Budget Rental Car / charge

Medford, OR, United States
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I rented a car at Medford Oregon airport 10 pm at night they told me drop off before 10pm sat drove to airport sat 9:45 know one around Budget car rental tags and keys on counter know one around no drop off boxs took car back to motel at 4 am went to airport to get on plane drop off car know one around again to check car in ...against my best judgement had to get on lane landed back in chicago called asked them they dsaid I am good to go.. Next day charges on my credit card rental plus 250.00 smoke fee, called corp office she Tonya looked at rental notes and said I will not remove speak to airport agent called them spoke to Bill he said sorry I will remove next day checked still on my card called Bill again he sent to pics of a grey leather seat with smoke ash on seat !!! thats great but my car had Black leather seats very nice leather seays no detail could have been there personal car /// I would pay if I smoked but do not !!! sent Bill a email saying hey thats not the inside of the car I had no response ////so you give credit card to Budget look out you will pay what ever they want you to and will make sure know one is avalibe to check car in and charge you for next day rental [protected]

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