BPI / charges on my account

I checked why am I charged for Php 300.00? I had this card for
more than 2 years. This is a payroll card. I am charged twice for 300.00
september 30th and october 31st. I message themz before with regards to
fee. Nobody ever cared to reply. I need my money back. I just need them to refund me my
money and they can close this account if they want. I need it asap. It is
my brother's tuition fee. They shouldn't be charging your clients without
any information at all. That is just fraud! I received a response from them stating that it was a usual charge when you go down your adb. They said it was on the terms and conditions too. I informed them that no one has notified me when in fact my account never had a balance. We were informed that since it was a payroll account, there should be no maintaining balance. They said it was automatically converted which i did receive any info. I was charged twice. I messaged them the first time i got charged but no reply and then they charged me again. If they informed me about it the first time I inquired for it, would i not remove my money before they can take it? I hope they'll refund it before this case gets elevated.

Nov 06, 2017

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