BP Gas Station / the entire store workers are thieves

I have been buying 1 Gallon water bottles for the entire summer sometimes 6+ a day for me and my employees for the last 2 years. Today, when I went inside there was a new employee, I took the bottle and he scanned before the other person was asking him not to, When it scanned it was $1.71 per bottle when I paid $2.13 a bottle for over 2 years because they never scanned it. I know its only $0.42 a bottle but the fact that there are theives working there is driving me crazy. I never liked BP after the spill but now theres no way I am ever going back to shop at any BP in my life. If I run out of gas infront of BP I will push my car to another station rather than dealing with thieves. I will tell every customer I have what BP lets its franchisees to do. BP, You should be ashamed of yourself.

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