SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / non-refundable booking

I have been trying to sort out this issue since 22nd February where you unlawfully debited money from my bank card. I called you after I had problems on your website to advise that an error was made. You ignored this and immediately passed on my card details to El Guarapo who immediately debited full amount from my card, despite your assurances that you would EXPLAIN to El Guarapo the situation.
I have emailed you numerous times and have tried in vain to get through on the phone line.
You advised me that you would speak to El Guarapo to sort this out, . I have spoken to El Guarapo and they have said I need to sort out the matter with you.
We need to resolve this matter URGENTLY and I am asking for an immediate refund to my card.

Mar 04, 2016

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