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Bell Complaints & Reviews

Bell Canada — fibreop telephone package

We signed up for a fibre op bundle almost 3 years ago. This included fibre op telephone, tv and internet. A...

Bell Canadainternet / tv

bell is the WORST!!!
I have just spent 45min, AGAIN 3rd time in 2 months!, to resolved the harassment I am getting from bell over my CLOSED ACCOUNT!
This account was closed over 2 months ago. That alone was an ordeal!!
AFTER receiving my "final" invoice... invoices kept coming!! and growing!
Magically a final payment due of 70$ became almost 300$!!?? Because some incompetent did not close my account correctly!
It took 2 more 45 min calls to rectify.
I got another "final" invoice (that was 15$ TOO HIGH) and was about to pay it... BUT... lo and behold... an invoice for 290$!?!?!
Now after the 3rd 45min call they agree that the "original final" invoice is correct!
Now here's the horrible punch-line... the incompetent at bell tells me that she doesnt know if there will be more invoices!!!
I have never ever see this level of [censored]ic incompetence or lack of communication between departments or sheer F-up in any kind of major company!
I felt like I was dealing with an organization in the 3rd world run by illiterate children!!!
I would recommend at all costs to avoid them!

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    • Updated by zen12345 · Aug 30, 2018

      Actually it is ZERO stars!!!

    Bell Canadanew installation of fibre internet

    Re: Q95U55Q8

    Aug 23 internet was installed, they ran the cable inside the garage up the stairs and left the modem on my luggage. Needless to say the top floor of our home is not able to pick up the internet. Technician advise us to purchase a router to correct the problem.
    You think they would of told me this before installation. Went to Bell store they informed me to purchase pods @$5.00 per month but they could not sell them to me as they had to be programed.
    Next day contacted Bell, she told me stop complaining at least I have the internet on the first floor, then hung up. I received an email advising me that they would be hand delivered Aug 26 between 8 - 5. Never received them. Aug 27 contacted Bell again, well, it usually takes 5 - 7 days before I would received them. Yesterday I filed a complaint did I receive a call back. No!

    Aug 28 nothing again, not even a phone call.
    This is how you run a business. Unreal!

    Sonia Rooney

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      Bell Canada — telephone and internet

      Today August 25/2018 was promised to receive email Consolidating telephone and email bills together on...

      Bell Canadacrave tv

      Hello, I am reaching out to you as I could not find any contact information other than by phone. I wanted to reach out by e-mail as I don't have time to be on hold and I wasn't needing an immediate response.
      So I guess my first question is do you have any customer service e-mail correspondence available?
      My second question or rather complaint for lack of a better word is the Crave App has different information than when I go to Crave on my TV. The issue is that the show Grimm shows (under details) that the show is available until Feb 17, 2036 and on the Crave App it shows it's available only until August 31, 2018.
      Although it's extremely frustrating when you decide to binge a show and now can't get anywhere near finishing, I'm really contacting Bell to let them know to have the TV info correct as that will help decide what to watch.

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        Bell Canada — over charge and not addressing the problem that I complain for several weeks now.

        cellphone [protected] account number [protected] Got my new account July 5, 2018, and the person told me that I...


        Bell Canadapvr issues

        Long weekend of August we came home and PVR wasn't working I called for technical support after 48 minutes on the phone they agreed to send me a new receiver. After 1 week received the new one, installed it wasn't working phone support again, I was asked if I knew how to install it, of course... then tried to tell me it was an issue with my satellite I will send technician over free of charge I replied to him that's not the issue it worked before I installed this one so the issue is with the new PVR.. well of course not what do I no hey!!! Finally he decided to send me another one again 3-5 business days which was unexceptable I asked if he could send by Puralator no we don't do that, fine i will wait don't really have a choice do I. Finallyreceived it install and still not working phone again was on the phone for a good 2 hours check my records to verify. finally got it working, now we are having an issue with remote for PVR I went online to order but a charge of $30.00 is expected, phone again ask if I could get the remote for free since I had no PVR for a full week the trouble of returning (2) receivers and not getting the service I expected. I was told no we cant do that so I asked to speak to a supervisor someone will call you within 24-48 hours since when???? I've had nothing but problems since the beginning a telephone line that took 8 years to bury underground to prevent farmer from breaking while plowing field. Internet issues after issues have had so many tecks here its unreal and till this day I still have issues but sticking to it as we will be moving and changing providers that will be the best day of my life no more dealing with BELL. Tonight I got a callback from Bell after explaining the situation I was refused the free remote if I want one I have to pay.
        Well if I have to pay I would like a credit for 1 week of no proper service with your equipment I believe that is fair don't you... anyways looking forward to an answer from someone. Cant wait to switch provider.

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          Bell Canadamobility customer service

          I have to call EVERY month for some extra charge that has been added to my account EVERY month. Last month it was $112 and this month it's $60
          I have to waste hours of my day every time I get a bill
          Not only does this ruin my day but is also taking a toll on my mental health
          Your employees are condescending, mean, and at times very sexist
          I can not be expected to pay so much for your services and then deal with this every month. My worst experience was Matt (ey 98907). He was rude, condescending, did not listen to me and practically told me to shut up more than a few times.
          He kept repeating the same thing and when I asked him to elaborate he either didn't reply to me or kept saying 'you don't want me to talk to when my turn comes let me know'
          Horrible horrible experience
          I'm going to leave bell if this happens again.

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            Bell Canadatv, internet and home phone

            Dear concern

            I am sick and tired by calling n visiting bell customer services because of alot of miscommunication n throwing customers from one department to another never ever solved my problems except for wasting my one whole day for every single month from the date of purchase bell services.
            Last year august I hv taken every single service from bell and I do hv the copies of the contract they always miscommiting the things over offered services home tv, internet n home phone bundle, whatever I had signed for two years it was keep going increased every month from the date of purchase. It doesnt make a sense to me if things will going in that way so there must be no need of contract as contract means something will last for certain time period over fixed amount rather to play n fooled the customer on the name one service on 3 months promotion another on 2 months etc etc they definitively dont hv to offer the contract... for avoiding to keep paying more n more n doing fights/arguements regularly on phone or by visiting bell.. I hv decided to cancel my contract on early termination... which I did on 18th of july 2018 on ph from your shoppers world shopping mall franchises over the counter then I hv got the return request mail which I took to the same franchise with that letter or remaining every single stuff/appliance which I had at home.. packed the carton in your franchise n dropped at shopper's world mall staples store outlet for courier on 26th july 2018 tracking number [protected]... carton includes hub 3000 router n tv modem... as franchise people suggested me to pack everything in the single carton so to avoid delays I did that but again not worthy for me as I am still waiting for my final bill and whenever I called they said we didnt receive... I want to get rid of this issue asap...
            Kindly look into this matter so I will be free from bell forever as even after cancel my services they send me the bill for the month of Aug which I didnt pay as I hv cancelled the services earlier in july 2018 to avoid next mnth bill n because of waiting in for final bill my cell ph [protected] bill for the mnth of July is still pending which over burdens me 


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              Bell Canadatv

              We've been having issues with our PVR recording box for a while now, it pauses & then resumes playing but then jumps ahead. Spoke to a customer service representative by the name of Mac..which is debatable, she was extremely rude, constantly spoke over the top of us & was not able to help us or answer any questions & purposely disconnected with us. DISGUSTING SERVICE

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                Bell Canadabell tv

                I have cancelled my unwanted Bell TV service on the 13th July 2018 (order number: Q47K67W9). I have only the internet service from Bell which is $82.95 plus tax which I am supposed to be charged for. But Bell has charged me again for $41.64 for the TV service. This has happened for the second time now that Bell has been charging me for unauthorized service. I would like to escalate this issue and expect an explanation.

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                  Bell Canada — billing after cancellation of service.

                  We had to cancel our Bell service (as of June 15, 2018) because we were moving and our new house was not...


                  Bell Canada — verbally abusive service bell driver

                  A Bell service van was at lights of Murison Blvd and Sheppard Ave at approximately 7:25 ok July 30, 2018. The...

                  Scarborough (toronto)

                  Bell Canada — bell mobility

                  Hello My name is Thejulal Balan and I am using the Number [protected]. I have a plan which is costing me...

                  Bell Canadabell tv, home phone and internet bundle

                  We have contacted bell to cancel the service on July 13, 2018 and the agent: 1822453 assured us the bill will be reduced to $85.86 and send us the 2 following transaction summary # [protected], [protected].
                  We already contacted Bell in June 2018 and March 2018 and all the time they promised reduction but again It is gone up.
                  On July 30, 2018 I called 10am Eastern time and after waiting of 10 minutes they hang up on me.
                  And I called the same date at 11 am and I waited for 48 minutes but no supervisor available.

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                    Bell Canadainternet

                    In November 2017, we decided to cancel our phone and television services with Bell to reduce our monthly costs and keep only internet with them. Since then, we've had many problems with the internet service: it was inconsistent and much slower than what we were paying for. Many times, we called technical support because we had no functioning internet for days. We would spend hours on the phone with them, being transferred from one department to another and never were we able to get a reliable functional internet. On July 9 2018, they finally sent a technician who verified all the cabling and said it was impossible for us to get more than 30 Mbps. But we've been paying 83$ per month for 50 Mbps! They shouldn't offer us a speed we can't get!

                    On July 25th, we called Bell to cancel our internet service with them and asked costumer service to give us a compensation for the many months we had unreliable internet or no internet at all and internet much slower than the 50 Mbps we were paying for. They refused to give us any compensation for the speed because they can't guarantee any specific speed anywhere. We consider they should have sold us a lower speed and never offer us something we couldn't physically get in our area. As for the intermittent internet and the many days we had no internet at all, they said they could not give us any compensation since we were canceling our services with them. A reasonable resolution would be to receive monetary compensation for those months during which our internet was unreliable or absent completely.

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                      Bell Canada — your crap internet

                      Your internet sucks [censored] and when i move out of my moms im going with shaw and im letting everyone know...

                      Bell Canada — Customer Service

                      I've been trying to speak to upper management for over a week now to resolve an issue that is Bell's fault...


                      Bell Canadabell satellite - hess - [protected]

                      Here we go again. Once again I have spent over an hour on the phone trying to get my father-in-laws tv to work with no success. I am now hoping for a call tomorrow at noon to do further trouble shooting. I am told I need to call Samsung however I am not prepared to do this since this tv has worked with the Bell remote in the past with no changes.

                      Do you have any suggestions on why we keep losing our signal and then have to start from scratch. I don't live at this residence and my father in law is heard of hearing and has limited sight so is not able to help trouble shoot so I need to arrange my schedule to be at his home.

                      This has been so inconvenient.


                      Carol Ann Pagnucco

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                        Bell Canada — bell fibe/internet

                        So my previous package with Bell ended and they sent me a. Huge bill I call to cancel my services as my term...


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