South Africa

I received an email from Sun International, advising me that my reservation has been cancelled

My reservation is through You have confirmed my reservation! They have no right to cancel

I need this resolved!!
Confirmation #[protected]

PS: I referred this matter to Debra at your Michigan office more than 24 hours ago. What is an acceptable turnaround time for you to get back to me?!?! Not ok!!

  • Updated by Cindy Bezuidenhout, Sep 22, 2017

    I received an email from Sun International advising me that my reservation was cancelled, even though my reservation has been done through

    My booking was confirmed by, so the hotel has no right to cancel my reservation

    I need this resolved asap

    Confirmation #1441135299

    Also, this complaint was logged with one of your consultants - Debra at your Michigan office. Debra assured me that she would resolve this matter, and keep me updated. Its been 36 hours and I have had no feedback.

    This is not ok!?!?!?!?

Sep 21, 2017

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