Bell Canadaservice

L Nov 21, 2017

Earlier today I took my phone that had a number of things on it such as " you have a virus hit okay" to the Bell Store in the Coquitlam Mall. I should mention that I am definitely not up on technology and because of this have had to go to the store a few times for help, twice in the past year. Previously I have always received great help and service from the employees. Unfortunately this time was a far different story. The employee I first spoke to told me not to worry that he'd give me a hand but needed to take a waiting call first which of course was not a problem I was happy to wait.
While waiting I was approached by the store manager who asked why I was there. After explaining to him my dilemma he quite rudely informed me that they were not there to help people with their phone problems and were sales representatives and I should go home and phone the tech center. I was quite taken back as not only was his explanation new to me but his attitude and demeanour extremely rude. When I explained to him that my husband had been in the day before and one of the employees had helped him with a problem in less than a minute so I was having a real problem with why he did not want to help me. He then went over and interrupted the fellow on the phone to ask him how to fix my problem he then rudely said "'ya okay so I'll fix it" and did not do what the fellow on the phone told him to and handed me back the phone with a quip and a toss. I was unbelievably shocked and after a few moments gathered myself up and told him that perhaps it would be a good idea for Bell and I to part ways if this was the type of service I could expect from Bell. Surprisingly his response was "well that's up to you" and walked away. I have always up to this point been extremely pleased with the service that I have received from your company and I hope that my new provider Virgin Mobility continues to be the excellent service provider I found them to be this afternoon. I am not a complainer but his unbelievably rude and nasty behavior right from the beginning prompted me to do something I rarely do and that's to just simply not give a second chance. I will also be informing my friends of your manager and his behavior! By the way whatever he did to my phone caused some major problems with it, so all things considered I was ultimately put in a position of having to get a new phone.

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