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I bought a 7 piece Pub Dining room table from Bob's. The salesmen convinced me in buying the 5 year warranty plan which I did. Low and behold a piece of the pub table fell off. I called Bob's and they sent out a repair man. The table could not be fixed. They referred me to the so called Guardian that handles all their claims. I called numerous times and no one has gotten back to me. I then call Bob's to complain and they say they have nothing to do with Guardian and it's out of their hands. The best is that Bob's tells me that I should of basically lied to how the piece fell off because if you tell them you have no idea what happened Guardian will not cover it then. So basically I should of lied. This is just a SCAM and nothing more then to get more money out of you!!! I asked numerous times for a supervisor but they never transferred me. I called twice and spoke to Adel ID # 013 and Kim #S014 and they said they handle their own claims and they don't have a supervisor or boss. I looked up Guardian ( and all they have to contact them is email, number, and their address is a PO Box 22000, HIckory, NC 28603. I called information to find out street address and no company is even in the vicinity of their po box number with that company name. I ADVISE EVERYONE DO NOT BUY THE WARRANTY FROM BOB'S THEY JUST WON'T COVER WHAT THEY TELL YOU AND WHAT'S ON THE SHEET. NOW I AM STUCK WITH A NICE TABLE WITH A PIECE OF FORMICA OFF OF IT!

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  • Lu
      Jan 11, 2013

    I bought a closet from Bob's Furniture in 3/2012.The bottom draw broke.The repair guy came out and send it is to
    be covered through my goof proof protection.I called the goof proof and they said I am denied since it is under a
    year since it was purchased and it is to be covered through my manufacturer's warantee.They both blamed me and
    said it broke because of too much weight from the sweaters.The bottom dresser is a thin piece of compressed
    wood and cheaply made.Since it was accidental I should be covered by Goof Proof, they denied me and said
    Bob's furniture is to fix it.It has been a terrible experience.Bob's said they would order the slider and draw out of
    courtesy but it wont be in until the end of March.Then I have to wait for a repair person to come out and fix it.Mean
    while all the sweaters are stuck in a dresser draw I cant get open. I have bought a few pieces of furniture from
    Bob's all at same time last year.If I knew this is how they treated customers and how they manipulate you into getting 5 year goof proof protection that denies claims so they don't have to lose money, I would have never dealt
    with this company.It is pathetic to see customers being treated this way. I have learned an expensive lesson.

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  • An
      Dec 27, 2013

    i have purchase almost all my furniture for my new apartment at Bobs. I was talked into the goof proof protection after being told how great it was and that it would COVER ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING as long as i purchased the mattress cover for my bed. I have had nothing but issues with bobs goof proof. Besides the fact you can NEVER speak with someone, but no one ever answers the phone and just keeps you on hold, i still have yet to receive a call back or a email response. I am so dissatisfied, i have no option but to call my credit card company along with report them to the better business bureau. It is so upsetting and such a disgrace, that Bobs goof proof is sold to so many individuals, but is NOT followed through nor given the service to their customers. I am still sitting with damaged furniture and a service i have paid additional for, but nothing has yet to be done. I hope to hear back from someone immediately on this matter.

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  • Ru
      Nov 12, 2014

    I purchased a leather couch from Bobs. My fiance and I at the time bought the goof proof insurance and was told they would take care of any damages. The insurance stated it would cover rips and tears if it happened by accident. My fiance's daughter stopped over with her dog and the dog put a tear in the back cushion. When I told the customer rep she said the warranty does not cover rips and tears by animals, only bodily fluids. I read online that a customer told them their cat urinated on their couch and Bob's told them it was not covered. Bob's Furniture is vague on what is covered under the warranty, so it does not have to honor your claim. The Goof Proof Insurance is soley for Bob's Furniture to get more money out of their customers. Apparently Bob's Furniture main concern is ripping off their customers. I am putting the word out there not to purchase furniture at Bob's.

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  • Ja
      Jun 08, 2016

    MY BOBS FURNITURES ARE CHEAP MATERIAL. We purchased a bonded leather sectional and it's been 4 years and my couch has rips and tears. Now the GOOF proof cram they sell isn't covering it. I won't EVER buy any furniture from MY BOBS and I will make sure to spread the word out so that these idiots would stop scamming people. HATE SCAMMERS!!

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  • Fr
      Jan 28, 2019

    I will add to this that this is far and away a huge scam. I spent thousands of dollars on a leather couch that 2 years later started fading away in multiple spots. After reporting this to Bob's they sent someone to my house and I was told that the sun may have caused this which is not covered under the warranty! Yes the sun in the sky came through my living room walls (I had one small window where the couches are) and faded the couch.

    Funny I don't remember the sales people telling me this when they sold me the furniture.

    I am not someone who spends time going online and bashing companies but this is ridiculous. The will not let you escalate the problem and told me that I needed to get over this as it's normal wear and tear. Thank you Rebecca B for being useless and providing zero customer service. Thank you Bob's for teaching me a lesson to buy all of my future furniture elsewhere.

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