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GreatCall / Jitterbug Customer Service


GreatCall Inc.

10935 Vista Sorrento Pkwy № 200
San Diego
United States - 92130

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 733 6632(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 800 918 8543(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 866 359 5606(Sales) 1 0
Mon5:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Tue5:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wed5:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thu5:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Fri5:00 AM - 8:00 PM

GreatCall / Jitterbug Complaints & Reviews

Jitterbug / Customer service

Patty Lionello on Jun 28, 2016

I was all set to order thr Jittrebug phone, and when I asked the customer representative "can I add minutes " His response was: "It is very pricey, I believe. It is something like .35 a minute, but I am not sure. You are the first person to ever ask me that question" Are you...

Great Call / Jitterbug / Service Cancellation

Purchased a Jitterbug phone for elderly man in 2008, when I called today 6/24/14 to cancel representative was extremely rude and argumentative about cancellation. My father-in-law just will not use the phone, service is very poor in his area and he has used the phone for a total of one...

GreatCall / They kept charging me after I canceled my subscription

Inciduous on Jan 5, 2014

I signed up for the services of the company GreatCall. After a month I decided to cancel my subscription, and I called the customer services. The representative told me that he cancelled it, but this company continued to charge me. I sent them emails and called, and they started to...

Jitterbug Cell Phone / Jitterbug cell phone

nophoneservice on Oct 14, 2013

I received a replacement for an old (3 years) Jitterbug. The new Jitterbug Plus won't activate in my house nor my father's house. He decided to go with the 5Star device instead. Meanwhile, customer service says I should have sent the new phone back in 30 days for refund. I tried...

GreatCall 5star Urgent Response / VERY Defective DESIGN - Dangerous

InspectNet on Jan 27, 2013

They are new company with button unit I can push ANYWHERE and get help. Problem is their unit is NOT Sealed or waterproof. In my case I was sitting at my computer in FLORIDA - temperature 86 degrees and high humidity. My unit around my neck started calling 911. I had to explain 4 or 5 time...

great call / poor equipment

jamesstuartgina on Sep 19, 2012

Defective cell phone sent; complaint made and wanted camera to work as advertised. Upgrade to a more expensive cell phone that did not work at all. Told that there were problems with the phone. Erased all messages, including court evidence. "I'm sorry". Never fixed after 18 contact...


william716 on Sep 1, 2012

Jitterbug worked fine until great call took over, phone would not roll back our minutes so every month we had to call and get manaul reset. This worked for about six months. Always a computer problem. Last month was told that we need to update both of our phones at 100.00 dollars a pop...

Jitterbug / inferior product, they won't make good on it.

Donn Farward on Dec 4, 2011

Have had their cell phone for less than six months. The battery will no longer hold a charge for even 24 hours (even when it hasn't been used). They said the battery is designed to only hold a charge for 24 hours so it should always be left plugged in. It held a charge for a few day...

Jitterbug / Astonishing Politics

Concerned JB Customer on May 16, 2011

I have been a customer of Jitterbug for almost 5 years and have called in MULTIPLE times for service issues, representative complaints, bill issues, fraudulent charges. The list goes on! I don't know why I've put up with it for so long, but I've gotten to know some of the...

Jitterbug / Ripping me off for an extra month's fee

Perazzini on Feb 11, 2011

On January 11, 2010, I bought a Jitterbug phone for my brother who is permanently hospitalized as a near quadriplegic. He is also indigent, with Medicaid taking all but $35 from his Social Security as co-pay for his care. He also has two motherless teenage daughters. I spent well over an hour...

Jitterbug Cell Phone / Response from VP

awakeandaware on Jan 18, 2011

This company preys on the elderly population, knowing they are not up to speed with navigating the web, or tech saavy with a cell phone. In fact, many have never used a cell phone. The predatory sales practices, billing, retention, and advertising practices are absolutely astonishing. The...

Jitterbug / inacurate information/service


The sales department was great. Abraham in Carlsbad CA. The service was horrible. I was put on hold for 30 min. The staff was rude. No one could answer my questions. They always needed to go to a "higher source". Since I travel out of country for work and often turn off service while...

Jitterbug Phone / GreatCall, Inc. / Predatory Unethical Practices

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)!! I purchased a Jitterbug phone as a gift. Jitterbug and GreatCall Inc. targets Seniors as their customer base (because of the elder-friendly designed large buttons and supposed ease of set-up and use of their phones). This phone is advertised as "Affordable, No Contract...

Jitterbug / Customer Service

I thought I cancelled my mothers Jitterbug 5 months ago. I had sent an e-mail to their customer service asking how I can cancel the account and did not receive any reply) and they never sent a final bill (since I paid ahead, and had a credit balance, I never thought anything about it). Now...

Jitterbug / Poor Service

I bought two jitterbugs for my parents almost two years ago. Service went well for the first year. Eventually my fathers 3 button phone wouldn't work. Since I bought the replacement plan, I requested and received a replacement. However, it turned out to be a refurbished phone that...

Jitterbug Cell Phone / Horrible company

Jitterbug should be shut down. Their billing is deceptive, if not illegal. They cannot provide accurate minute usage because they are always 3 days behind in collecting the info from other carriers. They don't provide itemized billing statements. Outgoing calls take a minimum of 20-25...

Jitterbug / The WORST in every way

Jitterbug's billing is deceptive, if not illegal. It's a scheme to bilk elderly customers at an inflated rate. Customers cannot get an accurate tally on how many minutes are left CURRENTLY. You have to wait 3 days after your inquiry to know where you stand with usage! They say...

Jitterbug / deceptive coverage claims


Jitterbug/Greatcall claims to have a very large coverage area because they have service agreements with most of the major cellular providers, including ATT. My decision to buy the phone was based on those claims. I also bought a whole lot of airtime minutes before I found that my Jitterbug...

Jitterbug / Billing


I called to cancel my father's Jitterbug service on June 30th. They said they would have to speak with him. He is 89 years old, has had a stroke which makes it difficult for him to speak, and is hard of hearing. I got him on the phone to verify the cancel. Jitterbug rep said they...

Jitterbug Cell Phone / No refund for non-functional service


I bought a Jitterbug cell phone, and called Jitterbug to set it up. It was NON-FUNCTIONAL after they said that the phone was activated. Jitterbug said they were having activation problems. I requested cancellation of service the same day that the phone was purchased, "activated", and...