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4 weeks after transiting through Heathrow, we still have not recovered one of the 3 items BA lost. One piece of luggage did arrive intact, our stroller arrived BROKEN and the third piece of luggage never arrived. Now as a frequent flyer there is nothing unusual about lost luggage - it happens! but our experience dealing with BA is what has frustrated us. After receiving a tracking number and telephone contacts we have called and left at least 10 messages, been redirected to various numbers many of them disconnected, received automated responses to web enquires or been dismissed by anyone in BA customer service who keep telling us it is not their concern and redirecting us to the same disconnected or unanswered numbers. BA couldn't care! good luck if you choose to fly BA - hope your luggage arrives safely.

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  • Ai
      11th of Feb, 2010

    Lost luggage happens on every airline, not just BA. And why do you leave 10 messages? They probably got the first one and the reason they didn't call you back is because they have no news. If the bag shows up they will send it to you. End of story. Do you believe they only look for the missing bag when you call them? No, that's not how it works... Maybe someone stole the bag, maybe it's stuck in the bottom of a pile at Heathrow and nobody will find it until somebody cleans out the storage... Just move on with your life. File a claim so that you can get compensation and then, with any luck, the bag will show up one of these days. Just stop calling - it doesn't do any good anyway...

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  • Ms
      13th of Mar, 2010

    We have had a similar situation and no one is returning our claim. We left for Italy with three childen in December. BA lost (yet to be recovered) 3 of our 6 bags and our stroller arrived proken the day before we left home from our three week vacation. We had christmas gifts for our relatives and children (aged 2, 4 and 6). It is now March and we have not received one cent in compensation and no acknowledgement with the exception of an automated reply when we posted our claim on-line. In addition, visa is willing to give us a tiny fraction ($100o) but they need written confirmation from BA that the bags are lost. We can't even get this--so not only are they not compensating us we can't even get token compensation from Visa who is willing to give us something for our troubles merely for having purchased the ticket with Visa.
    Our trip was pretty much ruined (one that we saved up for about 5 years to do) and we haven't even received an apology let alone compensation.
    Very dissapointed, unprofessional and inhumane, quite honestly.

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