Bell Canadalong distance: full of abuses and lies

Abusive Bell Canada has no competitors in the market in lying and abusing. Customer service is the front line some how ok, but behind them is horrible darkness. Me and my friends have quiet a few human rights issues with Bell's Corporate office. One friend's long distance was escalated to Bell's Corporate office. When my friend called the Corporate Office of Bell Canada, Cherry, a Corporate Office Client Service Agent, without listening any calls regarding that escalation, or reading any notes or listening to my friend's story, she said, "You're lying." I am sure my friend didn't lie, I saw their bill, heard the story from him and his wife, how Bell Canada's long distance cheated by 1. Not giving the all info necessary on that deal 2. Over charged them by three hundred+ dollars. My friend cried, and Cherry terminated the call.

These are human rights abuses by Bell Canada's Corporate Office. He called the back, Ghani and other guys in this office even didn't pick up the phone. Matter remained unresolved. He lost money to crook and abusive Bell Canada. We promised no business with Bell Canada.

This incident took place around 2003/2004, but still we are determined not to go with Bell Canada, because we're scared of Bell's lies, abusive behavior, bad business and abuses of human rights and Canada Consumer's Issues.

And you like to get great customer service? Call Bell Canada's Technical Department, full of incompetence, and below-par customer service attitude.

And this's one of the few issues that we had with Bell Canada. Bell Canada is full of darkness. No business with abusive Bell Canada. Bell's Corporate Office didn't exercise Consumer's Canada's Rights.

Nov 26, 2018

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