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Best Buy / Hewlett - Packard HDTV / i will never trust their services again!

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Best Buy

On 3/25/07 we purchased a 42" Plasma Hewlett-Packard HDTV. On 08/10/07, we started to get 2 lines running vertically in the middle of the TV. And YES I do keep extremely detailed notes of everything and for this - I am glad I did.

8/12/07 ' Called 888-Best-Buy and s/w Amy who said she would refer the issue to New England Television Services @ [protected] and they would be calling WITHIN 3 days with a day/time for services.

8/16/07 ' Called 888-Best-Buy ' s/w Theresa @ 3:34PM, explained NO one called us and the phone # provide was not correct. She said the information would be forwarded to Best Buy's 'Specialized Team' and that NO notes were made of the prior call.

8/18/07 ' Still NO calls received from ANYONE regarding the television. Called 888-Best-Buy yet again and s/w Pat, who said that because the TV was still under HP's warrantee ' we needed to go through them first. Call was transferred to BOB @ HP. Bob tried to troubleshoot and then said a part would need to be ordered and that once it came in, I'd be called for service and that I should receive a call back within 7-10 days. Was given case ref# [protected]

8/30/07 ' Once again ' no return call. Called HP, s/w Martina who told me that it was ME who was suppose to call and set up the appointment?? And because I didn't call back, the trouble ticket was closed out! She opened another trouble ticket and said that a part had to be ordered and it would be delivered on 9/10 and that we WILL be receiving a call from the service tech WHO will be picking up the package from Fed Ex. We were to be contacted 1-3 days prior to the technician coming to fix the television. Was given a tracking # CSO-KQB795-01.

9/13/07 ' No call yet again ' called HP, s/w Julio who said the part was on backorder and had no idea when it would come in but it would be sent once it arrives. Had my name and email incorrect on file even though it was spelled several times when calling in.

Called our local Best Buy and s/w Brian, TV Manager who said to call 888-BEST-BUY

Once again ' called 888-BEST-BUY ' s/w Pat again who said someone from the service center would call within 2-3 days to schedule service.

9/14/07 ' Received a call from Best Buy to let us know they set up service with New England Television and we should be receiving a call from them for service.

9/17/07 ' Part to fix television was delivered at Fed Ex but no one pick it up

9/19/07 ' NO CALLS FROM ANYONE! Called HP ' spent 25 mins on and off of hold and s/w Sabrina. Explained the part is at Fed Ex ' need to know if/when someone is picking it up and when we can expect the TV to be fixed. Was told that she needed to place a note at the tech facility that it needs to be picked up and she was going to contact her supervisor and would call back. Called back at the end of her shift saying she never was able to get in contact w/her Supervisor and that she'd call back on 9/20/07 with information.

9/20/07 ' Called HP, s/w Jorge @ 10:15am. He said the computer system was updating and he was unable to bring up the information/account. Explained we last s/w Sabrina who was suppose to call back and he said he'd follow-up once he was able to log on to the system and call us back. NO RETURN CALL RECEIVED!

9/21/07 ' Called HP again, s/w Jorge again, said system is still down, still can't pull up any info. Asked to s/w a Manager, Supervisor or General Manager ' said this was not possible and that once everything was back up, he's call back.

Called 888-BEST-BUY ' talked w/ Davis who provided New England TV phone # [protected]. Said he talked w/ a tech @ New England TV and that he will fax the info over??? This was suppose to be done on 9/13!!!! New England is suppose to call us back.

Called Wyomissing Best Buy store where the TV was purchased and s/w Michelle who said she was the ONLY manager available. She said she'd be contacting 888-BEST-BUY to figure out what is going on and will call back.

Called Best Buy Corporate [protected] ' asked for Complaints dept ' s/w Cathleen in complaints who I explained everything to and she put me on hold while she contacted in-home repair. S/w in-home repair who assured me that someone would be contacting me from New England TV shortly. Person was non-helpful and could not tell me anything other then what we've been told from the very beginning. Cathleen from the Complaints dept issued a complaint ' case # ' and said if no one calls within 24 hours, call her back @ [protected]

Received CB from Michelle, Wyomissing Best Buy Manager who said if we didn't hear back from anyone by Monday to call back and she'll see what else she can do.

9/25/07 ' NO CALLS FROM ANYONE! Called Best Buy Corporate [protected] (10:37am)' s/w Cathleen again, said she was going to call another department to see if she can get us a replacement model and will call back.

Received CB from Cathleen ' said they are going to put a request in for a new television b/c they have not had a response from New England Television. We should be hearing from In-home installation within 3-5 business days. If no calls, will contact Complaints back again.

10/2/07 ' 5 business days later ' no calls from ANYONE! Called corporate, [protected] ' reached VM for Cathleen, LVM asking for a return call to follow-up on the case.

10/3/07 ' Called Corporate - [protected] x60485 ' still reaching VM for Cathleen.

Called Corporate - [protected] ' asked for the complaints dept again. Transferred and s/w Jenny who told me she could see my case # and there was also a second case # and that she would have to check to see if the replacement was approved. She put me on hold, came back and of course it was not approved yet. She said she'd have to call in-home installations again and see if she could learn anything further. Put me on hold, came back saying In-home did approve it on 9/26 and the store should have received the approval authorization. She needs to search for the confirmation # to take to the store but she needs to find the confirmation #. Said she will call back ' would not provide her extension - case #. She called back in about 5 mins, gave me the approval code and said we should take the TV, case #, receipt, warentee back to the the store for the exchage. Also received a call from someone in in-home installation giving the same approval code.

10/8/07 - Go to Best Buy and are told they no longer sell this TV (which we only purchased 6 months ago!) and we'd have to pick a new TV. We looked, found two and of course they didn't have either in stock. We picked one that was $100 cheaper - go to exchange the TV and they tell us we basically will eat the $100 difference b/c they do exchanges feature to feature, not money to money BUT if we wanted one more expensive, we'd have to pay that difference! PLUS our extended warentee we paid for will cover the new tv BUT is post-dated back to the original date of purchase of the 1st tv??? Now - who ripped who off?? I will NEVER - EVER buy anything else from Best Buy ever again. I have an office I have to fully furnish and will NEVER trust their services again.


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