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British Airways / lost luggage!

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My wife is French and frequently flies BA to Lyon via Heathrow. The last 3 times in a row her bag was lost. Each time it took longer to return it. This time she flew on July 3 Mancester-London, and was connecting London-Lyon, but due to potential terrorism all Terminal 4 flights were canceled. And our bag was lost. Now it is July 28, we are still waiting. We have phoned BA a dozen times, sent 15 emails, logged on the "lost luggage" site 50 times and the messages are always the same. Clearly BA has outsourced its baggage handling and is really having problems. I now rank it in the bottom 10% of airlines (I fly about 100000+ miles per year).

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  • Ia
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    I am totally fed up with BA. In the last 12 months on five international flights they have managed to lose my luggage 3 times. Also, on landing at Heathrow from Singapore on a Saturday I had to wait 3 hours to get my luggage delivered on one of the two successful occasions they managed to do their job. The loudspeaker stated "due to staff shortages etc...". I pay on average $12000 a flight, and I expect a modicum of service and respect.

    The latest debacle is a flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam via Gatwick. Do you think these idiots could deliver a bag straight through...Oh No! It got lost at Gatwick. Here I am in Amsterdam with no clothes, a Servisair tracking ticket, and of course...not even a wiff of regret by BA. After a complaining loudly about my situation I was given a pack with a t-shirt, razor and toothbrush. I HATE BA!!! This is one One-World Emerald passenger who is transferring his, and his entire companies business to Singapore Airlines...NEVER AGAIN YOU INCOMPETENT CLOUTS!!

  • Je
      28th of May, 2008
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    British Airways has horrible service and is to be avoided at all cost. I suggest sustained class action suits against them until management understands.

  • Am
      5th of Dec, 2007
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    British Airways - Lost Luggage

    I am writing this complaint on behalf of my mother about the British Airways Airline. My mother went on a 2 weeks holiday to attend a relatives wedding ceremony. She left last week November 26, 2007, unfortunately her baggage did not arrive to the specific destination that it was suppose to. Until now, and it is December 5, 2007, my mother did not receive her lost luggage. She is so upset that she could not even enjoy the wedding ceremony that she especially went back home for. All she's been thinking about is where her luggage could be. She had her clothes in that luggage that she was going to wear at the wedding, and christmas gifts that we all sent for our relatives and cousins. They are all gone. My mother has been calling every single day for her luggage 's whereabouts, but no one could help. I want to know how such a big airline like BRITISH AIRWAYS could not find a luggage for 2
    weeks. What is taking BRITISH AIRWAYS so long to find something? When
    we send off our luggages into cargo, there are sticker tags attached to
    the luggages with our names and ticket number and such information, is there
    not????????????? Then how can they possibly take so long to find things. The
    luggages did not all of a sudden grow legs and run away from the airport.
    I am very angry about this, and I am very angry that my mother is thousands
    of miles away without her luggage and clothes for 2 weeks. She is coming back on December 12,2007, which is next week. Weddings should be a happy occasion to be attending, instead my mother is stressed out trying to find someone in the BA department to find her luggage. BA losing my mother's luggage and not being able to find her luggage has RUINED her holidays and being able to enjoy herself at the wedding. And who knows where her luggage could be? I mentioned about this issue to my co-workers, and they told me that it is "COMMON" for BRITISH AIRWAYS to lose luggages. THIS IS UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE. If British Airway knows about this ongoing problem, why are they not doing anything about it? Why are they keep letting it happen over and over and over again. I just don't understand. We pay alot of money for our tickets to fly in your airlines, it is unprofessional for BA to not take care of their customers. The luggages should be located within 24 to 48 hours, it should not take 2 weeks or more.

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