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BP Mystique Shingles / Will not stay on

1 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Review updated:

Installed BP Mystique shingles in 2006. Have been replacing them after every storm. Usually one or two bundles blow off after every storm. Of course the roof leaks during the storm until I could replace the shingles.
After consulting with BP they agreed that they would pay to "glue" the shingles down as that is what their warranty covers.
What they paid was not enough to cover the job but would not comeforth with any more.
The problem is with the little plastic strip that covers the tar line. It is supposed to disintegrate with heat but never did so the shingles would not stick to each other. RUN, not walk away from any BP products. I would love to see a class action on this as I am sure there are a lot of homeowners in the same predicament as I am.

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  • Rj
      30th of Apr, 2011
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    It is not necessary to remove cellophane tape on the back of the shingles. See page 25 in the BP Mystique application instructions. The only purpose of this strip is to prevent shingles from sealing to themselves during shipping. They will never dissolve.
    If your roofing was installed properly it would be water-tite before any shingles were installed. As a result when a blow-off happens you are water-tite until a repair can be done. Mystique shingles have a wind warranty of up to 185 kph. If a blow-off happens in a wind storm with lower wind speeds BP will cover the cost of repairs. If your roof has been properly hand sealed they will never blow off

  • Fi
      4th of May, 2011
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    Well thank you for your reply.
    My yard full of blown off shingles says that you are incorrect. Whether or not the cellophane is supposed to dissolve or not the fact remains that the shingles are still blowing off and have Never sealed properly. The roof has been installed correctly by a professional roofing company and no matter how much underlay there is, the roof will eventually leak when large patches of shingles are missing during heavy rainstorms..
    I have also noticed that if there was not a problem with your shingles then why is there now an extra tar sealing strip on your new model of Mystique shingles? Perhaps the old ones where not sealing?
    As far as BP covering repair costs, eventually all I got was a small amount that was supposed to pay to have someone tar the shingles down. I was left on my own to find someone who would do it for that amount. Of course that proved impossible and I was left covering the difference. My roof needs a complete new set of shingles but if you look at their warranty you will see that it will not cover replacement but only tarring the shingles down. Hardly a warranty now is it?
    The shingles that seemed stuck to the roof when they tarred the roof are now blowing off. After almost 4 years I still am having severe problems with your shingles.
    If your company truly stands behind your product then you would not have a problem fixing my roof.
    If you would like to do the honourable thing then please feel free to contact me at
    Here is a little picture of my garage taken today. 4 years after installation and still fighting with your shingles.

  • Fi
      4th of May, 2011
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  • Rj
      4th of May, 2011
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    The cellophane tape is on the back side of the asphalt shingle. While the shingles are stacked in the package the cellophane strip is directly over the sealing strip of the shingle below. This keeps them from sticking to themselves during shipping. When a shingle is installed on a roof, the cellophane strip is 4 - 5 inches up the roof away from the sealing strip. They do not come in contact with each other, making it unnecessary to remove it.

  • Rj
      4th of May, 2011
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    Mr. Fiatguy
    I am in no way an employee or representative of BP. I am a General contractor, I have a roofing crew that does nothing but roofing. I started as a roofing labour, became the foreman, then got into the carpentry apprenticeship program at NSIT. I eventually became the on-site project manager for the high-end custom homes we built on the coast of Nova Scotia. I now own the company. I have personally shingled hundreds and hundreds of roofs. I have 27 years of experiance. We have used shingles from all manufacturers, and at some point in time have had warranty issues with all. To date BP has been the best to deal with. I have shingled roofs that there were warranty issues and BP paid me to completely replace the roof. Not one cent was paid by the customer. They also paid "my rates"
    After reading your original post it was not my intention to argue with you or pick apart anything your roofing contractor has done to date.
    Dealing with Laval Quebec can be a nightmare. You should be personally dealing with the local BP rep. If needed I'll email you his name and cell number. Hope you get satisfaction

  • Pa
      20th of Jun, 2011
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    I am a contractor with 20+ years in the business. The blow-offs you are describing sound like the result of cold weather installation ( the shingles never warmed up enough to seal until they were contaminated by debris) or an installation issue. If too much of the shingles are left exposed (more than 5 and 5/8 inches), they will be vulnerable to wind. If the shingles were nailed too high above the nailing line, they will only nail through 1 shingle instead of 2. If only 3 or even 4 nails were used on each shingle, they will be vulnerable to wind as well. When applying shingles in temperatures cooler than 44 degrees F, each shingle should be sealed with roof cement. The shingles rely on sunlight and warm temperatures to adhere them. Dwelling unsealed through an entire winter, or even just a few months, will allow debris, dust, etc... to get between the shingles, then they will never seal properly.

  • 20
      4th of Mar, 2012
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    I agree the cellophane wrapper does not have to be removed as it is there for packaging reasons however...sometimes the cellophane can get stuck to the face of the shingle below!!! Which in turn is now covering the tar line which seals the shingles and will now prevent the shingle from sealing properly!!! I have had this happen to me personally but was obviously smart enough to remove it!!! So if in fact the cellophane strip remains on the back of the shingle it may stay and if it sticks to the face on the shingle ontop of the tarline it MUST be removed!!! Contractor should have known that so install defect he is responsible!!! Can any distributor of the product and they will tell you the same, and no i do not represent any manufacturer im just a 20yr roofer who knows what hes doing!!! Best of luck with that!!

  • Rl
      20th of Jan, 2015
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    Hello. I've also had problems with BP Mosiac shingles installed in May 2003. They kept blowing off and our roofer kept coming back to install replacements. BP denied the claim I submitted. Eventually I paid my roofer to apply adhesive to the roof. Finally last year, I had my roofer install IKO Cambridge AR shingles. We've had some serious wind storms and no problems. The BP shingles lasted less than 10 years. I would not recommend this brand. They don't stand by their product. They did not even send anyone over to evaluate the shingles for themselves.

  • Fl
      29th of May, 2015
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    I live up north Montreal, Quebec and it's is a nightmare with our roof covered with BP Mystique. We choose this model because there is a mountain about 2km from our house and BP pretend to support wind at 180km. The year after, of course we had heavy rain and strong wind but din't reach the limit that BP pretend to support. Almost every strong wind or rain we lost an other 3-4 or more shingles. It's really a joke we are the only house on the street who decided to pay more for the roof and don't want contractor grade. Guess what, we are the one who has lost more shingles on the street. So not funny and we had a domage on the second floor and went down on the first floor last year.

    We sent a letter to BP (2009) to do something and they response, it's because we had dust during the installation. Good point, because on construction site, they usually start with paved road, rolled the grass everywhere and then they finally built houses. Ridiculous !!

    So was it difficult to have a refound to glue the singles on your roof and how long you wait for the response.
    Philippe Berube

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