartender.

My friends and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings November 21, 2017 at 430 E Pleasant Run Rd, Cedar Hill, TX 75104 around 10pm cst. Our server, Chucole, was extremely pleasant and seemed extremely busy. One of my friends is a regular customer and is known to be a regular at this location. A couple times while I joined him I notice this bartender (DeeDee) selling alcohol to men that seem to have already had too much. I also observed that my friend was never given an itemized receipt but a grand total of his tab. Nevertheless, this did not phase me until last night. For some odd reason and unsure if this is sexist but this same bartender (DeeDee) seemed to show preference towards the male customers and was a little more touchy and friendly towards them at the bar. She made her rounds around the bar giving them hugs and laughing. Around 11:33pm this bartender (DeeDee) yelled last call. My male friend whom is a regular but because two females were with him was ignored. Even after calling the bartender to our table she yelled his name from afar and ignore our attempt to submit our last call round. Finally, around 11:40pm our server Chucole appears and takes our order and states I'll submit your order we're with in time. But when she got to the bartender (DeeDee) she claimed last call was over at 11:30pm. Our server came back to our table to inform us that she was unable to submit our request. So we thought either the bartender (DeeDee) was either in a hurry to close out even though our friend whom is known to be a regular had never been cut before. He looked at us shocked and said I spent $200+ October 19th and went out with her. At this point I assume she was taking this personal. We informed our server to allow us to speak to the manager (Cordero) since we attempted to grab both bartender and servers attention before last call and was ignored. The table next to us were two combine local businesses whom had just gotten out of work which arrived at the same time were also denied drinks. They noticed other gentlemen receive drinks even though they were denied. Fair is fair we respected that until we saw an old male at the bar given a full beer at 11:48pm. Both our table and the full table saw that and raised the concern to the manager to whom said (DeeDee) the bartender is under pressure and can't serve after last call, visibly we told him she just gave that man a full beer. And said "she's the bartender."
Therefore, I believe that this facility practices unfair treatment against customers and violates the TABC laws of Texas.
For this reason I'm submitting a TABC and BBB complaint and informing your corporate office in hopes that this does not continue to happen to anymore customers where paying customers are being treated differently.

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