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Bright Teeth Whitening System / SCAM

1 #3 - 17th Avenue SouthNampa, ID, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 18669641011

They do not answer the phone to get your RMA and cancel your trial. I am very angry right now... i've called 6 times already and they put you on hold for a few minutes then hang up on you. is there any way i can get this straightened out? please help.

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  • Ya
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    The line has been busy for 2 days now. I am disputing my charges through my credit card company

  • Ca
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    I ordered the free trial. When I received my credit card statement I was charged $78.93 plus $85.92. When I called to dispute the charges I was told that the website indicated the return policy which I never saw. There was no written return policy with the trial package. (No paperwork accompanied the trial package that stated it had to be returned and the order canceled in order not to receive further charges.) I was given a credit for the $78.93 but not the $85.93 because they said it had already been shipped and I could not return it for a refund. I feel they misrepresented their product by not including specific return instructions with the trial product. THIS IS A SCAM and I highly recommend that you DO NOT fall for this gimmick.

  • 2r
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    I have also been suckered by this SCAM! I will never again attempt A FREE Trial Again. I received the product 12 days into the trial period! The next day I called the company I received no answer, the following day I constantly called till someone answered the man tried to convince me to keep trying the product for a discount rate, I kept saying no and that I request cancel immediately. This is when the Grand Finale of this Scam occurred. I was charged $ 78.93 because my trial period had ended according to them. I repeatedly explained that I just received the product and they know that. The idiot told me I should have called when I didn't receive it sooner. I explained that it came on the 12 day of my supposed trial period. He insisted that I should have called when I didn't receive it and that he would cancel further shipments but I would just have to eat the $ 78.93 plus the $5.95 Shipping and Handling!...
    What a crock of $hit...unethical and lousiness of a sorry @ss scamming company!!!

  • Wh
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    Just by their sales method, i.e the count down whilst you're filling in the form, tells me they are bogus! If anyone wants to whiten their teeth, go to your dentist, where you will get professional advice. Furthermore, never give out your credit card details to an unknown company.

  • Lo
      5th of May, 2009
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    The exact same thing happened to me. What a scam. This company needs to be shut down immediately.

  • Su
      11th of May, 2009
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    I also ordered the product. I called the Advanced Wellness Research @ 866-964-1011 and spoke to a man by the name of Nick Jones and told him that I wanted to cancel any further shipments and that I have not used the product. I received the same treatment and was told how good the product was and he would extend the trial to another 14 days. I told Nick no, not to extend the trial period and that I was going to send the product back and to what address could I ship it to . He asked me why I had not tried the product and I told him that I had thought about it and I just did not want the product and that I would ship it back to them. Nick told me that he would not charge my account the $78.93. I specifically asked him again and again about the $78.93 charge and he stated my account would not be charged and to keep the product and try it. I will be shipping the product back. I will wait for my bank account to come in and I will go from there to see if I have been charged.


  • Xm
      7th of Jun, 2009
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    I also was suckered it to the trial offer. I find several of BRIGHT TEETH AND EASY WHITES methods fraudulent. One is that the ad that states that if you use these two different products you will get these great results. The ad leads me to believe that they were two different companies and two different products when in fact they are one in the same. Probably the same product as well. I did not notice the additional 78 dollars they would charge monthly as well. It should be stated on top so it would have been clear to see. It is in the fine print. This is very misleading. Who in their right mind would agree to 160.00 in teeth whiting products every month? On my statement I am being billed from three different companies for this scam. When I received the product it did not have anything in the packaging to state that I agree for them to keep sending the product or a termination clause. Now to the most disturbing factor of the scam. My credit card - MasterCard will not allow me to dispute the additional charges. When did the credit card companies take this right away from me? This scam is reported to the FCC and the credit card company stated to me that there are many complaints to them (Many) but they will not allow me to dispute the charges. Why? Well my educated guess is that if they had to dispute all the cases being reported the credit card company would have to terminate the relationship with Bright Teeth and Easy White (The same company) losing that revenue. We as consumers are being scammed and our credit card companies are not putting a stop to it. It makes no sense, unless the credit card companies do not want to lose that revenue from Bright Teeth and Easy White. What to do. File a complaint with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, FCC, POST TO AS MANT SITES AS YOU CAN WITH A COMPLAINT. SOMEONE SHOULD FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT. The most important cancel your relationship with the credit card company that takes your right away to dispute a charge. Especially a company that has so many complaints against them. MasterCard you should be ashamed of your stand on this matter. When did you stop backing your cardholders? When you got in on the scam? If any one knows of an attorney to take on this scam please post.

    An X- MasterCard Holder - You should be ashamed - MasterCard

  • Sc
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    PLEASE BE AWARE...I ordered this product under the belief that I would be charged no more then $5.00 for Shipping/Delivery...imagine my surprise when I got a bill 2 weeks later for almost $80 ($78.93). When I called I got some dude in India who I could barely understand and proceeded to argue with him for the next 30 minutes. Long story short, they will NOT refund your money, you CANNOT speak to a supervisor, You CANNOT cancel the next shipments until you've received the shipment for that month...this means you must make yet another call to India and suffer through an additional 10-30 minutes of them trying to convince you to NOT cancel. THIS IS A NOT buy this product. Mine was delivered under the name of "BrightTeeth whitening System"

  • Ni
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    I, too, was suckered into this SCAM!!! I just received my credit card statement and was charged $192.00!!! I got through to cancel my "subscription", but they will not return any of my money. I even tried my credit card company, but they sided with them!! I am absolutely LIVID and want to know if there is anywhere a FEDERAL SUIT against this company because I want on this bandwagon.

  • Gl
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    oh if only i could tell people before they went on that stupid site for bright teeth but your're only going to find out if you have been sucked into the scam. I just recieved my free trial kit today, but then i stumbled onto this site and found out a big mistake. YOU KNOW WHAT I DID? Instead of crying over my future $80 gone to waste i took some action and called my bank. I bought my free trial with my debit card in which a credit card can go over it's limit when it comes to money. thats why you should never have a credit card to begin with...DEBTS. BUT ANYWAY i called my bank and ended up closing my DEBIT CARD and warned them of the merchants from PUre essentials (company of bright teeth products) that may try to take my money. So im getting a new card in the mail with my same pin number but a different card number. I hope this helps out for people who got into this mess and one day this company shall get sued for their poor skills in the field of business.
    its YOUR MONEY!!!

  • K1
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    I was stupid enough to go for this scam too. Unfortunately, I went for 3 separate "free product Trial" through three different companies to compare products. THis specific company sent me the free trial and also charged me about 2 weeks later. They were also charging me extraineous fees for other services they said they were providing me as part of my membership. Luckily I caught it, but not before this specific company had gotten their teeth into about $300. I went to their biller's website and cancelled my order; I was given a cancellation confirmation number. Of course I wrote it down. Then after I recieved another box of the whitening kit i figured perhaps it was an overlapse in cancellation and something they'd already charged me for...I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. But then I got another one so I called the company and called to no avail at first. One day, I finally got a spokesperson from India who went through all of my order information and had me verify all of my account info and charge details that I'd given originally. He told me that I would be recieving another shipment in a few weeks. THen I told him I wanted him I had cancelled the product and then supplies my cancellation confirmation number. I asked him if I had cancelled the product, why they were still sending me the product. All of a sudden, he blurts out that he no longer has access to my account information and that its locked. He then tells me that he needs to hand the matter over to his manager and tells me that I should recieve a call in a few days from an assisstant regarding the cancellation. I never got the call. Ever. A few days later I get another box in the mail.
    I finally had to call my bank and tell them to deactivate my debit/credit card number and to issue me a new card. I then had to call Mastercard to report my card as lost/stolen with possible fraudulent activity. THey identified all the eroneous charges. UNfortunately, what we call fraud is not what the bank calls fraud. If you provided your charge details and received a product then it wasn't fraud. It's only fraud when you don't provide your details, and/or you don't receive a product. Furthermore, it was explained to me that since they had called, and recorded me verifying that I actually did want to recieve their trial product with the option to continue receiving their product...I consented. This is regardless of the fact that I had a cancellation number.
    Thankfully, I had homeowners insurance, and this theft/loss was covered by my insurance company. It was difficult at first to get this all to they would change the name of their company on my bank statement every time they charged me. It always had something to do with bright teet, white teeth, white smile, bright etc...The insurance company stated this was typical of a scam...a bank will block a name, but it filters charges by specific name, not always the next time that scam artist charges it gets through again and again.
    The best thing you can do, if you want to try a free product trial offer, and you aren't sure if you'll want the product or if it's a scam, get one of those prepaid charge cards that you can pick up at walmart. Put the exact amout you need for the trial product onto the card and use the prepaid charge card in the order process. You get the product at the agreed to price, and you won't keep getting over-charged, or scammed since all the money allocated to the prepaid charge card number you used will have been exhausted for it's inital use. Go out and get a new one for something else rather than recharging the card with more monies so the scam company doesn't keep charging you.

    It was a hard lesson learned, almost $1, 000 later. Fortunaly I got it all back by filing that claim with my insurance company through my home-owners insurance policy

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