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Ordered Acai 500 never recieved product or refund Invoice 1737148 sent an email that states please allow 72 hours for response I gave them a week no reply. It was suppose to be a free trail was charged 45.82 the same day with the 4.99 shipping and handling. Still am waiting for the product that wasn't recieved and had to close my account to keep them from charging even more. I didn't order anything for 45.82 and want my charges reversed.I will also be contacting the BBB and the FTC.


  • Pa
    Patti Harvey Nov 25, 2008

    I want to return my product. I DO NOT want to be billed for future products, , , BUT ...I cannot reach any one to get the address or even to talk to about my account.

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  • Li
    lisa higgins Dec 01, 2008

    I've tried the Pure Acai Berry and it's not what I expected. It gave me horrible gas and it's been very uncomfortable for me. Maybe I just tried the wrong one, but whatever the case I''m not satisfied with this product. I'm not sure if this is the right site to cancel any future orders, but if it is please cancel any future orders for me. Thank you.

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  • To
    Tonya Washington Dec 08, 2008

    I want to return product because I was charged $78.81. It was advertise as trial basis only $5.99 for shipping and handling. This number 877-523-0188 is always bus; therefore, I can't reach anybody to get a return address and I don't want to be billed for future products. This is a scam!!!

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  • Be
    Beth Benson Dec 08, 2008

    I'm experiencing the exact same problem. Try 305-534-1052...and 1-800-503-9355. Always busy. You'll need to take a day off for this one. WHAT A SCAM!!! Maybe we can get Oprah to help. Also

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  • Va
    Valerie Dec 09, 2008

    I totally agree with all of you I am experiencing the same situation It took me forever to get the product first off then 3 days after I got my product they charged my account for $78.81 I have tried and tried to contact them at 877-484-2863 let's say the phone is either busy or it sends you to a voicemail and no one calls you back. I started sending emails my conversations have been very unpleasent they keep saying they sent me an RMA# well they havent this is becoming a nightmare. All I want to do is return there product to them it doesnt seem like they want to cooperate. So im takeing measures in my hands first off printing every email for my bank as proof I have tried and tried to cancel the product my next step is to close my account and file a complaint with BBB. Hopefully we can all get these Scammers Closed Down.
    I dont think Oprah and Rachel Ray would recommened such fraudulant companies if they knew and they should know what these companies are doing using there names.

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  • Sh
    Shannon Ortner Dec 12, 2008

    Advanced Wellness Research is not the only company out there selling acai berry other sites you may have ordered from are

    Advanced Wellness Research does not sell ACAI BERRY 500

    This person mentions Acai Berry 500. We don’t sell Acai Berry 500 – that is another company. How is that for unfair scrutiny?

    Before you post make sure you are infact dealing with advanced wellness research it shows up on your Credit Card statement as such if it is not then you are committing slander by posting it is this company that charged you. BE SURE WHO YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT!!!

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  • Wa
    Wanda Buckley Dec 17, 2008

    I ordered a trial sample and was to only pay for s/h and within a few days they charged my cc 78.81. It took me till 12/17/08 to get the RMA #. I called several numbers that noone ever answered and was given several web sites and no repsonse. I did receive 3 email messages telling me that I needed to call the 866 # but without success. I finally contacted my cc company and we started the dispute process. I also contacted my State Attorney Generals office and filled out some forms to report Advanced Wellness of unfair business practices and I also filed a complaint with the BBB. All in said, we cancelled my cc and reissued me a new one. I finally today after receiving a 3rd email from customer service to call 877-751-5333. I had called the 266-484-2863 on 12/12/08 and spoke with Jaime who said I did not qualify for the RMA # because I did not call within 14 days and cancel! What a line of bull! I had proof that I started calling on 11/25/08 and left tons of messages and no one returned the calls plus all the emails that I sent and kept copies of. I have a file on this company that is a manuscript. After receiving the 3rd email 12/16/08 and gave me the 877 # I got thru within 5 minutes but Rebecca was a hard cookie to deal with. She gave me what for for not wanting to keep the product. I advised her that I was not paying 78.81 and my husband did not want me to take it. I went to great extremes to get this RMA and no one should have this much problem. They need to be investigated and need to have a class action suit against them for fraudulent activities. Be persistant and don't give up. Keep track of everything. Get names, dates and phone numbers down and record phone conversations if needed.

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  • Jn
    Jnaab Dec 23, 2008

    Same happened to me. Ordered the trial and paid for the shipping. Couple days later, $78.81 charge on my account. I know it was Advance wellness Research because my banknotified me of a possible fraudulant charge and gave me the company name and their number. The number for those that cant get ahold of anyone is 866-964-1011. This company is so damn shady. The rep told me that in order to get my refund It was going to cause me a headache, that I was going to have to do alot of steps to get it back. First off he repeatedly asked me to take a discount on the next bottle that has been shipped and I would then be refunded the rest. The rep kept insisting I take that deal! I just kept telling him no, that i want my full refund, I didnt authorize this purchase. He gave me an attitude and said "Fine, but you will have to pay for shipping the bottle back AND, if it doesn't arrive within 10 days, you wont get any refund". I asked him when the 10 days started, and he said today, THE DAY THEY SHIPPED out to me, not 10 days after recieving the product. I live in California and the bottle is coming from Idaho, through standard USPS that will take 4 to 5 days one way. And I am supposed to have the bottle back to them by 10 days "or there will be major problems with your account". One thing is for sure, my next step is the BBB.

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  • Ch
    Chas Jan 11, 2009

    Ordered Acai Berry Supplement on Jan. 6, 2009. Received product on Jan. 10th. Called my Doctor to confirm safety of product and was told to steer clear!!!
    I looked up The company's website to get their number and found the Complaints Board site. I began to read the "horror" stories about being charged and not getting thru. I read one complaint (from Wanda B.) which gave a number 266-484-2863 which actually is 866-484-2863. This is a Sunday night around 7:30 PM. I called the number and got right thru. The guy spoke very broken english, but, seemed to be helpful. Told to cancel -- he asked why -- I said Doctor's orders -- he said my account was cancelled -- I asked for RMA# -- he said not necessary; gave me the Idaho address to return product. I have yet to see if he was tell me the truth, I will follow up.
    I suggest calling that number "OFF" hours to better chances. Also, maybe a man's voice makes a differnce... Get your spouse or male friend to call for you. Good Luck! CS

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  • Pa
    Pam Jan 27, 2009

    How lame am I? Should have read all of this before I placed my order. Called back within and hour to cancel the trial and received no satisfaction, just the same run around as everyone else. I called my credit card company and they told me about the research for on-line offers. I posted a request for someone to call me on their "contact us" link, but really do not expect someone to call. Wish I would have seen this first.

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  • Pb
    P Breeze Jan 27, 2009

    I just got caught in the same scam!!! They charged my card $78.81 and told me that they were not authorized to give me a full refund and would only give me back $30!!! I refused and immediately called my bank and have started a fraud investigation against them. It is Advance Wellness Reasearch and the phone number is 866-964-1011. They were rude and absolute ###. I never ordered or commited to any monthly quantity of pills. I only ordered the $4.99 'risk free' trial offer! My bank has advised my to close my credit account and open a new one. These people have your info and will use it again! BEWARE>

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  • Me
    Melody Jan 28, 2009

    I totally agree with everyone. I called to get a return number and the guy is from India. They told me that it is a free trial for 14 days. If you do not want to continue using it you must return the unused porition. I rec'd my return number and address; Advanced Wellness Research, 3 -17th Ave South, Nampa, Idaho 83651. I'm going to overnight my return with signature confirmation that they have rec'd it. They told me it would take 5-7 business days to credit my credit card amount of $78.81 once they rec'd the product back. Ugh! What a hassle.

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  • Kj
    kjohnson Jan 29, 2009

    I too ordered the Acai Berry and Total Cleanse. I was never informed of the outragious $84 monthly charge. Not a good practice. I was unable to get through the toll free number (866-320-0038). I was able to get through on the on-line chat.( I copied the instant messaging that we had and received a confirmation email. However, this was for the Total Cleanse. I don't know if this covers the Acai Berry. ALSO there were no instructions with the products. This just does not seem reputible.
    Recommend that you DO NOT BUY!!

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  • Do
    DON'T GET RIPPED OFF Feb 02, 2009

    This is a COMPLETE SCAM!! The only way to get them to stop charging your account is to follow these steps!! Calling Advanced Research will NOT help!


    That is it. End of story.

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  • Ga
    Gail Feb 02, 2009

    This a a fraudalent business, I see most of these complaints are the same as mine

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  • Ch
    Cherie Feb 09, 2009

    I purchased 60ct bottle of pure acai berry. Offer read pay for shipping and handling to try it out. Then 2 weeks later they charged my card $78.81. After calling them to get my money back, they finally gave me only $60.00 back. They claimed the ad read free 2 week trial and then they charge. They actually put that charge through my bank at a time when it was low, and I got charged an overdraft fee.

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  • Sm
    Smarterforit Feb 17, 2009

    I've been attempting to return my first shipment and get a refund. They bounce me back and forth between the phone number and the web site because they say they cannot locate my account with the order ID number. What number? I never recieved a confirm email when I placed the order, nor did I recieve any correspondence with the shipment. Today the operator didn't even know who I was and was telling me I could not return it now. I've given up on a refund, but now I can't even get the order canceled.

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  • Co
    CommonSense Feb 17, 2009

    Don't you people READ what you're signing up for?
    The website clearly states:

    " at the end of your 14 day trial period you will be charged the discounted rate of only seventy eight dollars and eighty one cents for the bottle you received and you will be enrolled in our convenient Home Delivery Plan. Approximately 30 days from your original order date and every 30 days thereafter, you will be sent a new monthly supply of Pure Acai Berry Pro and your credit card on file will be billed seventy eight dollars and eighty one cents plus $4.99 shipping and handling"

    Now, if you're gullible enough to believe some berries are going to counteract all the crap you've been shoveling into your pie-holes over the years, you DESERVE what you get.

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  • Sr
    S. Richmond Feb 19, 2009

    I wish I never ordered the trial. I called and cancelled this on the day that I received the free product once I found out how much the cost was. I drink MONAVIE and this is a much better deal and more acai antioxidants than this pill does so with what the pill is charging, it definately is not worth it. Even though I called and cancelled, they still billed my credit card. And then when I called 866-484-2863 as listed on my credit card statement, the number is disconnected. Luckily for me my credit card company has credited the amount and they will fight with this company. Everyone, this is the main reason that you never use a debit credit card, the banks dont always fight for your money. A bad experience with a positive out come. Oh, and remember, free trials are never free.

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  • Cw
    C W Feb 20, 2009

    You order the 14 days FREE trail ACAI BERRY Supplement Sample, the company will ship you a 60 capsules bottle, meaning you are on the hook for 60 capsules payment. ( us$ 78.81 + shipping ) even you decide not to order the product after the 14 days trail period ( 2 capsules per day, 28 capsules in total .) still, you have to pay for the rest of the 32 capsules. It's not a free trail, Their AD tricks you into buying a bottle of their product, you thought you are getting a FREE TRAIL PERIOD.

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  • Kl
    K Lee Feb 21, 2009

    I ordered the product a week ago- I found a couple web sites with customers complaining about THIS product, from THIS company and the UNAUTHORIZED charges going through, and as soon as the $4.99 went through my account, I Cancelled my card.
    I Will be shipping the bottle of product back-worth paying the shipping costs to me-also contacting BBB-
    Like the person above.. Cancel your card!
    And really? Over $75 for a product that may not even work, that you may not like? Free Trial?
    Company needs to take a few lessons in customer care, and customer service.

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  • Fr
    FREE TRIALS OR SCAMS Feb 21, 2009

    I ordered Pure Acai Berry Pro from Advanced Wellness Research. I had called to cancel the order the next day and was told that I could not cancel the order until I received the product. So what I did was call 3 days later and told them that I had received the product, which I really did not, but I did not want to take any chances on them charging my account before the 14 days was up, and going through the nightmare of repeated unauthorized charges to my account or risk the product being delivered so close to the end of the 14 day trial period. He said that I did not have the product long enough to see its effects, and I told him that I did try it and it did not work for me, so please just cancel my free trial and do not charge my account 78.81. He claim that he had cancelled it and gave me a return #. I asked for the return address and he said that I did not have to return it, to keep it as a courtesy. The number I called was 866-964-1011 and spoke with the same guy from India both times. I called my bank, because I was skeptic and did not want them charging my account and saying that I never returned the product. So my bank's customer service rep advised me to CANCEL MY CARD and I did. This is and was a Nightmare, so BEWARE and do not order from free trials on line without doing your research first. Don't forget to google...

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  • Ma
    Mad in VA Feb 26, 2009

    The Pure Acai Berry is a scam they do overcharge you and refuse to give you a refund, I have reported them to the BBB. The product might work, but I don't even want to take it because of how unprofessional they are. They need to make you more aware of the charges after 14 days if you do not cancel. Please read the fine print at the bottom of the page before you decide to get the free trial for 4.99. It will end up being 78.81 plus the 4.99 plus some .15 charge!

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  • Ja
    jandef Feb 26, 2009

    I unfortunately fell for the same scam. I received the product and decided I would keep the bottle to try, I got billed for the 78.81, which was fine, then a month later another bill for 83.80, but have never received any other product, I called and got through, to India, and was told she would refund, at first she was going to refund $20.00 only, I said NO, I want the whole thing refunded she agreed said she would remove me from the monthly delivery service!
    I also had my card canceled and they are issuing me a new one. What a scam.

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  • Mi
    Mike Feb 27, 2009

    I would like my order to be cancelled and a refund of $83.80. I never autherized anything more than the $4.99 trial offer. Further more, after taking the Acai pills for four days, blood showed up in my stool. Told my Doctor about it, he said not to take them anymore. The blood cleared up two days later. So, please cancel my account and refund $83.80 back to me.
    Mike Russell

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  • Jo
    Joyce Milby Feb 27, 2009

    I have e-mailed the Attorney General of my state of Louisiana. I highly suggest that you all do the same. This is pure FRAUD. I did reach these people by phone and e-mail and was told that their ad states the the 14 days begin the day you place your order and this is a lie. I have e-mail where I told these idiots that if they were charging me anything other than the $4.99 to cancel my order immediately and they did not.

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  • Ca
    CatherineMarquez Feb 27, 2009

    I fell for the same scam, sorry I tried the product. Bank told me to cancel my account. Which I have done. I keep calling them and either it keeps rings or very lode music, when they do answer their technical support is not working or they cannot get the computer up and running. I cancel my lst trial order but they sent it and then charged my account for $78.81. I have made at lease 8 phone call in two days and no results. 1-866-964-1011 I hope to resolve this problem Kay

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  • Jo
    joe Feb 28, 2009

    sorry to hear that all you got scammed, i thought at first i got a good deal i was supposed to get a 14 day trial but when i opened the package there was a 30 day supply in the bag, i thought it was good, but when i found all this the night i opened the package i said darn, but 1 thing i no its bad but in future use prepaid visa like i did, but i now know the truth that i would have been charged the 78.81 if i used a regular credit card, so in a way they scammed theirselves, i have the product but i am not sure what is in the product so i am out 5 bucks an sad to see so many out of bigger money, i will not use their product an i hope they go to jail for this scam they are doing an i hope the government will check their product so no one will get hurt from taking this,

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  • An
    Angel from PR Mar 01, 2009

    They seem to be one of the "typical" scam in which they "offer" a product for a special price during the trial period, but in fact, they later on keep charging your credit card at a very high cost per unit and keep doing it until you cancel your card. As you may see in the string of complaints, they have changed their customer service numbers several times and as matter of fact the 1-866-964-1011 seem to be disconnected by now. I recommend for you to change your credit card # as I did before they do the "scam charges" as I call them.

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  • Ka
    Karla Mar 03, 2009

    DO NOT order this product...what a scam! I was charged 78.81 for my "free" trial. I was told I would only be charged a shipping fee of $4.99, what a lie! Furthermore, I never saw results as promised on the website. Because I wasn't noticing any results I stopped taking the pills and then I was sent a second bottle. I called the company and asked what I was being charged and was told $83.80...that amount was NEVER shown on the shipping invoince, infact, no amount was shown on the invoice. The frist time I called to cancel, they system was "down" and so they couldn't help me. I called today to cancel and the guy on the phone kept on clearly states the reflected amount of 78.81...unbelievable! Anyway, I told the guy I wasn't going to argue and to refund my money for the second bottle which he said he would do. After reading all of these complaints I am now going to call my bank to put a "stop payment" on this company so they can't charge me for future bottles. I also plan on contacting the Attorney General of Florida to file a complaint so we can shut their doors! Seriously, this product DOES NOT work and this company is taking our money!!! DO NOT order this product!

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  • Ke
    ken Mar 03, 2009

    Someone put this on this Complaint board

    Got this from the ABC News website:

    Consumers Warned to Avoid 2 Supplement Sales Sites
    BBB warns consumers of 2 companies that use Oprah, other celebrity names, to sell supplements
    NEW YORK January 7, 2009

    The BBB on Monday named Central Coast Nutraceuticals Inc. of Phoenix and FX Supplements of Arlington, Texas, as two companies that engage in misleading sales and marketing practices. At least part of the issue is their use of "negative option marketing" techniques that require customers to cancel recurring orders or membership in ongoing programs they may or may not be aware they've signed up for. BBB said it received numerous complaints from consumers who found it difficult to cancel the orders, and were often charged multiple times.

    BBB also criticized the companies for using what appear to be endorsements from Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Ray and other celebrities for their products to lure customers in. "They knew they had a gold mine here by using Oprah's name, " said BBB spokeswoman Alison Preszler-Southwick.

    Both Web sites feature photos of and comments made by Winfrey and others regarding the reported health benefits of acai (pronounced AH-sigh-ee), along with identical photo montages of other stars who have purportedly used acai to boost their diets. While neither site specifically claims endorsement of their products, the BBB said the tactic misled consumers who thought the products were getting the nod of approval from their favorite stars.

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  • Ka
    Karla Mar 03, 2009

    Correction on comment from Karla...I was wrong about the company being located in FL. It's located in Nampa, ID and I'm in the process of contacting the Attorney General and filing a complaint.

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  • Ka
    Karla Mar 03, 2009

    correction...this company is located in Nampa, ID, not FL...sorry.

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  • Ka
    Kathy Mar 04, 2009

    I foolishly ordered a trial of Acai Berry for 4.99. I tried to cancel the product and could not reach a representative. Don't do it. Candel your credit cards now if you did.
    What was I thinking.
    I have also registered my complaint with my bank.

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  • Ba
    barbara lowe Mar 05, 2009

    advanced wellness research is not a company I would tell anyone to deal w/ acai berry, you wont get a person to cxl your 30 day trial, they hang up on you.

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  • Su
    susan Stillion Mar 09, 2009

    I bought the Acai berry initial package and then cancelled the next order. The acai berry does not work in any way. I was billed $78.00 for the next order that I had cancelled, never received the order and they will not refund the money. I called the company twice. The people who answer their phone must be in a home. The background noise sound like children and tv. They do not speak english well. I can hear them perfectly although they consistently tell me they cannot hear me and that I am breaking up. I have to wait 30 minutes on hold before I even get a person and then they give me the run around about not being able to hear. They ask me to call back and then I get the 30 minutes on hold again and then they still can't hear me. I have called twice and it's the same scenario. I'm pretty upset. I think this is a terrible scam.

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  • Ja
    Jana Mar 09, 2009

    i just got through to them after many tries today.
    You can tell you bank to try to send it back. or call your credit card and put it in hold so they cannot get their money. i paid with a debit card so the bank is tring to send it back and they will not allow them to charge anything else to me. you need to call your bank asap! however they agreed on the phone to day to send me back 70.00 of it. so we will see. also turn it in to your local state attorney general.
    feel free to contact me if i can be of further help!

    This is my 2nd one today. when i ordered this acai i also ordered a Colon Cleanse called Total Cleanse. they have the same scam. i got charged 2 times by them...

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  • In
    Inyourface Mar 13, 2009

    Trial Offer Terms

    The 14-day Free Trial Offer is designed to introduce our Pure Acai Berry product to consumers. The trial terms are as follows:

    When you order the Free Trial of Pure Acai Berry your credit card will be charged only the shipping and handling charge.
    You will have a full 14 day free trial period from your original order date to decide if Pure Acai Berry is right for you. Your Trial order includes one bottle of Pure Acai Berry with 60 capsules (a 30 day supply). If you are enjoying Pure Acai Berry, then do nothing and at the end of your 14-day trial period, you will be charged $78.81 for the trial bottle you received. Please remember most customers see significant/noticeable results after using Pure Acai Berry consistently for 3 months.
    If you find Pure Acai Berry is not right for you, simply call us at 1-866-964-1011 before the 14th day and complete the form. You will be issued a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) so you may return the unused portion of the product to us. By returning the product to us, you will not be charged any additional fees and your future shipments will be cancelled. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A RMA NUMBER.
    Approximately 30 days from your original order date and every 30 days thereafter you will be sent a monthly supply of Pure Acai Berry (which includes one large bottle of Pure Acai Berry) and your credit card on file will be billed $78.81 plus $4.99 shipping and handling. That way you insure you will conveniently have it shipped directly to your front door every month and never run out. Why is it important to continue using Pure Acai Berry each month?
    NOTE: You are not obligated to purchase after you receive your free trial and you can cancel anytime within the 14 day trial period... No Questions Asked! You can do this easily within the 14 day period, by calling us at 1-866-964-1011 and requesting a return/trial cancellation. Requests for trial cancellations must be received by the 14th day. If you wish to cancel future shipments, please call us at 1-866-964-1011 and request your cancellation.

    Sorry about the indian guys they are a little bit ###ed.

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  • Fr
    FRAN Mar 17, 2009


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  • Je
    Jeri Mar 20, 2009

    DON'T do it !!!
    Product doesn't work . . . It's a SCAM !!!
    I n Feb 2009 I ordered the trial for $1.99. Charge came thru as $2.39.
    Then 3/3/09 my card was charged $79.44. Called my bank as soon as it showed up. Said it would take 10 days - Took longer and by the time I was getting that cleared another charge appears on 3/19/09 for $84.47. Didn't receive any product. Never used the original product because it caused severe stomach problems.
    My bank couldn't reverse the charges because of some technicality.
    Called 1-866-964-1011 and got someone who doesn't speak English (go figure).
    Cancelled my card.
    DONT' DO IT!!!

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