Bob Rohrman's Schaumburg Honda / unexpected acceleration

Last summer, my wife complained about our 2005 honda accord v6 almost causing an accident when she hit the brakes at a stop sign at a side street intersection. I took it into schaumburg honda, and they could not find any problems and suggested I remove aftermarket mats, which may have caused the unexpected acceleration for her. The mats were immediately removed, and we experienced no more incidents until today. With temperatures at 1 degree farenheit, I was driving with her to do christmas shopping. We were driving very slowly, no more that 20 mph and frequently stopping. During one of the stop attempts, with about 15 feet separation from the car ahead, the honda suddenly lurched and and the engine revved wildly. Hitting the brakes had little effect as the car seemed to accelerate against them. I hit the car ahead just as I turned off the ignition, causing no visible damage to either car. After exchanging insurance info, I began driving it away, still at very slow speeds, and less than another mile away, the unexpected acceleration occurred again as I braked to stop at a light. This time I was quicker to shut the engine off. I made it back home the 7 miles I had to travel back without doing any of our shopping and parked it in the garage with no further incidents. I called honda service dept, but since it's sunday, the dealership is closed, and no one answered. Currently waiting for morning to get the problem addressed.


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