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Good Afternoon

I feel the need to send this email, as we "attempted" to stay in the "hotel" and we horrified when we checked in to our room on the top floor 501B.

We walked through the door and the first thing we were confronted with was a hole in the bathroom door, not even a handle let alone a lock!!!, the bed was filthy with holes in the duvet cover.
there was a hole in the mattress of the bottom bunk bed, the beds were unmade no where in the description of the hotel did it say you have to make your own bed. there was mildew/mould on the base of the bed, we were given one towel for 4 people and i checked the wardrobe. The wall lights had no covers just bare bulbs, when it came to the wall sockets they are a health and safety hazzard as the wiring was hanging out and the front covers were hanging off see pictures attached!! My Husband is a certified electrician and was shocked when he saw the pictures, the curtains were stained, the windows neither opened nor shut. when i asked the night porter he just shrugged is shoulders, as if he just didn't care, the wardrobe door is hanging off its hinges this was my friends 60th birthday and it was completely and utterly ruined.

we had to find accommodation else where as the room was unfit to stay in! when we left we asked the night porter to refund the card as we didn't stay and were were told he doesn't know how to one and has called to confirm the card has been refunded?

Very disappointing


Sep 23, 2017

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