Booking.comdata breach they don't care...

I would like to report a data breach using my bank details.

My husband made a reservation using our account where my bank details are stored. (this was authorised)
When completing the booking the email address added for confirmation was incorrect ( even though we were logged in to our own account)
When we logged into our account on Sunday to check where we were staying there was no reference to a booking for 30/05/2017
We tried to call you but we couldn't get through
We have then gone on to book direct and stayed at Hotel Noir at a charge of £85.00

The lady I spoke to this morning said it was our fault for putting the incorrect email address in which granted part of that I may accept. (she was very rude)
But the booking was made logged into my account so when I logged into this on Sunday and there was no reference there, to me there's no booking. If my bank details are being used there should be a reference to the booking ????

Yet my bank details have been charged £59.99 for not showing. If we saw the booking in the account it was booked on, then we would have shown to the reservation.
I understand the fact the confirmation email address was incorrect however the bank details on our account have been used to bill so there SHOULD have been reference to that booking in there)
I feel there has been a breach of security regarding my bank details as if the booking wasn't made on that account how were my details charged, If they were made on that account why was it not visible?

I was on the phone waiting to speak to someone who knew how the system worked but I was also very rudely hung up on.
The lady I spoke to called the hotel spoke to someone called Geoff and has advised they will not refund the charge but going off how she spoke to me I am not surprised that was the answer to her either.

I am seeking the refund of £59.99 as the account used to pay for this had no reference to a booking thus we cannot be held responsible for the no-show. As I have said already if the booking was visible on the account we would have been there.

I do not want to speak to an advisor as my experience already for this is totally below standard. I would appreciate email communication from a manager confirming the arrangement of the refund ASAP.

May 02, 2017

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